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 My Stats

Age: 20

Eyes: Blue (no, I don't wear contacts!)

Height: 5'6

Weight: 115

Measurements: 34C-24-35

Pussy: Sweet, juicy, and ripe like a fresh strawberry

Ass: Begging to be spanked

Favorite Positions: Whether it's my mouth, pussy, or ass, anything that involves your stiff cock inside of me.

Strangest Places I've had sex: Under the bleachers in my high school gym.

Hobbies: Driving fast in *your* car!

Specialities: Daddy's little girl, age-play, role-playing, seductive domination, submissive little pleaser, bratty princess,cuckolding, girlfriend experience and of course, mutual masturbation. I can weave any fantasy you desire and I have absolutely no taboos!!!


How much do you like what you see? If you’re here it’s likely not solely because you want a hot girl to make you cum, but specifically a young one. Do I fit the bill? Hello, I’m Lindsay, and I am the hot, young, eager girl who knows how to make you cum. I know what it is that you want to do to me and with me. It’s not just that you want to bend me over and insert your throbbing cock deep inside of me; it’s also that you want to feel my young, smooth, creamy skin against yours. You want to suck on my supple breasts, indulging in my flesh.

When you call me, you are likely to form a crush on me. My callers grow attached to me because in time, I wind up being more than just the promiscuous young girl who knows how to seduce you into climaxing. I will leave you panting hard when you cum, but your feelings for me won’t end after you catch your breath.

Call me. Whether it’s Daddy’s little girl, age-play, role-playing, specialty calls, sensual domination- humiliation, cuckolding, girlfriend experience, your submissive princess or mutual masturbation, I know what to do to get you to cum and love it enough to want to call me again soon thereafter! Enticing enough?

Always lusty,

Call 1.866.949.4103
for Phone Sex with

18 Responses to “Lindsay”

  • Damn girl, you are lusty! Where did you get that voice? Men will be waging war over you darlin! Looking forward to our next call.

    Daddy Bill

  • Lindsay, you a very gorgous lady . and such a hot voice.I cant wait to call again! Vince5510

  • Lindsay goes WAY beyond the average PSO. I’ve been calling girls for years, and I have known only a few who are as talented or as creative as Lindsay. Her sweet young voice is EXACTLY right for the young girl fantasy, and the equal to her creative mind is nearly impossible to find.

    I spent just a few minutes in chat with Lindsay, and I gave her the basics of my fantasy. She listened well, and although this is only the first time we’ve talked she understood EXACTLY how to make me feel exactly what I wanted to feel.

    She was sweet, but seducitve; intelligent, but playful; and innocent, but seductive.

    If you’ve never had a call with Lindsay, and if you are a fan of the young girl fantasy, you don’t know what you’re missing.

    My only concern with Lindsay is that she is so good I couldn’t even hold out for half the time I purchased. She had no problem, however, chatting with me after she had accomplished our objective, and I will be thinking about this experience for quite some time to come.

    I feel sure that as I call her more frequently her performance will only get better as she knows me better.

    In short, THANK YOU Lindsay for giving me precisely what I need. I can’t wait to talk to you again.

    Until then, please know that I remain,

    Your Admiring Fan,

  • Lindsay, where to start. You have a great imagination and your role-playin skills are top notch. Your voice is sensual and you seemed to know exactly what I wanted before I had a chance to speak. I love a girl who knows how to talk dirty and enjoys it, it’s just so much fun! Lindsay could teach the girls in my town a lot about how to talk to a man in bed. Guys beware, she will charm the pants off of you (literally) and flatter you till no end. I’ll be thinkin about you, girl… 😉 We may need more time together for our next call

  • I work out-of-town every week, living out of suit case and get quite lonely and horny in the hotel room at night. When I first discovered Lindsay, I thought she was just a young lady with a hot look and body. However, after two sessions with her, I am totally hooked. I love the fact that she is very sexy, but also very bright, cheerful and caring. She is very real and I thoroughly enjoyed our sessions. Lindsay’s sexy voice made my cock grow quite stiff. I think she is going to make me a very happy traveling man……

    Thanks Lindsay!

  • Lindsay,

    You’re one of a kind! What a call! Can’t wait for another encounter. Talk to you soon!!!


  • Lindsay has a smokin’ hot body and the voice to match. She leaves you always cumming back for more. Thanks.

  • Lindsay is a very sweet and sexy talking little thing. Her voice is so sultry and gets so horny during a call. She will make you cum like no one else!

  • Dear Sweet Lindsay,

    Thank you for another fantatic time together. I am so lucky to have a beautiful, intelligent and sweet girlfriend like you. I am so overwhelmed that you are continuing to write about me, which makes me very happy. I love the title, ‘You Are Allowed to Have Me’ and yes, you are indeed my sweet girlfriend. I love and cherish the time we spend together. I think I am falling in love with my Lindsay…..

  • Lindsay,

    WOW! Pretty voice…..pretty lips……sexy eyes……..gorgeous ass. Thanks for a hot, great time!!

  • What a sweet and charming lady. Sex with class and style. Now that’s a nice combination!

  • lindsay is my choice of who i would love to be stranded on a dersert island with.

  • What a fun call! Lindsay is very hot, sexy, great voice, very nice call!

  • Lindsay,

    Thank you for the wonderful call. I really needed some personalized TLC. You took perfect care of me. You’re a very sensual, smart, and sexy lady.


  • Wow,
    what a hot call. All I wanted to know is what you were wearing. you had just finished a workout and were started in a black sports top and skin tight shorts and after a sensual call you ended up naked. you have the greatest tits.

  • Lindsay,
    I got your pics the other day. You’re right, seeing you in dressed just makes me want to rip your clothes off.
    I cannot wait for our next call, when I do rip your clothes off.

  • What fun chatting with you and tres in the chatroom earlier this evening. you really have me by the ball sac!

  • Sammy

    Lindsay has the most smokin’ hot sexy voice I’ve ever heard. She seems to know exactly what’s on my mind. She’s got a hot juicy ass and tits to match. Give her a call, you won’t be disappointed!

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