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Perfect Ass

It began so innocently. You were playing video games. Mommy was cleaning. She did the vacuuming, the dusting and then started on the kitchen floor. She warned you that you wouldn’t be able to get into the kitchen while the floors were wet. You just nodded and kept playing.

Once your game is over, you want a glass of juice. You walk into the kitchen, and there is Mommy on her hands and knees. The way her butt and hips are quickly swaying back and forth reminds you of that porn your buddy showed you. The man in the movie was pounding the mature pornstar’s pussy, and her hips were rocking just like mommy’s hips. 

Mommy realizes you are there and scolds you. You stand there frozen and unable to speak. Mommy returns to her work, and you watch her hips moving faster and faster. The harder she scrubs, the harder she rocks her hips.

You run to your room and pull out your hard cock. You jerk off and instantly cum. How is it possible that you have never noticed your Mommy’s perfect butt?  

Later that night, you slip into her bed and pull down her panties. You pull out your cock and rub it all over your Mommy Morgan’s naked butt. Mommy wakes up and takes very good care of you and your cock! 

Transformation Phone Sex With Your Mommy Morgan

 Hey there Cutie! I caught you wearing my panties. Now, Mommy Morgan has a surprise for you.  I have a super sweet pair of pink panties for you. Oh, your new panties look adorable on you. You might as well try on the matching pink bra. You look so girly! A pair of white stockings would really complete the look.

Mommy is transforming you into a beautiful and sexy girl! By throwing away all of your boy clothes and painting your room pink, we can let your inner Diva start to blossom. Being a girl is so much more fun. There is the hair, the makeup, the lingerie, but oh so much more.

The heels will help you learn how to walk like a girl, but I want to teach you how exciting it is to be a sexy/slutty girl, just like your Mommy Morgan.  One of the first lessons is how to have orgasms like a girl!

Love you,

Mommy Morgan

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Wet Mommy

Mommy takes you to a little historic town for the weekend. You stay at a beautiful bed and breakfast. You hate it! You complain that you are bored. Two days of no tv, no wi-fi, no video games! Mommy takes you to visit the old buildings and historical sites. Mommy scolds you! This trip is educational, living history.

You roll your eyes. Big Yawn! Boring as school, maybe even worse. Mommy takes you to an authentic German restaurant for dinner. Ick! Your constant complaining stresses out Mommy. When you get back to the inn at the end of a long day, Mommy says you can use her data plan. Watch a movie on her phone while she takes a breather downstairs.

Once Mommy is gone, you start to miss her very quickly. It seems like she has been gone for a very long time. You leave the room and head down the stairs. She is not reading in the library. She is not on the porch. You open a door leading to the backyard. You walk around until you find Mommy. You are SHOCKED! She is NAKED! She is leaning against the wall of the hot tub. She is letting that jet stream hit her clit. OMG! Mommy Morgan is so naughty! Maybe you can join her?

Big Surprise For Mommy Morgan

You are masturbating in your bedroom. Your Mommy Morgan sees your door closed, and she goes into her bathroom to take a shower. As soon as you hear the water running, you imagine her naked, with her big boobies. You masturbate harder and faster in frustration. Your cock becomes sore because you rubbed too hard. You are very close, but you can’t make yourself cum. You peek in the bathroom and see me in the shower. I scold you for spying. I tease you and make you stand in front of me. You complain about your big red boner. You need some help! I can make it all better. I wrap my wet, soapy hand around your shaft. My soft, loving touching makes it squirt.

Mommy always knows best!

Mommy Teaches You How To Be A Girl


You have fun spending time with your Mommy Morgan.

I love to spoil you and make you feel so good. Sometimes we play dress-up.  Girly things are so much more fun.  I put your hair in pigtails, and I do your make-up. We go shopping for new panties, bras, stockings. Like best girlfriends, we talk about boys and paint each other’s nails.

Learning how to suck cock, like a pretty girl, is a very special thing that Mommy teaches you. Mommy shares her boyfriend with you. He has a hot body. Suck his big cock. Get down on your knees wearing your pink lingerie. Look up at him. Smile with your eyes. Softly moan so he knows that you are enjoying the experience.

Be a good girl for Mommy and make him cum!  

Mommy Morgan


Bike Injury, Mommy Makes You All Better

Mommy thinks it is time for a trip. She books a week long trip to southern California. Mommy loves to spoil you and take you on nice vacations. Instead of renting a car, Mommy rents bicycles for the two of you. Your bike is a little wobbly and old, not at all like the nice mountain bike Mommy bought you for your birthday. You like riding behind Mommy because you like the view. You become distracted watching her, and you fail to notice a curb. You fly forward, the bar hits your balls, and you crash the bike. Mommy to the rescue! She checks you out to make sure that you are not seriously hurt. You have a skinned knee, but you have a difficult time explaining where it hurts the most. Mommy helps you up, but you moan in pain. Mommy knows you so well that she understands your embarrassing injury. Mommy holds you close to her. The pain is intense, but you want to be a big boy and not cry in front of Mommy. There is no fooling Mommy. She comforts you by stroking your hair and kissing your face. She softly rubs your balls through your shorts. You shiver and quiver. It is confusing. It hurts bad but also feels good at the same time. Your eyes well up with tears. You kiss your Mommy on the cheek. Mommy touches you so tenderly inside your shorts. Oh, you are stiff. Mommy smiles when she makes you better.

Your Mommy Morgan makes everything ok again. Mommy is beautiful, sweet, nurturing and loving. Mommy can turn the worst day one into the best day ever.

Mommy Being Naughty With Her Boyfriend

mommy morgan kitchenYou wake up in the middle of the night. Someone is outside. You are scared, but as the man of the house, you look out your bedroom window. Mommy and her new boyfriend are swimming in the backyard pool. You look at the clock. It is after 2 am. Mommy should be in her bed asleep by now. Mommy is being bad by having a friend over this late. You return to your bed and try to go back to sleep. Mommy is noisy. You can hear her laughing and squealing. Then it gets quiet, too quiet. You look out the window again, and the pool is empty. You hear laughter coming from downstairs. You head towards the noise in the kitchen. You find Mommy and her boyfriend eating strawberries, and playing with whipped cream on their almost naked bodies. Mommy is being really naughty now. You are jealous and excited at the same time. Mommy lets you join in on the fun! She sprays whipped cream on your nose. She licks it off and giggles. Then she sprays whipped cream on her lover’s big cock. She invites you to join her and help her lick it off.

Your Lucky Day

12 morgan

One of the best things about summer is the backyard pool. You have all summer to play. You and Mommy Morgan enjoy the long summer days, relaxing in the bright, hot sun.

Today Mommy is focused on getting a tan. Due to her Irish heritage, Mommy has creamy white skin, but Mommy wants to achieve a bit of that summer glow. At first, Mommy is lying on her tummy. She unties her bikini top so that she does not get a tan line going across her back. She asks you to put tanning lotion on her back. She falls asleep in the warm sun. You play quietly in the pool while Mommy naps. 

When Mommy wakes up, she has forgotten about her bikini being untied. She rolls over on her back. You get to see Mommy’s boobies. They are so big and beautiful. It takes a minute before Mommy realizes she is topless, but she notices you staring at her tits. 

Mommy calls you over to her. You are standing next to her, dripping wet, and staring at her chest.  Your cock is hard and poking out the top of your board shorts. You are so lucky to have such a nice Mommy. She takes care of that cock for you. Makes it all better! 

Loving Mommy Catches You In Her Panties


Mommy Morgan is driving home from work. She is hurrying because spending time with you is the favorite part of her day. You are loved and cherished.  Mommy does a mental checklist as she is driving. She thinks she has all the ingredients to bake your favorite, chocolate chip cookies after you to go to sleep tonight. She went to the store on her lunch hour and bought chocolate chips. Mommy loves putting a smile on your face.

You left your bike in the driveway, so Mommy parks behind your bike instead of putting the car into the garage. Mommy uses the front door and comes up the carpeted stairs. You are not expecting Mommy home yet or for her to walk in through the front door. Usually, you would hear the garage door open, so you know Mommy is home, and you can put her panties back in her lingerie drawer.  When Mommy gets to her bedroom, she finds you have all of her favorite silky panties spread out all over her bed, plus you are wearing a pair of her sexy red panties. Mommy gasps at the mess you made.  What in heaven’s name is going on in here? She smiles with a wicked little smile. Mommy is as smart as she is sweet. She understands your panty fetish. Panties are so soft, why wouldn’t every guy want to wear them?  She hugs you and tells you that is ok. Mommy will happily share her panties with you.  She grabs your chin and looks deep into her eyes. Her smile is sweet and beautiful.  Mommy admires the fit of her panties on your bottom.  She sees that you got a stiffy.  Mommy helps you have a good cum right in her panties.


Mommy Morgan

Adult Baby Phone Sex With Mommy Morgan


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Every little baby needs a “mommy” to love him and tend to his many needs. You are helpless and small. It is a big scary world, but Mommy protects you. Mommy loves you. Mommy gives you a teddy bear and toys. Mommy reads you “Good Night Moon,” before your nap. Mommy sings you a lullaby when you are fussy. As any baby, you need to be bathed and fed your milk so your tummy is full. Of course, you are spanked when you are naughty. Even when you are naughty, you are always loved and nurtured by your sweet but strict Mommy Morgan. Oh my, Baby, you need your diaper changed once again. You are so messy. I find the sweetest little pampers for my little baby’s bottom and the most adorable little outfits for baby.

Mommy Morgan takes care of all your AB/DL needs!