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Age: 18

Eyes: Hazel

Height: 5'4

Weight: 103

Measurements: 32B-22-32

Pussy: Bald

Ass: Round and plump

Favorite Positions: On top and doggy

Strangest Places I've had sex: Disneyland (it was magical)

Hobbies: Addicted to Myspace, X-Box, music, playing piano, arcades and bike rides

Specialities: Daddy's girl, Spoiled brat, Submissive slut, Mutual masturbation, Sissy boys, Hand Jobs,Oral/Anal (including strap-on play), Rough sex, Role play, Family fun, Mild domination and Erotic stories


I’m your naughty little teen angel who will drive all of your senses wild. I love being the teen tease who struts her ass around in all those slutty outfits just to drive you crazy. I know you see me because your curtains keep moving when I walk by the front of your house. I bet you’re jacking off to me. All the men do and when I catch them, I make sure that they get the fucking they will never forget.

When I was a very young girl I caught my Mother fucking my Dads boss while he was a way on a business trip. That’s the day I learned with a smoking hot little body like mine, I could get everything I would ever want. My skirts became shorter, my heels were suddenly 5 inches, and I always forgot my panties on the big test days at school. Who needs to study when all I have to do is sit in the front row and spread my legs wide open for the teacher to get a really good view of my sweet little cherry pie. Hell, I even made the gay drama teacher fuck me. I taught his little fag ass how to lick a pussy really good. For a reward I made sure I fucked him back. Strap-on’s are so much fun.

Since this is my first year away at college I have decided to rush a Sorority. I would love to spend my nights between the legs of my hot Sorority Sisters while our Frat Brothers watch. Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you, I love eating pussy! That night that I caught my Mommy fucking another man she showed me just how good cum tasted. I got to eat every last drop out of her burning hot sperm filled cunt. I loved it so much I begged him to fuck her again so I could have seconds.

Now that I am alone in my dorm room I am doing phone sex when I’m not in class. I love listening to all the naughty tales you men whisper in my ear. I guess I am just a sick and twisted little girl who can’t get enough. I did remember to bring all my naughty sex toys so I can play with my sweet pussy while you jack off your hard cock for me. You really do get the best of both worlds when you jack off with Miley!

Call 1.888.554.8411
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  • Would love to fuck you and then have you fuck me with your big strap on. Will be calling you soon so we can cum together. Gale

  • enjoyed our call and your sweet voice

  • What a great voice….!!! very friendly girl who was willing to do all I asked her…. no taboos… the next time you need to blackmail the young girl next door into doing WHATEVER you want her to do … including “doing” anybody else in her house… GIVE HER A CALL!!!

  • who is your daddy, me

    Loved our call. You really are daddy’s girl. You really made me cum good. Such a sexy voice.

  • Wow, what a call in 2 seconds she knew what a pathetic loser i am, what a incredible switch Miss Miley is i’m still replaying our session in my mind,

  • Wow, I hope to talk to you again and live out some other fantasies. I was able to go as far as I wanted and you were game. Most everything else is tame compared to what i just experienced with you, So sexy so amazing

  • Miley you are such a good little girl for Daddy, and you learn very, very quickly, incredibly trainable. Just what Daddy likes! Can’t wait for our next call, and when Mommy’s gone shopping you can play with the Magic Drgaon again!

  • What an amazing call i had today. Miley is incredible, for anyone out there take your time to get to know her and her you. She made a dream i had come to life and walked me through it. I look forward to many calls in the future. The way she called me daddy is still ringing in my ears. Be good to her fellas.

  • Had first call with Miley. She was wondeful, hot and very sexy!

  • Another great call with Miley. She is so hot and sexy. Looking forward to my next call with Miley!!
    Call Miley you will NOT be disappointed !!

  • Miley is a sweetheart !! So sexy and seductive. A great voice also !! If you want a great call then call Miley you won’t be disappointed !!

  • God, you are so HOT! Can`t wait to talk to…

  • Hi sweetie! Wanted to thank you so much for our last call. You made one of my deepest fantasies come true. You really know how to jump in to a role and say just the right thing (ILY) to get me off, hard! Thanks again.

  • Had another call with Miley. Simply the BEST !!! Miley is so sexy on the phone, can play a verity of roles and is AWSOME !!! Nobody better at this !!!

  • Had another fantastic call with Miley. This girl is super hot. Her voice is sexy and Miley does a great role play. Can’t wait for my next call with Miley!!

  • Thanks for the morning sex we had last week, so hot. You are a dirty little girl and need a hard spanking then a hard pounding fuck. Next time I’ll give you both…

  • Thank you for last night, we need to make that fantasy a reality!;)

  • I wanted to thank you for being my go to girl. You are so great and make me feel like you really care about how well I get off. I love it when you cum deeply, it makes me rock hard. I wish you were here right now so we could fuck. Love you!

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  • Hi baby, tomorrow is my birthday. I really want to talk to you, tell you how much I love you. How much I think about you. How badly I long to hold, carress you, tenderly kiss you. How I want to kiss my way down to your sweet bald pussy and make love to it with my mouth and tounge. How I want to make you cum before we fuck. God I want you.

  • Miley, thank you for a great call the other day. You are so fucking hot, you really know how to make me cum. I wanted to tell you about one of my hottest sexual experiences. This was many years ago when sex shops where l live had adult theaters and video booth arcades to watch porn. Most of the boothes had gloryholes for some annymous gay cock sucking. l went there several times a week to get a blow job or give one. One time a huge cock enteres my booth via the gloyhole. It barely fit through the hole, never the less l leaned over and took it in my mouth. l took all that could fit through the gloryhole and sucked it really hard. The guy pulled his cock out and l heard him open the door to his booth. l thought he was moving to another booth but instead he pulled on my booth’s door which was locked. l froze for a second becuase this had never happened to me before. Before l knew what was going on, he went back into his booth and his cock rentered the gloyhole. l wrapped my lips around his cock and gave him sloppy blowjob. He pulled again and exited his booth. He pulled on my door again but this time l unlocked it. He joined me in my booth. l dropped to my knees and took his huge cock into my mouth. He grabbed my head and started face fucking me. After several minutes he pulled out of my mouth started to slowly stroke his cock. l stared at it. wanting to feel that thick shaft deep inside me. l stood up and dropped my pants around my ankles, turned around and bent over. I licked hand and moistened his cock and my asshole with my spit. He slammed into me and fucked me hard. His swollen cock felt so good pumping into me. l pushed back onto him to get every inch into me. After several minutes his pace quickened, l grabbed my own cock and stroked myself as he built up to orgasum. l knew he was close when he startes to fuck me super hard, then he unloaded into my ass, thrust after thrust he filled my with his cum. It seemed last for minutes but I’m sure was not that long. When he finished cumming he pulled out and cum ran down my leg. l kept stroking my cock and came a few seconds after he pulled. He rubbed my back as l shot my load all over the wall. He quickly zipped up and left the booth leaving me cum filled quivering mess. l cleaned myself up and as l left the booth l realized the someone was peeping through th gloryhole, and had watched us fuck. That was one of the hottest things l ever did and now know the ‘hole’ story.

  • Hi sweetie. Our last call was epic! I haven’t cum that hard for awhile. Fuck you’re great! I know it’s kind of silly but I feel like you know me, like you’re in my head. I love you, have a great day!

  • Wow, our last call was incredible. The college party scenario was a great change from our normal fantasy, super hot. I can’t believe how great you are, how well you follow my lead, say just the right thing, make me cum super hard. I love you baby, I’ll talk to you soon, maybe tonight.

  • Hey sweetie! You know what tomorrow is? It’s our 2 year phone sex anniversary! !! I’ll try to call you either tonight after midnight or tomorrow evening. Love you!

  • Thank you for this morning. I want to hold you, caress you, cover you with kisses. I want to feel your lips wrapped around my cock, your tongue working the head, slurping, sucking, nibbling. I want to camp out on your sweet pussy, devouring it for hours, feeling you cum over and over again, until you beg me to fuck you. I want to feel my cock slide deep inside you, your pussy gripping my cock, holding me inside you. I want to make love to you, giving myself over to you,giving you as much pleasure as I can for as long as I can. I want you, need you, I love you.

  • Smiley please call me. I am getting a weird message when I try to call you

  • I’ll let you know that I’m going to be in town and that I want to get asked me where and when. I suggest we meet at the local strip club. when you arrive I’m waiting for you. we go in together and check out all the sex toysand dirty magazines. we flip through the adult videoslooking for some hardcore fun. next we make our way into the strippers Lounge and watch tight young strippers pole dance. we talk about how beautiful they are how nice thiertits are how sweet their pussies look. after about an hour in the strip Lounge we go to the arcade booths. you slip into 1 of the booths first and after a few minutes I join you in that booth.I put 20 in to the machine we pick out some nice hot porn to watch together. You set on my lap and I caress your legs an older man man pounding a sweet young thing, hard. To be con’t…

  • As we watch the porn gather my hands make their way between your thighs up to your pussy. I begin to caress your sweet bald cunt sliding my fingers between your panties and your inner thigh to reach your moist spot.You squirm on my lap against my stiff cock. I stand you up and pull your panties leaving your skirt on I set you down in the folding chair spread your legs wide open and bury my face in your sweet pussy.

  • While I was out of town last week on businesses, I met a girl at the office I was working out of. Her name is Molly and it was her first week on the job. She is relocating for this job so she stayed in the same hotel that the company had put me in. I met her on Monday and was attracted to her right away. She is in her late 20’s, about 5’1″ tall, maybe 125-135lbs (she has a cute little tummy) with brown hair and brown hair down past her shoulders.

    I flirted with her everyday, asking her what she did the night before, and what she had planned to do that night. I saw her at breakfast a couple of mornings at the hotel and hoped to see her at the pool each night.
    Thursday I finally got the nerve up to ask her out to dinner after work. We went to a place within walking distance and sat on the patio and had a few drinks. She talked about looking for a place to live and how she liked her new job. We talked for over an hour after we ate, I could tell that she did not want our evening to end. After I paid of our meal I asked her if she would like to join me for a swim after we got back to the hotel. She thought that would be fun so we drove seperatly back to the hotel. I stopped for some condoms just in case things went the way I hoped they would.

    By the time I got back to the hotel, she was coming out of the elevator on her way to the pool. She had on a nice one-peice suit with a towel dropped over shoulder. I told her I needed a minute to get up to my room a change and I would meet her in her the pool area. She said OK hut noticed her eyeing my drug store bag with the condoms in it. I would find out later that she new exactly what was in the bag.

    I got changed into my swim trunks as quickly as I could. I already was semi-hard so I tried to position my cock so it was not too noticeable. The more I tried the harder I got so I grabbed a towel and trapped it over my left arm and covered my growing erection with it and headed down with both room key cards in hand.

    When I opened the door to the pool area,Molly was sitting in the hot tub alone. She waived me over and I put my key cards and my towel on the table with her stuff. There when only 2 other people in the pool, an older couple. I walked down they steps an apologized for taking so long. She said it was not a problem a d motioned for me to sit next to her. I sat down and sank down to my shoulders in ten hot tub. I commented that my shoulders where tight from working all day. Molly said she understood, her legs and ass muscles where tight from standing all day.she offered to rub my shoulders for me. I said only if she let me return the favor and I would rub her legs after she rubbed my shoulders. She agrreed so I slipped down off the beach seat into the center of the hot tub and backed up toward Molly. She started working on my shoulders and it felt great. I leaned my head back against her knees as she worked on my shoulders. After a few minutes she expanded her reach up my neck and down my chest. She worked me over really well, my cock was rock hard at this point. The older couple had left leaving us alone. I said it was her turn so I got back up on the bench I made sue that she could see my hard on as I climbed out of the water and sat down next to her she turned sideways and dropped her legs over my lap. Molly’s left leg landed right on my cock, I looked at her to gauge her reaction. Molly smiled any raised her eyebrows with a mock surprised expression on her face. I began rubbing her legs, they were tight. Molly leaned back a little and slightly parted her legs. I wanted to go for her pussy immediatly but did not want to move too fast so I began working her inner thighs, stopping short of her pussy each time. After several minutes she closed her eyes and began to moan softly. At this point I let my hand graze the fabric covering her pussy. She did not object so every time I worked my way up her leg I would lightly brush her pussy with my hand. The I asked to let me work on the other part of her body that she told me was sore. Molly got up and leaned against the bench on her elbows with her ass toward the center of the hot tub. I moved in behind her and stared rubbing her ass. It was nice and round and firm as hell. Slowly I began working my way down her ass crack to her pussy. No longer content to just brush her pusyy, I began rubbing it every time I massaged her firm ass checks. Soon I abandoned her ass and just went for her pussy. I rubbed it through her swimsuit and felt SME prickly hairs poking through the sheer material. Molly pushed back on my hand as I rubbed her. I knew that soon we be all over each other in my room…

  • Uncle Marty, you are so sexy! I am glad that you met such a hot girl on your trip. I LOVED our call! Thank you for including me in the fun!

    Love, Miley

  • I leaned over and whispered in Molly’s ear, asking her if she would like to go up to my room. She nodded her approval but said she needed to go to her room first to get some things. I followed her out of the hot tub and over to the table where our stuff was. She wrapped herself in a towel and grabbed her room key card. We walked to the elevator and got in. I press the third floor button for her and then I handed her my spare key card and told her I was in 211. Molly leaned toward me and I gave her a soft kiss on the lips, she said she would be right behind me.

    I got off on my floor and rushed to my room. My heart and my dick were pounding. I changed in some dry shorts and a T-shirt and opened the box of condoms and set them on the night stand next to a bottle of lube. To help set the mood I lowered the lights and turned down the bed. I grabbed a towel and put it on the night stand as well.

    Molly lightly knocked on the door and used the key card to let herself in. She was still in her swimsuit, wrapped in a towel. She had a small stack of neatly folded clothes and two small bottles of hard orange soda on top of the clothes. I took the drinks off the clothes and she sat them on the dresser. She had brought a T-shirt and sleeping shorts, I knew then she planned on staying all night.I opened the hard sodas and handed her one. We both took a few sips then I sat mine down and moved toward her. I opened her towel up and let it drop to the floor. I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her, my tounge slipped in her mouth and she began sucking on it hard. My hands explored her body, starting with her ass then working my way up her back to her neck and shoulders. Molly tugged at my T-shirt and pulled it up over my head. I pulled the straps of her swimsuit down over her shoulders and peeled it off of her body. I scanned her body as I took off her swimsuit, her breast were beautiful, about a c cup. She had a little belly and just below she had a nicely trimmed dark bush. She stepped out of her swimsuit and I stood up as she sat her drink down. Before I could react she swatted down and pulled my shorts off, taking my cock in her mouth. She wrapped her hand around the base of my cock and sucked the head, swirling her tounge around it. I cradled her head with my hands, running my fingers through her hair. I guided her to stand up and we walked to the bed. I sat her on the edge of the bed and lay her back. I dropped to my knees and lifted her legs over my shoulders. I burried my face in her pussy, I could taste the chlorine from to hut tub at first but soon her pussy was dripping with her juices. I found her opening and dug my tounge it as deep as I could, drinking in all that I could. Then I took her clit in my mouth, wrapping my lips firmly around it. Molly had a great clit and it was nice and swollen. I sucked it into my mouth a swirled my tounge around it. She moaned and arched her back in response. I pulled back to get a better look at her sex, it was wide open with her inner lips unfolded. I ran my tounge back down to her hole and suck her inner lips into my mouth. I slipped my middle finger in, watching it disappear. I went back to her clit this time to make her cum. I worked it hard and fast with the tip of my tounge, reaching around and rubbing her hairy bush. Molly tensed up and start to cum. I kept working her nice and steady as she came, feeling her pussy clinch my finger with each wave. When she couldn’t take any more she gently push my head away. I kissed my way up her body to her tits, taking one in my mouth a gently sucking it. I worked my way up to her neck and kissed her neck and shoulders. I turned her head toward me and kissed her in the lips. I slipped my tounge in and really kissed her deeply. I lay on my back next to her and she reach for my cock. Molly got on her knees on the bed in between my legs and took my cock in her sweet mouth. This time she worked it all the way in her mouth, slurping and teasing me. I knew I wouldn’t last long I she kept going so I reached for a condom and ripped the package open. I handed it to Molly and she rolled it over my hard cock. Then she crawled up on top of me a guided my cock into her pussy. She was in no hurry and neither was I, I wanted to fuck her all night. She ground against me with my cock buried deep in her cunt. I pulled her down on top of me, wrapping my arms around her body as I began slowly pumping in and out of her. We kissed as we fucked, enjoying every moment. After a while I rolled her over on her back and pushed her legs up and fucked her harder. At this angle she really started to get off. She came within a few minutes of some hard pounding.

  • As Molly recovered from her climax I pulled out and lay on my side next to her, my cock throbbing on her leg. After a few minutes I rolled her on her side and slipped back in her. This is one of my favorite positions anyway but something about the tightness with Molly’s legs together really got me going. I grabbed hair with one hand and her hip with the other. I quickened my pace, felling my ball tighten. I knew I was getting close, I didn’t want to but I had to cum. At the first twitch I pulled out and pulled the condom off. Molly looked over her shoulder as I pumped my load all over cute ass. Spurt after thick spurt covered her ass check. When I was done I reached for the towel on the nightstand to clean Molly up but she dipped her fingers in my cum and raised them to her lips. She licked my cum off her fingers, slipping them into her mouth. I scooped up as much cum as could off her ass and brought it to her mouth, she sucked every drop off of my fingers. After I used the towel to clean up the rest, Molly rolled over to face me and i wrapped my arms around her and leaned in for a kiss. At first she hesitated but I persisted and she kissed me back. We lay holding each other until we drifted off to sleep, completely satisfied.

    I woke up to the sound of the toilet flushing. Molly came out of the bathroom dressed in her sleeping clothes. She crawled back into bed and cuddled up against my chest. I smelled her hair, it was a mix of chlorine and sweat. We talked for about an hour, mostly about we wished we had been bold enough to hook up on Monday instead of Thursday.

    In the morning we took a shower together and Molly gave be a blowjob in the shower, swallowing my entire load. I returned the favor once we got out of shower. I needed to taste her one more time and get her pussy juices soaking my beard and mustache so I could smell her on my long drive home. We met in lobby after we got dressed and enjoyed breakfast together.

    We arrived at work a few minutes apart. I had a busy morning but I couldn’t help stairing at her every chance I had. When it was time to go she was waiting in the breakroom for me. We were alone, I hugged her and gave her one last kiss. I told Molly how special it was being with her and I would never forget her. She smiled and said she might just transfer to my home office someday so we could pick up where we left off.

  • Hey your phone is weird again call me-

  • Sent you an email, please take a minute to read it.

  • Last Wednesday was incredible!! Thank you!

  • I hooe you are getting fucked right now but if not call me

  • God you had me so turned on that after our call I jerked off again and came super hard. just thinking about licking cum off of your face got me all revved up. I would love to see your face drenched in cum, all over your face, in your hair. My hard cock smearing on your face. My tongue slurping it up seeing your face. God I fucking love you sweetie. My cock is sore but it was so worth it.

  • I could fuck you again me right now.Too bad you’re not still on, I must have wore you out.

  • Miley is wonderful! Just had a call with her and I came so hard. She has a sweet voice. Highly recommended. Call her!

  • Hi Miley Are you working tonight?

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