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Transforming Into a Fabulous Sissy

So you have a desire to be girly! It’s much fun to be a girl!

There is so much more to being a pretty girly girl or a cute sissy than simply putting on a silky pair of panties. It’s hard work to look good. There’s many details and so much to learn. So many tricks and secrets to luscious long hair, lovely lips, and heavenly hips.

Let me teach you how to look classy and feel fabulous.

Have you been experimenting with cross-dressing but are you having trouble pulling it off? Something not quite right? When you look in the mirror do feel silly instead of feeling sexy? Do you feel like one hot mess instead of a beautiful girl? No worries, sweet cheeks!

Give me an opportunity to help to you be a beautiful girl. I can give you some make-up tips, and share some beauty secrets. After all, that’s what girls do. I can suggest some exercises that will shape your body into one bodacious babe if you want to make your transformation complete. Or you can cheat and get some body shapers that can create that effect.

We can shop online together. I can help you pick out really beautiful lingerie that makes you feel and look so sexy. Understanding the difference between sexy and trashy is crucial. You can be a hot slutty girl, but never under any circumstances, look trashy. We can select the right colors that compliment your hair, eyes and skin tone. My only goal is to make you to feel confident and beautiful.


Written By: Isabelle
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Seduced by Isabelle, Your Klassy Sexy Kitten

What man can resist a klassy sex kitten?

What man in his right mind would want to do so? 

You’re in Miami on a business trip, and I lure you away from work. You work too hard and play too little. I convince you must see Miami and spend a day experiencing South Beach.

I take you to lunch at a small Cuban restaurant for lunch. You’re impressed to see that the chef stops by our table, and tells you how fortunate you’re to have me as your lovely local travel guide. The chef insists on preparing something special for us off the menu. The flavors hitting your palate make your tongue dance in delight.

After lunch, we hit the beach. I coax you into the water. My smile and curves can make you do anything! You especially like how I look all wet coming out of the water. 

That evening, you take me back to your hotel room for a night of passionate, hot steamy sex. My pussy is tight and kisses are hot. I rock your world! Work will always be there but take time to enjoy your life. Make me a guilty pleasure! You deserve that! 


Written By: Isabelle
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The Storm Makes My Fantasy Our Reality

We have had some rain and some cloudy days here in Miami this week. There is a storm brewing this afternoon. I love the ocean before a storm. Visually, it is much more interesting to watch than a cloudless blue sky. Of course, the beach is not crowded, but there’s so much going on to look at right before a storm with the clouds changing, becoming darker, the sound of waves crashing, finding unusual shells deposited on the beach from those waves, and the feel of the wind on my skin and blowing my hair. I love the beach. It makes me feel sexy!

You and I sit on a blanket and watch the storm clouds roll in. We time it just right to get off the beach right before that first crack of lightning. We find a safe picnic shelter just off the beach, and we watch it rain. The air is warm and wet, but then so am I.

I pull down my bikini top and offer you a taste of me. No sunscreen on my skin today. Just my luscious naked breasts in front of you. I confess my naughty fantasy. Sex outside when it is raining. We start making out and you understand that my confession is an invitation for sex. You peel off my bikini bottom as I lie down on the table. You lick between my pussy lips, then you lick up my stomach, back down between my legs, and finally licking my clit until I cum. I cum at the same moment as a rumble of thunder. Oh, this is so fantastic. Please don’t stop. You let your tongue lick inside of my pussy, thrusting your tongue in and out of me. Hitting my spot with your curved tongue. You’ve never done that before. I arch my back and lift my hips into your face and squeal…LOUD, as I cum again. Fuck me! Fuck me hard.

You help me up and bend me over that table. The wind has picked up for the moment but in the distance the sky is clearing already, but at this moment, the wind is blowing the rain onto our naked hot bodies. We’re both watching the storm over the beach as you thrust your cock into me. You fuck me with wild passionate deep strokes. Driving into me. Each thrust so hard and powerful.  I love the way you fuck me.


Written By: Isabelle
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Hot Intern Phone Sex

I just finished an internship where I was scheduled to work nights at one of the big Miami Beach hotels.

Since the five start hotel caters to party people, providing customer service in the middle of the night is constant.

The other members of the front desk staff and I worked our asses off tending to the guests every request. We worked hard all night long. Come 7 am, when our shifts ended, one would think we would be exhausted and ready for our beds.

Feeling wired from drinking coffee and adrenaline, I needed to relax and have some fun. I wanted to get away from tourists. Although it was morning, I wanted a cocktail. Instead of breakfast, I wanted a burger and a drink. There is a little bar, close to my place, that caters to locals instead of tourists. They have a Happy Hour at 7 to 9 am with drink specials and good but cheap food.

I would go there often and pick up a hottie who was as tired, wired, and horny as me. After working and watching people party all night, I need a hot guy to fuck me hard. There did not need to be a lot of flirting and a long seduction scene. We both wanted the same thing. My pussy craved rough, hot sex.

Now my internship is over, so every hour is Happy Hour! 

Isn’t that what you want? A naughty girl like me who craves hot sex! I am a girl who never says “no” to a hot, hard cock. Are you hot and horny too?  Too much work and not enough play? Give me a call, and I will rock your world. 


Written By: Isabelle
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Hot Phone Sex Makes Travel Delay Fun


I was sitting at the airport, waiting for my connecting flight so I could finally get back to Miami. There was a guy, hot body, sexy smile, wearing an ESPN logo on his shirt. I found an empty seat next to him, and we started talking about college football. For the first time, I was enjoying the fact that they delayed my flight. Well, he did most of the talking, but I hung on every word. I could see a lot of other ladies were envious. The ladies were checking him out and lusting after my hottie. He was not flying to Miami, and that was disappointing, but I was enjoying him and wondering what he looked like naked.

Then we got word that our flight was now canceled. I called American airline and booked another flight, but it was not for several hours. I looked over at my hottie talking on his phone. When he hung up, he asked my situation. Then he invited me to the hotel room he just booked. Oh, my panties got so wet. He was so sexy, and I was so eager to fuck this man.

I felt so alive and thrilling to hook up with him. There was a keycard waiting for him at the hotel next to the airport. We spent the next few hours fucking hard. I barely made it back to the airport on time. I left my naked hottie in the bed, while I sat there in the plane with his cum dripping into my panties. 

The next time you have a travel delay, think of me and call me! 


Written By: Isabelle
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Last Summer Fling Phone Sex

Let’s make this the best weekend of the summer!  Make this the summer of No Regrets! I know you had a lot of sexy plans for this summer. Did you accomplish everything on that list?  Did you hook up with a tan bikini babe and let her rock your world? 
Play hard to get with me. Make me work for your cock. I tease and seduce you in my bikini. My hair, my eyes, and my luscious curves are enticing to your eyes. My kisses make you weak in the knees, but it is my dirty talk in your ear that force you surrender to my seduction. 

Want to blow your mind with my lips around your cock. You love my slow and sexy blowjobs. Why don’t you pull on those bikini strings and unleash those big tits of mine? Isn’t it time for a hot summer fantasy? 

You spent all winter waiting for summer so you could hook up with a girl in a bikini. If you have not done so, let’s go for it. Fuck me! I am hot and uninhibited. You know you want to. Why do you deny yourself sensual pleasures when they’re right there in front of you, waiting for you? Time to get down and dirty with me, your hot beach bikini babe. There is a wet and tight pink pussy waiting for under my yellow bikini. 


Written By: Isabelle
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Show You My Bikini Wax


You and I spend the day at the beach. I wore my new red bikini. You and every other man have been staring at my tits all day! 

It was a perfect day! We had so much fun hanging with your friends. We played beach volleyball and laid on the blanket. I had the most nonsensical but erotic images in my dreams as I slept after our swim. 

You bring me back to your place tonight for dinner. Before we take a shower together, I peel down my bikini bottom to show you something. I show you my tan lines from the sun, but as I pull down my bottom, I show you my new Brazilian Bikini wax. Go ahead, and run your hand over my mound, so smooth and silky feeling.  Your eyes get big, and so does your cock. I put my hand on your cock, and it jumps, and we both giggle with excitement. We are both so turned on for each other. 

We get into the shower, and you go down on me and make me cum in your face. 

Your Smooth and Sexy Girlfriend,



Written By: Isabelle
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College Hoops on ESPN OR My New Panties?

game day


I bet I can make you forget all about March Madness for a while tonight! 

It has been a long week. Now it is Friday, and all I want to do is spend time with you. You and your buddies have been absorbed with College Hoops on the sports channels. I want your attention. Instead of complaining to you about it, I stop at Victoria Secrets for a new pair of black lacy panties. I leave the empty tiny little bright pink bag where you will see it. That makes you wonder what I bought. 

I dress to seduce and tease you. I put on a striped blouse and my yoga pants. I dress like a sexy ref while you are watching another college basketball game during March Madness. During halftime of the game, I grab two beers and lure you to the balcony, overlooking the bay. Come on baby, tell me about your week, and the kiss me. Taste the beer on my lips, put your hands on the curve of my hips. Watch me take off my yoga pants and show you my new panties. Let the night of seduction continue. Stay here on the balcony with me instead of watching the game. My mouth is craving the taste of you, and my body is craving the feel of you inside of me. 

You can watch the highlights of the game after I am asleep with your cum in me.

Your Girl,



Written By: Isabelle
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Sexy Turndown Service At Your Hotel


You have been staying at the hotel for a week now. I have been watching you. You are very handsome. I was behind the desk when you checked in. You were so tired that I don’t even think you noticed me. It had been one of those days.

The ladies in housekeeping are my spies. They have been feeding me information about you. You leave early in the morning, and you don’t return until very late at night. Even though room service has ended, I arrange fruit, wine and cheese sent up to your room late at night.

Tonight, I am behind the desk when you request another key. You are surprised that I know your name and your room number without consulting the computer. You ask if I know all the guests, but flirt with you and assure that I will take excellent care of you during your stay with us. I ask if your stay has been pleasant and if there is anything special that would make your stay more pleasant. You appreciate the thought, but your needs are simple. You just need a comfy bed at night a hot shower in the morning. You say, oh, that turn down service is not necessary. I flirt back with you, saying that your bed is essential to a very pleasant stay.

The next night when I get to work, I see flowers on my desk. I look at the card, no name, just your room number. I am ecstatic. Working with housekeeping, I let them know that I will be doing our turndown service.  When you get back to the hotel that night, you find me waiting for you in your bed.


Written By: Isabelle
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You Want to Show Me Off

dress shoppingYou are an older, classy man who is used to the finger things in life.   You want me to have a sophisticated but very sexy dress to wear when you take me out to show me off to all your business associates. I am flattered and love being your arm candy. My closet is full of dresses, but you really want to take me shopping. 

I suggest that we head to Dillards because they are having a big sale. You shake your head because you have something else in mind. You take me to a tiny upscale boutique. There are three sales ladies help us.  Wow, I have never had this much attention before.

They take off the dress I am wearing, and they measure me. First across my bra, then my waist and hips. They ask you your opinion about dresses and help me try them on. Then they bring me out to you. You are sitting in a big comfy chair. Your eyes get big and sparkle brightly. You have me turned around slowly for you.

I think we should get the black dress, but you like the rosy red lace dress that genuinely accentuates my big tits and shows off my small waist and back. You stand up and tell the ladies that this is the dress. Then you ask the ladies to leave us. They scatter from the room quickly.

You slowly remove the new dress and unzip your pants. Wow, it is astounding how hard your cock became from just looking at me in this dress. I drop to my knees and take your cock into my mouth. You grab a handful of my hair and pull me towards you.  I can see that we are going to have many more occasions for adventuresome sex while wearing this dress.


Written By: Isabelle
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