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Sweet As Banana Cream Pie

SASSY AJEveryone thinks I am just sweet as Banana Cream Pie!  I do love cream, but not the kind you eat. Wait, well you do eat it *giggles* but I would rather that special salty cream in deep inside my tight, teen pussy. It makes me crazy that my sperm donors/victims.. I mean handsome older neighbors keep moving away. I hate the wife’s attitudes, I mean I just want to borrow their husbands. 

My parents are going out of town, brother is in college so they asked one of their friends I never met to look after me. *stomps feet* I am not a baby! Things changed when he got to our house. OMFG, he was older, hot and was a college professor. I sometimes think my parents haven’t a clue about the real me.

Our first night together he was very chatty, I mean on and on about books I should read. *rolls eyes, and yawns* I had to stop this right away as we had only 3 days and I intend to make the best of it. I went up to get ready for bed, and came down in a cut off tee and pink panties. What? That is what I sleep in. His eyes went wide, he said he needed to make a phone call but I walked right up to him and pushed my eager teen tongue in his mouth. Yummy, he tasted of cigars and whiskey. 

I suppose you want to know more because you are a bit of a dirty man. Do you think I kiss and tell? So…..I will tell you all the naughty details skipping any kissing.



 Written By: Sweet Lil AJ
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Daddy’s Big Promotion

ajDaddy came home from work very excited about a promotion. Awesomesauce! More money means more clothes, makeup, boots, dinners out and well lots more stuff for me! Maybe even a car, because who wants to drive the boring family car. The thing is he says he needs my help. *Giggles*  Definitely a car for what he is asking of me.

His boss Mr. R comes over and I am wearing my special shorts and a tight little tee. Mr. R just stares, he can’t take his eyes off my tight, teen body. I tell him my daddy had an emergency client call but I will take really good care of him, and entertain him while daddy is gone. I ask if he wants something to drink and he asks for a Coke. I laugh and just pour him Crown on the rocks. I have one too because this is a very special occasion. Well not exactly special, more like “Daddy is pimping me out” kind of occasion.

Mr. R seems nervous as he looks me over. I start to tease him licking my lips and spilling my drink on his lap. I grab a towel and dry off his thigh, accidentally touching his dick. Yes, I said accidentally! Now there is no going back, I mean well that is up to him if he wants my cute back door. *Giggles* So now I undo his pants, pretending I can’t control my teen hormones. Soon his dick is in my mouth and he is fucking my face.

Daddy comes home and is shocked, just shocked what he sees. Mr. R promises daddy the promotion and it is a huge one. I finish the boss off and OMFG, is daddy watching?

 Written By: AJ
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A New Sperm Donor Moved In


I am known as the crazy little teen girl that can’t mind her own business. Well in my defense, I don’t own a business so I have to look in other people’s. I love following people and making up a wild life for them and most of the time it is really naughty! Hey, maybe I give them a life that is more fun in my imagination. So, you can see why I was pretty excited when a moving truck pulled up to the house next to me. Not that kind of excited, you perv!

Giggles! Well maybe a little when I saw this hot man that looked to be around 40. I watched out my window while all the boxes and furniture were unloaded. Hmmmmm, only him but lots of stuff a man with a wife would have. It was time for dinner but my mind was on the new baby batter, I mean new man the whole time. After everyone went to sleep, I grabbed a box of cookies and put them in a pretty tin to make them look homemade. I had on the shorts that daddy calls “his worst nightmare” and went to visit the fresh meat.

He let me in and took the cookies from me. He said how nice it was for me to stop by but it was late and I should probably be home in bed. Oh yes, it was late alright and I should be in someone’s bed. My new neighbor finally told me his name and all that stuff. I asked if I could see the house because I had never been in it before. Off to his bedroom we go, I know you want more details but I don’t kiss and tell. I do but we sure did a lot more than kiss.

Bratty Teen AJ
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Hide And Seek The AJ Way

     AJ  I have a special way of playing hide and seek. I will tell you the whole story but remember it is our secret. *Giggles* I pick out a special victim, wait no no; I mean friend to play the game. While they’re at work, I sneak in their house. You are probably wondering how a little teen like me can break into a house? I do have “other” skills you know.

Then I hide out in their bedroom closet. It can get boring while I wait so I find something personal like a tablet, extra phone because all men have hidden phones. Yes, I know this to be a fact. *Giggles* Then I wait. When they get home, I hold my breath waiting for them to go to their bedroom to change. Oh, I hope they didn’t notice a few beers missing. Usually they get undressed and comfy after a long day at the office.

Once they are undressed, I pop out of closet. ” I found you, now you are it”, I giggle. They’re pretty confused at that point, especially if they never played the game before my way. They laugh, as well I am so cute and all; and then they suggest I leave. No harm done. They might pretend they didn’t like the game, but their big ole daddy dick says something different. 

What happens next you ask? Well it isn’t their turn to hide, it is my time to give them a kiss from my sweet teen lips and then….well, I tell you it has something to do with my quest to make a baby!

                 Bratty Teen AJ

AJWritten By: AJ
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Very Highly Inappropriate

AJ  Daddy suggested I stay home from school because he said I looked really tired. “Well, of course daddy, I have been studying really hard for finals and all”, I said. I told him I REALLY didn’t want to ditch but he knew what was best. *Giggles*  So, with everyone gone for the day; just how will I amuse myself? I played with makeup, danced to music pretending I was a stripper, then took a long, hot shower. Daddy always wondered why I ran out of hot water with each shower. *wink, wink* 

So I look at the clock and it’s only 11 am. Time to check the mail, I just have a towel on know I could need to sign for a package. Nope no mail, but my neighbor is cutting his lawn. Yummy, he is getting all sweaty, he has these awesome muscles and all. I wonder if his wife fucks him as much as I would.  Oh, no I was thinking out loud again. So I tossed on some shorts and a too small tee-shirt and went over to say “Hello”. 

I even fixed him a cold glass of tea, Texas tea that is and he drank it down fast and seemed a little wobbly. I helped him inside and began to rub his back. He suggested I leave because this was highly inappropriate. Not just inappropriate but highly! So? I am a brat and I know that, so spank me? I helped him out of his clothes, yes I know HIGHLY inappropriate. I began to kiss him, and stroke his big, thick baby batter filled dick.

He tried to push me away, and he seemed flushed.  *Giggles* so I brought him another tea, yeah Texas tea but he didn’t know that.  Before long, we were doing so many highly inappropriate things together.

Bratty AJ

AJWritten By: AJ
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Phone Sex Daddy’s Seed Made me

AJ         I quietly knocked on my phone sex daddy’s door because I had something I found to be really amazing and I needed to tell him what I had figured out all on my own  *Giggles* I was in just a pair of tiny cotton panties and a cut off tee shirt that said “Girl Power” It was that important I didn’t have time to put jeans on.

Daddy told me to come in and asked me what all the excitement was because I was clearly out of breath.  “Daddy, it isn’t like I just found this out as I knew where babies came from since forever but the more I thought about it the more it seemed amazing that I came from seed from your balls”, I said. Daddy had this look on his face that I can’t describe. He looked like he was going to laugh at me and I didn’t like that one fucking bit!

I couldn’t leave things like that and go back to my room, not me! I kissed daddy, and put my tiny hand on his balls rubbing them gently and rambling on about seeds and babies. Daddy might have told me to go back to bed but he knew that was not a good move as I would cry, stomp my feet, and yell so loud the neighbors might call the police. Did I mention I was a brat when I didn’t get my way?

Daddy talked about how grown up I was getting and pulled my tee over my head. He kissed my hard nipples and told me we shouldn’t do this and to go back to my room. NO, no, no!!  I straddled daddy and he slide into my sweet little pussy. I wanted him to fuck a baby into me from the seed that made me!

Bratty Teen Mommy AJ

AJWritten By: AJ
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My Soft And Sexy Teen Legs

  I have heard I have the most sexy teen legs ever! I always showaj10

off my tight teen body in sundresses, mini skirts, super short shorts and skinny jeans. *Giggles* Can you blame me? Daddy once told me my legs were going to be the death of him with everyone including his friends staring at them and trying to get a glimpse of my tight juicy pussy.

Want to hear about the first time my sweet firm legs were used for fucking? *Giggles* Of course you do! I hadn’t sucked a dick or fucked yet but this older boy, way older and I were messing around and he took out his dick and told me to wrap my legs around it tight. I knew my legs looked and felt super good because earlier that day my Uncle shaved them and put on lotion for me. I think he was looking at my sweet pussy under the towel the whole time. 

Anyways, the older boy started moving up and down with his dick between my thighs. I kept thinking in my head..JUST FUCK ME!  I felt his dick across my clit and I was getting so wet. He came and squirted hot, sticky baby juice all over my thighs and pussy. I wondered if I could have gotten preggers from that? Of course now I know better and know it is from precum or cum inside me. WINK. WINK!   What would YOU do for a look up my skirt or a touch of my sweet, teen pussy?

      Sassy Teen AJ, xoxo

Our New Hot Coach

    I am not much into after school keep me out of trouble typaj7 (2)e activities. I mean I love getting into trouble, well at least the things that get me there. I don’t like being grounded. *Giggles* Of course, grounding me is a joke because..well anyone who knows me knows why.

This year we got a new coach so I decided what sport I would hate the least. I fucking wish school considered skate boarding a school sport…anyfuckingways…I decided to play baskeball. *Giggles* yeah, small little me!

I wasn’t as bad at it as you would think but the tall girls kept knocking me down ..bitches…so Coach kept me after to discuss this. He said this probably wasn’t for me because my cute little body didn’t need to get bruised. He thought it was a good idea to check me for bruises. Oh yes, daddy let me show you where it hurts. Dang, I was thinking outloud again.

Before long Coach got carried away, and began to kiss all my tender little ouchies on my thighs. “higher, higher” Yes, that I did say outloud and soon his tongue was kissing my tight teen pussy. Anyways, I quit basketball and he let me be his assistant.  No, I didn’t help with team, I just will call it an assistant and you can figure out what that means in AJ language.

 Later, AJ

Footprints In The Snow

   I love sneaking out and looking in the windows of my hot aj3-5neighbor.  After everyone has gone to sleep I toss on a coat and sneak out my window. Winter and snow make it harder ‘giggles” but I always remember to take a broom and flatten out the footprints by my window. I am so excited by the time I get home I never bother to think about the footprints all over his lawn, especially by his bedroom window.

Mr P saw me heading off to school and asked if I could come over later as he had something important to talk to me about. Oh yes!!! I use any and every excuse to talk to him, look into his eyes, and then look down to his…Oops, I am getting carried away again. I thought about our meeting all day in classes and couldn’t concentrate at all. Time to go I run out forgetting my books and right to his house.

I take off my boots and coat not wanting to mess up his just cleaned carpets. How do I know that, well because I know everything about him! EVERYTHING!  He brings me some hot chocolate and I ask if he can put some Bailey’s in it. I am crossing my eyes and making a silly face because you are wondering how I know he has Bailey’s..again I know EVERYTHING. So, I am sipping my drink and he mentions about the footprints. He says he is flattered not mad but I could get in trouble if my parents put it all together.

I ask him “, how can I spy on you in the Winter then”. He begins to laugh and I laugh and well what happens next could be our secret but I am a brat so. I kiss him or he kisses me first who remembers who went first. Next thing he carries me to his bed, and is licking my sweet teen pussy. Mmmmmm, baby that feels so good. Then I cum all over his handsome face, then we are kissing more, then we are fucking. Oh wait, there is more but if I tell you I might have to fuck you too!  “giggles”

Happy Holidays, Teen AJ xoxo

Here Cums Jailbait

       “Hello Mr P, I see you are having a quiet night with a glasaj-orange-300x445s of wine in your hot tub”, I giggle. I wonder what made him think he could escape Lil Miss nosy Jailbait. I smile and my eyes look down to the water and back to his eyes. “Well, are you going to invite me in”?  He begins to stammer a little. Maybe the pussy’s got his tongue! *Giggles*

I tug off my shorts and tank without an invitation, hop in and drink right from the bottle of wine. He stares a bit since my friends and I practiced blowjobs using a bottle. Opps!  I hand it back to him and ask if he has more. He goes into his house to get one and soon noticing I am right behind him.

 “AJ, what are you doing sweetie”, he asks a little confused. I love to sing so I just start into….I am your Ch Ch Ch cherry bomb. Next thing you know my leg if over his shoulder and his wet tongue in my sweet teen pussy.  I can be such a pushy brat!  LOL!

                             Bratty AJ