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Phone Sex Daddy’s Morning Shave

After a shower in the morning, you open the door to the bathroom because of all the steam. You wipe the mirror and start shaving. You slather the thick shaving cream on your face. I sneak into the bathroom. I sit and watch each careful stroke on your face. I love watching you shave.  

You notice me and ask me, “What are you doing, Miley?”

 “Nothing, Daddy.” After a few minutes, I ask you, “When I will get to shave like the big girls?”

You smile and walk over to me. You put some shaving cream on my nose and give me a big kiss. Finally, you see a smile on my face. You pull down my little cotton panties and spread my legs.  “No hair there yet, little girl, but I know lots of other things that big girls do.” You kiss that sweet little mound. I tingle all over! 

“Love you, Daddy.”



Written By: Miley
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Scream For Me Bitch


malaya  You need it dark , violent, satanic and out right sick: and at those times, only Moi will do. I am not some sweet submissive type goth chick looking for her goth boi. I am dark, I am the night terrors you had as a child that never went away. I don’t seek love, I seek total submission and the sounds of screams echoing through my basement. My shiny collection of knives and swords aren’t just for show, they are for torture and blood splatter.

You asked to play in my world, silly boy don’t you know that is like calling for the Cenobites from their sadomasochistic underworld. “Come To Mommy” she wants to play with you. I need to show you the strange excitement of coming while expiring like sour milk. You don’t want to disappoint me now, do you?

Written By: Malaya Maxx
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Sex Toys with Sierra

You silly fucking loser! Did you think this was my toy? No, no, my toys are bigger and better. This vibe is for your tight ass. I’m going to have a blast fucking you and prepping you. We will start with this toy first then move on to bigger and better, then the real thing eventually. Of course, that’s when I think you’re ready. You constantly whine about your fantasy. You want multiple cocks in your mouth and ass. Turning you into a cum dumpster. No girl really has any sexual use for a small dick losers like you, except to serve us and be our bitch boy and open your big fat wallet (at least you have one thing that’s big & fat – LOL.) You have no other purposes.  

Let’s get you to learn to give up all control and indulge into your taboo thoughts. I’ll take it easy on you at first. Let’s get you on your back, I would love to watch your face while I take your virgin ass for the first time.



Written By: Sierra
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Rocking The Boat

I am enjoying the last beautiful days of summer. My lover took me up north to his lake house for a couple of days. The days are warm, but the nights are chilly. Perfect weather for fucking and sleeping naked with his face nuzzled into my big tits.

Today, the sun feels hot on my skin. There are few fluffy white clouds in the sky. We spent the day on the lake in his boat. I love boating. I find it so relaxing. He takes me out on the boat to go fishing. He fishes with great focus. Me, not so much. I cast my line and then let my fishing pole rest between my legs and read an erotic novel. He shakes his head but doesn’t complain.  I feel the pole bend and set the hook. I reel in a fish, but it has to be thrown back because it is too small. Enough fishing for me, I go back to my book of salacious fucking and kinky fun. 

Another hour goes by, and I get a little hot. I slip off my t shirt. There I am in my black bikini top barely covering my big round full tits. He pulls up the anchor. We need to move to another spot. I am surprised because he has caught quite a few fish here while I was reading. I enjoy the ride and watch him drop anchor again. We are in a beautiful quiet cove. Instead of grabbing his fishing pole, he unzips his jeans. Ah, his cock is hard. We end up in the center of the boat, I suck his cock, and then I ride him. We really go at it hard! The boat starts rocking in the water. The conservation guy approaches, sees us fucking, tips his cap and goes on his way. It is exhilarating to be watched. 


Written By: Auntie Ava
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Naked Neighbor Girl

Well, hello there! Now, I have your full and undivided attention!

I am the naughty girl next door. I am the bratty teen who has been teasing you all summer. So far, you have been able to ignore my tempting little cut-off shorts and flirty little smile. I know that you are at home today, alone. I skip my last class, and I unlock the gate surrounding the pool. It is my little secret how I got that key away from your pool guy. I take off all my clothes and lay naked next to your pool. It doesn’t take long for you to see me through your window. You instantly get hard when you watch my fingers slip between my legs. I lick my pussy juices off my fingers. I am such a naughty girl who needs a real man, an older sophisticated man to lick my pussy. Boys my age don’t do go on me like you do. I am wet and sweet. I know your cock is hard now. You cannot stop yourself. Get naked with me and fuck my tight teenage girl pussy!



Written By: Little Lucie
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Indiscretion of a Horny Housewife!

Whoops! My mistake! My careless transgression!

It was a thrilling experience to meet you at the gym. You are new in town and looking for a horny housewife that has free time during the day to play. You are married like me, but your job allows you to have a couple of hours in the afternoon to fuck a hot lady. You are very handsome, sexy and charming. You seduced the panties right off of me. We made a date for you to come fuck me the next day at my house.

I wasn’t thinking, and I got my days mixed up. You are extremely attractive, and I got caught up in the moment. Not like I can keep a calendar and write down my when my lovers are coming over to fuck me. After you showed up, we were getting down and dirty. I was sucking your cock where there was a knock at the door. I tried to ignore the knocking, but he wouldn’t stop. I had to answer it. When I opened the door, there was my other lover. I forgot that my hot young stud also had a date with me.

Wow, for a moment this was very awkward. Two hotties to fuck me at the same time. Lucky for me that you both were REALLY in the mood to fuck me and neither of you is the jealous type. We turned the afternoon into an adventuresome threesome. The climax of the encounter was me getting double penetrated. You were in my pussy, while my hot young stud was in my ass. It was the most exciting afternoon of my life! 


Written By: Mrs. Robinson
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Naughty Teen Phone Sex

delaneyEveryone left for the day and I was on my own to see what trouble I could get into. I had to stay home because some work was being done in the my room and a man was coming over to take measurements. I really don’t like waiting on people because what if I was in the middle of something. I was cleaning up my room, tossing out clothes I never wore when I found my dildo had been moved. That was kind of curious. I know while I was away my parents let a family friend stay in my room.

I got more and more curious so I put it to my lips to taste it. It definitely was used without being cleaned up. The smell of another girl’s pussy on my toy made me really horny. The man was probably coming over soon so I tried to wait. I just couldn’t stand it any more I was so wet and horny. I started to finger my pussy under my skirt thinking I could cum fast before the man got here. I kept looking at my big dildo and thinking about the taste. 

I finally gave in and plunged it in my dripping pussy. I pulled up my top and began squeezing my nipples. I came so hard over and over again but I couldn’t get enough. I heard footsteps and the man was at my door. He was kind of hot in a older man way! I could see his cock was huge, I mean fucking huge and I wanted more. He grabbed my legs and turned me over then pushed me on all fours. I felt his cock against my tight little asshole so I rammed the dildo back in my pussy. He fucked me so hard I am surprised we didn’t break the bed. After shooting his load in my ass, he made me suck him clean.

Written By: Delaney
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Sexy Day At The Beach

We spend a sexy day at the beach. The water is still warm, and the sun feels great on my face.  There are not a lot of tourists around this time of year. The beach is perfect today! I teach you to paddle board. We play in the surf, pick up shells, and share playful, flirty kisses. We stop, and you wrap your arm around my waist. I give you a big hug and suggest that we hit the hidden cove on the bay.

At first, you don’t understand why I would want to go to the bay and leave the beach on such a perfect day. I give you a sensual, seductive kiss. I rub up against you. I want your cock hard. You smile, and you give my ass a swat. Yes, I want to fuck outside away from public eyes. We grab our stuff and run along the beach to the bay. My pussy is throbbing in anticipation of your beautiful hard cock. 


 Written By: Tara
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Family Fun Roleplay Phone Sex


Family Fun Threesome Roleplay 

You are innocent and rather inexperienced. Recently, you have a discovered how much fun it is to jerk off with Mommy Morgan’s  panties, and you have been masturbating every chance you get! 

Early one morning, you hear noises coming from Mommy Morgan’s bedroom. You knock on the locked bedroom door. Mommy answers the door wearing only a little robe. You tell mommy a lie that you have a tummy ache. She pulls you into their bed, snuggles you and rubs your tummy.  Her robe opens up, and both you and daddy get excited. Mommy teases you about your stiff cock. Mommy coaxes daddy to stroke his cock and encourages you to do what daddy does. Mommy takes off her robe, and she continues to give you jerk off instructions.  

Mommy says something about it feeling even better when it is wet. You are not sure what she means. Mommy puts her mouth on daddy and gives him a blow job. Then it is your turn. Mommy slowly puts her mouth on your cock. Her mouth is so wet and warm. Mommy is so pretty looking up at you with her blue eyes. WOW! It feels so much better wet! The hot family fun continues! 

Roleplays are fun! Mommy Morgan always makes sure you that have fun and a fantastic cum.


Written By: Mommy Morgan
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What Is Better Than A Day At The Beach?

What is better than a day at the beach, with warm ocean breezes, soft sand, and beautiful blue skies?

An erotic, romantic encounter with you!

You and I always have such a good time. Foreplay for us is talking and playful flirting. The sound of your voice excites me. I ask about your day. You ask what I am wearing. We make each other feel warm and wanted. Love to hear you laugh about something funny that I said, but I really love how your voice changes when you are turned on. You know that your words make me wet and I know that I make you hard.

You pull me into your arms and take me to your bed. You undress me, and we passionately kiss. My heart races as you play with my big tits. You lick across my nipples. You make my nipples hard. I stroke your cock. My pussy is throbbing and dripping. Slowly building from tender touches and licks, passion driving us as we take turns enjoying each other’s naked bodies with our mouths. I go down on you, and I suck your cock and balls. You become very vocal when I pleasure your balls by sucking and massaging. You go down on me. I open my legs as your lick the inside of my things. I rub my hips on your face as you bring me to that first orgasm with your tongue against my clit. Finally, you thrust into me. We take our time. Changing positions to experience so much pleasure. Passionate loving making, hardcore fucking, a little dirty talk, driving your hard cock deep into my pink throbbing wet pussy until we both cum.

There is no greater pleasure than having sex with you!

Written By: Isabelle
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