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Mr. B Loves Teen Holes!

I have a caller that loves to stroke his cock for me. Mr. B is a naughty, dirty man that loves to whip it out and expose himself to me and my little sister. His favorite part is watching me spread my phone sex sissy’s ass wide and let him look at the young puckered hole of hers. You should hear how excited it makes him! He likes to watch me force my fingers into her holes and listen to her squeal with pleasure while I play with her. He can hardly contain himself! Sometimes he has to take advantage of her little gaping holes and and pushes his dick in and out of her. We giggle as he cums for us. Our calls are always so much fun!


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Teen Anal Training

When I started fucking, I loved having my teen pussy fucked, the harder the better. Two, one it didn’t matter to me, but I was terrified of having my little virgin asshole taken.

One of my sugar daddies decided that it was time to pop my anal cherry! He took me upstairs and worked on lubing my puckered little hole up. His fingers moving in and out burned a little but it soon started to feel good. He got up to 3 fingers inside of it, then decided to push it. He held up a butt plug and I started to panic. I had no idea how it was going to fit! It took some time, but he finally got it in. I was so uncomfortable and my first instinct was to push it out. He shook his head no and then I felt a vibrator on my clit. My legs started to shake and it all started to feel really good.

His hand worked the plug in and out. I couldn’t believe it. I was going to cum for the first time with my ass full! Right before I came, he replaced the plug with his lubed up cock and finished me off with a hard pounding. It felt so good! Since then, I can’t get enough ass fucking!


Written By: Josie
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Peeping Again

Oh boy! My pervy step-daddy is at it again. This time I caught him peeping at me getting out of the shower. Every time I turn around, I catch him. He was being good for a little while and trying to control himself, but now it’s worse than before! Not only that, I can hear him beating his meat as he watches. He’s working his hand up and down on it so hard, I’m surprised he hasn’t pulled it off yet. As soon as Mama falls asleep, I hear his door creak open and know that he’s somewhere looking at me. I feel sorry for him, he’s so fucking pussy whipped that sometimes I’ll spread my legs and give him a really good view. I try to imagine what he must look like. Face pressed to the door, a pair of my dirty panties wrapped around his dick, stroking away. It’s pathetic and makes me giggle. I’ve got a big surprise for him tonight though. I took Mama’s biggest toy and I’m going to put on a nice show for him. I just know I’ll wake up to cum puddles all over the floor.

Written By: Josie
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He Let His Friends Watch

To get my grades up, I’ve been fucking one of my professors. It’s been working out great for me! My grades have never been so good. It doesn’t even take a lot of effort. He’s older and cums pretty quick. 5 minutes of sex takes care of all of my assignments and then some!

Unfortunately, that’s not enough anymore. My professor has upped his demands. When I showed up at his place last night, there was a bit of a crowd. He told me that I was going to give his friends a show and it was going to be more than just a quickie.

I walked into the room and saw all kinds of toys laying out, all of them meant to stretch my tiny teen pussy. I got up on the table and the men took out their cocks. I chose a big one and immediately began pumping my wet cunt. I wrapped both hands around it and rammed it in and out. I came so hard, I nearly fainted and assumed that was all they wanted. I was wrong. My professor put another toy in my hand, this one bigger than the last. I came again for them, but it wasn’t enough. Every time I came, another toy came out. When I was too exhausted to keep going, a couple of the men took turns making me cum.

By the time they were finished with me, I was crying and could barely walk. I earned my A that night and my professor told me that they wouldn’t be going so easy on me next time.

Written By: Josie
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Too Hot

It’s summer time and hotter than hell… and wouldn’t you know it, the AC is out at the house. I can’t stand it! One night, I had just had enough. Not only did my older brother have a friend over, but I had to sleep upstairs where it’s the worst! I had a fan on, but it did nothing for the heat. I said fuck it and stripped naked. Maybe I would get a little relief. Around 2 in the morning, I felt the bed move and tried to sit up. My brother’s friend was naked too, stroking his cock over my nude body. I have absolutely no attraction to this freak and had no intention to do anything with him. That didn’t seem to matter to him. He grabbed my hand and forced it up and down on his cock. I tried to pull away, but his hand wrapped around my throat and held me in place. His hand moved away from my wrist and forced his hand between my thighs. I kept trying to get away and he kept squeezing. I finally decided to cooperate when I felt myself getting light headed… he meant business. I stroked him and let him touch until I felt the warm spurt of his sticky jizz shoot all over my face. He used his hand to rub it in, laughed and left the room. I didn’t know what to say.. I couldn’t believe what had just happened. I slowly slipped my clothes back on, just in case he came back for another round. It didn’t happen that night, but he’s started coming over more and more. He gives me a look, letting me know it’s on his mind. So I wait…


I recently decided to join a sorority. They have us doing all kinds of crazy things on campus. The hazing has been kind of hard so far… and very embarrassing! Just last week, we were all publicly spanked! All that craziness aside, a few of us still remained for the final task. We were stripped naked, blindfolded and led into a room. I couldn’t see anything, but could feel eyes all over my body. When the blindfold came off, I could see dozens and dozens of men stroking their cocks. We were each placed in a kiddie pool on our knees. Before we knew it, guys started circling around us jerking their hard dicks. Some grabbed my hands and forced me to stroke it for them, so grabbed my hair and forced my mouth down their shaft and balls. I could feel the cum shooting all over my body. The came on my face, tits, ass, back… everywhere. When one group would finish, another group was ready to take their place. After what felt like hours, I looked down and realized that the pool was getting cum puddles all over. The guys stepped away from us. I couldn’t even open my eyes, my face was so covered in jizz. Thinking that was the task, we started to get out of our pools… then we were instructed that our actual task was to clean up the mess with our tongues…

Keeping Mr. B Happy

I have a caller that I just *love* playing with! We always have so much fun together. Mr. B likes to hear all about my naughty adventures with my little sister, THEN join in! He takes out his cock and strokes it for him while I tell him all the fun we have together and the things I do to her holes. It makes him so excited and he has to stroke his fat daddy dick even faster for me. We talk about the dirty things we would do to my little sister. He loves when I play his little accomplice slut. He always asks me what I think we should do with her and I’m always quick to throw out the filthiest ideas to him. His moans always tell me what he thinks of them. When he cums, it’s always in her tiny ass. I love the sounds he makes when he blows his load! His calls are always the best and I love to keep Mr. B’s cock happy!


I’ve always loved Halloween. Dressing up in skimpy little costumes and going around to strangers’ houses.. so much fun! Don’t get me wrong, the candy is great… but I always enjoyed different treats better. I don’t know what it is about me, but I must have “slut” written across my forehead. Every man that came to the door just knew that M&Ms wasn’t what I was after. I needed something a little more creamy than that. That would pull me inside and get their cocks down my throat. My hungry mouth was always happy to work the cum out of those hard dicks! If I was lucky, I even left with a pussy full of sticky jizz. All of the other kids on the block must have hated me. After I took a load in one of my holes, I took all the candy too! This trick gets allllll the treats 😉

Summer Break

It’s so hard to believe that it’s almost time to go back to school. I’ve had the BEST summer ever!!! I have to say, I’ve really outdone myself this year. I told myself that I was going to make the most of my summer and make sure to have as much sexy fun as possible. Mission accomplished. I don’t think there wasn’t one day that I didn’t fuck or get fucked. I would come home every single night with a tight pussy and ass filled with cum. I could hardly keep my fingers out of it. I would just get so turned on knowing that I would be doing it again the next day and the next day and the next day! I only thought that I was addicted to sex! Getting pounded every day just made me want it more. I didn’t care who I got it from either. Friends, family, strangers. You name it!
If you want to hear more about my summer, give me a call tonight and we’ll swap stories!

Mile High Club… Sort Of…

I was flying home to visit my grandparents. Flying always makes me so nervous, so I was excited to see a hot older man sitting next to me. I tried to strike up a conversation, but he wasn’t really interested in talking to me. I decided to stretch a little and try to take a nap. I opened my eyes just a little and I could see him looking up and down my body. My short little dress didn’t exactly leave a lot to the imagination and he was getting an eye full. He asked our stewardess for a blanket and placed it over his lap. Then I saw what he was doing, he was jerking off! There was no way I was missing out on that fun. He was trying really hard to bring attention to himself. I slipped my hand under his blanket and took his cock from him. He kept looking forward, but gulped loudly. He removed my hand long enough to get the armrest up. He put my hand back on his cock and his fingers plunged into my pussy. We were surrounded by people and trying to play it cool. I couldn’t hold back my moan when I felt his cum running down my fingers. It set my pussy off and I was cumming too. He took his fingers away and put them in his mouth. He straightened himself as best he could and went back to reading his paper like nothing happened.
Needless to say, I wasn’t nervous for the rest of the flight and was actually looking forward to the trip home.