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His Wicked lil’ Whore

It was really late but I knew if I looked hard enough I could find a “treat” for him. I knew he would be waiting with a raging hard on for fresh,young cunt and I didn’t want to disappoint. For years he had been using and abusing my tiny holes it was time for something new. Being his accomplice slut is no easy task, I have to get very creative to give him what his fetish cock desires most.

Finally, I found the perfect one and rushed home to satisfy his wicked urge. Watching him ravish his new play pet was more than my pussy could take. I licked three fingers and shoved them into my eager little cunt, humping and moaning his name. Telling him what to do, begging him to be rough, my tiny twat dripped with hot fuck honey for even more deviant deeds.

Totally Taboo and Extreme Phone Sex

Never any limitations.


Doctor Doctor

I’ve been gone awhile and have missed a few of my physicals. It seems I can’t find my “Doctor S.” anywhere? He loves his tiny whore Raemi with the itty, bitty sexy body and baby doll voice that loves to talk taboo dirty in his ear. My naughty doctor makes house calls and always makes sure he get’s what he wants out of me and my little sister. After all, daddy raises us to be the perfect little fuck dolls for him. Sucking doctor’s cock always gets me the best medicine and sometimes I need it after long nights up. Sometimes it’s days before I can sleep but doctor always takes good care of his little whore.

Want me to suck your cock again and make you cum really hard on me and my sister’s face? Mmmm…I know you do doctor because I’m your favorite little whore.


Extreme Taboo Phone Sex.

Taboo Age Play Slut

Extreme and very taboo age play/incest phone sex is definitely my specialty and making you cum really hard is what I love the most. My extra young, sexy voice makes all the pervs hard and horny. I am the perfect little accomplice whore too, I always love bringing fresh meat to my daddies.  I never have limits on the phone and my taboo dirty mind will make you shoot so hard. Maybe tonight you should come over and play with me and see what kind of kinky taboo fun we can have. If you want, I can show you all the things my daddy has been teaching me to do. I like it really dirty and this nasty young slut will do it all.

Naughty Cum Filled Kisses,

loulou4phonesex: AIM & Yahoo

Special Times With Daddy

Daddy and I went away over the weekend. He surprised me with a camping trip. I’m not the outdoor kinda girl  but, anytime with Daddy is so special. We went to this cute little spot where it was just the two of us laying under the stars. He was holding me like his precious little girl. I can always feel the bond between us. We got cozy in the sleeping bag with each other, I can feel his strong body pressing up against me. His hands around my waist pulling me closer so I could feel his hard cock pressing into my back. I know how much Daddy loves all my tight little holes. I moved around so he was pressed up against my little round ass, he rubbed his soft head up and down my smooth ass crack. His breathing became heavy, grabbing my hips pumping his big Daddy cock in my tight hole. Making me feel like his little princess. I always know what Daddy needs.


Daddy’s Baby Slut does it all

There really isn’t anything I will not do for my daddy. I know what he likes and most importantly what gets his hard daddy cock off. He raised me to be his perfect little “baby slut.” And there is nothing I enjoy more than making him shoot his hot, sticky load for me. We play lots of dirty, taboo sex games and I always make sure to invite lot’s of my little friends to play too. Sometimes we like to make new friends and daddy drives his big van around until he sees something he likes. I always act like the perfect accomplice whore and lure them back home with us.  Tiny,young fuck toys for daddy to rape. Oh, daddy does force his cock into any baby hole he wants and I help him. In fact, it makes my hot, tiny pussy wet to help daddy do even the most dirty deeds. Whatever my daddy wants my daddy gets because I am his most favorite baby fuck slut ever.

XXX Licks,


Taking it all…and then some

Daddy isn’t the only man I know how to get my way with, is he? You came over because you knew my parent’s were gone for the weekend. Something about “checking in on me” for them.  Yeah right! I knew you were checking on much more, like my hot little teen cunnie. I know you have been waiting for this moment and now at last you could seek out your prey. You are an older pedo perv with a major fetish for underage meat so I fit that bill very nicely. You slyly seduced your way to my bedroom but little did you know I was on to you from the start. And, if we are gonna play, you are gonna pay. So, I went through your fat wallet and picked the cards I liked best then little by little I gave you what you wanted. The more I teased and played with my hot teen twat the more $$ you gave to the support the cause. *tehehe* You remind me of our old neighbor who used to buy all my fund raising stuff just for a peek at my bald cunnie. Mmm but you wanted more than just a peek you wanted to taste and then you begged to stuff your huge, throbbing pedo cock inside my tiny honey hole. Finally, you paid up enough to get all you wanted and I even gave you some extra creamy panties to take home with you.  Thanks for checking up on me, maybe you should come by again tonight I am feeling extra naughty.

Kiss Kiss Kiss,


My Pedo Uncle and his Naughty Games

My uncle loves to play “secret games” with me when we are all alone. He has always given me extra special attention. I guess you could even say I am his favorite little niece to fuck. I knew that he was ready for my little sister to play too so I brought her over after school one afternoon looking so slutty and adorable in her tiny school girl uni. I had mine on too and we tied our tops underneath our perky titties for Uncle. It was a really big surprise when he saw the two of us in the kitchen french kissing and playing with each others titties. My sister giggled and blushed when she saw how big Uncle’s pedo cock was growing. “I’m getting her baby pussy ready for you Uncle”, I pulled down her tiny panties and started to lick her puffy lips. Mmmm You should taste her too. I held her down while Uncle played his naughty games just the way he does with me.

Wet Underage Kisses,



Such Wicked Ways! Rape/Snuff Fantasy

I never really know how long the taboo young, sweet treats I bring home for daddy will last.  I try to keep them wet and trained to please his aching pedo cock the way that daddy taught me when I was just a tiny, baby slut. “Daddy I’m so happy you are home guess what I have for you?”  I grabbed his big, strong hand and led him downstairs to the basement where I had her tied up and somewhat sedated. “See daddy how young and tiny she is and look at her pretty, bald, baby holes so tight, hot and extra small.” I watched as daddy started to grow hard and then I unzipped his pants and started to lick on his cock getting him ready for his baby whore. Just when I thought daddy would go crazy wanting to be inside that tiny cunt so I slid his rock hard dick in and watched as he started to thrust. He moaned and started rocking his hips back and forth while he worked his big cock as deep as it would go.  “Don’t worry daddy if anything happens you know I can get you another one to fuck.”

OMG You have no idea just how twisted and wicked I can get. Come find out just like my pedo daddy does.

Taboo Kisses~Raemi

Extreme Taboo Fetish

I talked to a guy the other day and yes he is my “fetish caller of the week”.  He has a fetish for bald, underage pussy and loves to talk extremely taboo about it.  We talked for a a few mins and set up an extreme age play/rape fantasy that was so uber hot. I used my tiny little girl voice to make his pedo cock hard and got totally taboo with him.  I have to admit my tight, teen cunnie wanted to get fucked so bad by you. You made me fantasize about things I never have before.  Your kinky mind and hard dick both make my teen pussy hot. So, thanks for the taboo hot call and for being my fetish call of the week.  I really love when you sexy men share your fetish with me.

Hot licks-Misbehaving Missy

Dr. Pedo

I was a tiny, itty bitty thing the first time you saw me. So taboo young and so undeniably sexy.  You wanted to rip my little girl fuck holes with your throbbing pedo cock so bad but you had to find the right time.  A few weeks later I was in your office.  I got up on the exam table and you got instantly hard for my underage cunt. Licking your lips as you brushed up against my tiny body you could only imagine how smooth and tight I was. How tiny!

One sedative and I crumbled in your arms like a rag doll, completely sedated and all yours for the taking.  You explored my tight, baby holes slowly savoring them in every way that made you throb and grow harder. Fucking my mouth was almost more than you could take and thick, creamy jizz  dripped out of your pedo dick onto my baby girl lips. You gave me a hot,creamy facial exploding all over my little girl face.  “What a pretty baby whore doll you are Raemi.” What will you do to me next time Dr. Pedo?

-Extreme Age Play & Pedo fantasy’s with Raemi-

-No Limits.

-No Taboos.