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Last Night In Town

It is your last night in Miami, so go for it. You have worked hard, and now it is time to play hard. Treat yourself to something hot but sweet. There are so few pleasures in this world, so let’s spend your last night in town together. 

We met when you arrived. My smile and long legs got your attention, but you also found me charming, intelligent and sexy. Invite me to dinner at your hotel.  It is no fun eating alone, and the chef owes me a favor. I order something special off the menu. The chef comes to our table and presents with an expensive bottle of wine, on the house. During dinner, I confess that wine makes me feel very sexy. You make sure that my wine glass never gets empty. I slip off my shoe and run naked toes against your leg. I touch your hand and smile so brightly at you. You are so thrilled that you invited me to dinner. I am the perfect dinner companion. 

After dinner, I suggest that we take a little walk around the hotel property. I am not ready for this night to end. You say that you have an early flight and maybe you should call it a night. I put my hands on your shoulders and flirt with you. I walk you over the concierge who changes that flight for you. We walk hand and hand to the elevators. You ask me to spend the night with you. I smile and kiss you. We are hot for each other. Alone in the elevator, we passionately kiss and caress each other.  We have to stop when the elevator door opens on your floor. We walk down the long hallway, your hand on my ass. You stop me and push me up against the wall. Feeling reckless, you push my dress up and finger me under my thong. I cum on your fingers. We hear a door opening, so we regain our composure and get to your room. We have the most incredible night of beautiful, passionate and playful sex.

Your Miami Lover, Isabelle
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Bikini Shop Sex

It is a beautiful afternoon, and we are on the way to the beach. I want to make a stop and do a little shopping before we hit the beach. You absolutely hate it when I make you go shopping with me.

Well, the 4th of July weekend is the best time to get a new bikini. All the little swim shops at the beach start to mark down their swimwear. The selection is still great, and the bikinis are affordable. You want to go straight to the beach, but if I let you pick out a new bikini for me, can we stop and shop first?

That is too tempting for you to resist. You pick out this TINY red bikini, and I try it on. The bottom is tiny but a perfect fit, but the top is meant for a girl with no boobs. It looks ridiculous on me. The top barely covers my tits. I pull you into the dressing room assuming that you will laugh and go pick out something more reasonable. You smile and grab me. You get hard and start kissing all over me and touching my tits, making those nipples hard. You rub the small of my naked back and nibble on my ear. You know that I can’t resist you when you do that to me. The bikini bottom gets pushed to the side, and your pants come down just enough. You fuck me in the dressing room behind this little curtain. You make me scream when I cum. Everyone in the shop heard me cum!

Well, I buy the bikini, but I think I will save it for the bedroom instead of the beach!


Hot Summer Night Phone Sex

It was a hot and humid day, and it has not cooled off much tonight. It is late, but I am still wide awake. I am lying on my bed under my ceiling fan, just wearing my bra and panties. Thinking of you, and then a little later, you call me. Funny how often that happens. You want to know what I am doing and what I am wearing. I tell you about my day, and I describe my lingerie.

I ask what you are wearing. You just got out of the shower. I describe how I run my hands on your skin. You are blushing. I can hear it your voice. You wish I had been with you in the shower. I describe the blow job you would get if I had been in that shower with you.

That got you really hot. You are rubbing your cock. I know what that tone of your voice means. You are so hard! You are afraid of cumming too fast, so you switch the focus to me. You wish you were in my bed, between my legs, licking me, tasting me. You want me naked. I take off my lingerie for you. I use my fingers as you describe going down on me. You make me cum.

I need to fuck now. I describe how I am on top, riding you. We both are so caught up in it now. We talk dirty, moan, and you make me cum again. You want my tits and my tight wet pussy. You turn me over and fuck me from behind. Oh, how good you make me feel. I push you over that edge, and you have an intense cum. Our words create intimacy, desire, and intense orgasms.

Intern Gets Into Steamy Situation

showerYou are the Front Desk Manager of the best luxury hotel in the city. One of your responsibilities is hiring and managing the intern staff. Interns are always breaking the rules. Interns cause you nothing but headaches. You hired me as a summer intern. The other interns seem to have difficulties remembering that they are not guests and the amenities are not for their enjoyment, only paid guests.

You have been keeping a close on my me not because I have been doing naughty things, but because you like the way my curves fill out my front desk uniform. If I wasn’t as curvy, my indiscretion might have slipped past you. It was 3 pm, the end of my shift. You like watching me. You flip your computer screen over to the parking lot security camera. You want to watch me walk to my car. Sometimes, I step between the cars to peel off my uniform and change into a tight top and shorts for the ride home.

Hmm, you wonder where I am. I left the front desk, but I am not in the employee parking garage. You start to go through all the security tapes over the last thirty minutes. You find me on tape. You watch me sneaking around the behind the pool area, past the gym and heading to the locker room. The locker room is for guests only. Maybe your intern had a message for a female guest who was in the ladies locker room, but I have not come out yet. So odd! What would an intern be doing in a locker room for so long? You remember the sauna is in between two locker rooms. No guests use it this early in the day. You need to investigate. You go through the men’s locker room into the sauna. Open the door, and there is your naughty intern, breaking the rules, naked in the sauna.

You should fire me on the spot, but you want me, so you accept my invitation to join me and fuck me in the sauna.


Breakfast In Bed

naked in bed

We spent an amazing night together. The sex was fantastic. You are a very talented lover. You made me cum so many times. I wake up happy when I wake up with you.

Now it is morning. The sun is shining in through the windows. A new day. I wake up so aroused and wet. I can still feel your cum in me. I want you to sleep but I am horny again for you. I feel this growing hunger, not in my stomach, but between my legs. I want you.

I slowly pull down the sheet. I want to wake you in a very special way. I crawl between your legs. My lips lightly brush your shaft. You have morning wood, and you are still sound asleep. My mouth slides down your shaft. I start sucking your cock. You awake to find my giving you a fantastic blowjob. I suck and suck until you cum in my mouth. Love how you taste and feel in my mouth. That special moan you make when you cum for me is music and your cum is tasty. My favorite way to start the day!

Summer Is The Time For Seduction


Summer vacation starts early for me. I have finished my final exams, and my grades are in. I am not taking any classes this summer, so I have all the time in the world to play. Time to unwind and relax, but also time to let my hair down and get wild.

You are new to my group of friends. All the sexy girls in the group are flirting with you, but they are very subtle about it. You are super sweet and maybe a little shy. Time for me to make my move with you. After a day at the beach, I shower and put on a top without a bra. I want to make sure that you notice me. Summer is the time for to me to be bold, take chances, be very flirty and sexy, be seductive and aggressive. Let you know that I want you to be mine. I know that all girls want to get you naked and spend the night with you, but I seduce you with my gorgeous curves, sweet smile, and some tender touches.

I get you away from the group.We share an intimate moment, and then there is that pause that leads to that first exciting, electrifying kiss. You put your hands on my hips. My body is on fire. That one kiss becomes a very steamy make-out session where you pull my shirt up and play with my big, sexy tits. Our bodies rub together.  We moan as we kiss each other. We slip away without any goodbyes to our friends and head back to my place for even more naked fun in my bedroom.

It is going to be the best summer!


Sexy Night At The Beach House

isabelle lingerie x

You enjoy your life, but things become very stressful. The best stress relief is fantastic sex. You need a night away to enjoy yourself. We head to the beach house. During the day, we pick up shells. Oh, how you love the view of my butt in my tiny bikini bottom when I bend down to pick up a new shell that I found on the beach. We play in the ocean and lay on the sand under the warm Spring sun. We laugh and play.

We watch the sun set on the deck and enjoy some sexy flirting and some great conversation. We always end up talking about our dreams and our fantasies. You take my hand, and we head into the bedroom. You slip me out of my dress and comment on my sexy bra and panties.  We kiss so deeply and passionately. My hands run all over your body. We both become very aroused. I feel my heart racing and see your cock dripping already.

I lick the precum right off the tip of your cock before I take your beautiful, sexy cock into my mouth. Oh, I get so hot and excited. I love how your cock gets so hard and thick for me. Your breath changes again as you grab a fist full of my hair. We get very aggressive and hot each with other. Our desires for each other fueled by the night ocean breezes coming in surrounding us.  We spend the night giving each other so much hot sex, so amazing and beautiful. It is as if time has stopped and we make each other cum over and over. We finally drift off to sleep as the sun is rising. We sleep the morning away, but we had the best all-nighter!


Sensual Domination PhoneSex


Maybe it is time for a little change for us. What if we switched things up for your next call with me? Usually, I am your desirable hotel intern and you are the sophisticated business man.

How about reversing our roles this time? Wouldn’t it be so hot if I was the beautiful, classy hotel guest and you are the rugged, handsome bartender? You serve me the most delicious fruity rum drinks. I flirt with you and give you a very large tip. I have a craving and only you will do. I slip you a key to my room and we have an exciting passionate adventure in my suite.

I run my fingers all over your bare-naked chest. I turn my back to you and invite you to unzip my tight little sexy dress. You are a little nervous and I find that very sweet and charming. You are hot and hard, anxious and excited. I dominated you. I want you. I take charge and rock your world with a little sensual bondage game.

Sound fun?
Always Your Naughty Girl,

Company Christmas Party


Your company holds the annual Company Christmas Party at the hotel where I am an intern. The company has flown selected staff in from all over the country. You are one of the guests staying with us for the weekend. The party is on a Saturday night where the hotel will have many functions going on at the same time. The Manager cannot have eyes everywhere that I night. She asks me to dress classy and sexy. She wants me to keep an eye on things at your party. She pats my ass and says, “Use your best assets, Isabelle.”
I wear my most glamorous dress, a sparkly, rose gold gown, very low cut. I arrive early and coordinate the last-minute details with the head chef, kitchen staff, and the event planner. The party starts with cocktails in the lounge before dinner. I am a little self-conscious because I am ridiculously overdressed for the lounge area, but I want to make sure that the special appetizers arrive on the table along with the beer and wine. Our hotel is known for perfection. Behind the scenes, it is a mad house, but the guests find everything perfect.
You see me standing near the window watching with a careful eye. Your buddies are still at the pool, but you got hungry. You are very casually dressed in shorts and polo shirt. You are one of those rare men. You look just as sexy in a suit as a pair of jeans. You are starving. You grab some food and look at the cocktail selection which is not to your liking. My well-trained eye notices your look of disappointment. Quietly I approach you, whisper in your ear, “I bet you would prefer a scotch, single malt?”
You turn around, “Yes, can you do that for me?”
I answer with a smile and take you by the hand. I walk you into the bar that is not open yet. I pour you our best scotch. I watch you take that first sip. Drawn to you, like a moth to a flame, as soon as the glass leaves your lips, I kiss you. Softly, I say, “Smooth.” You’re not sure if I am referring to the scotch or to the kiss, but you don’t care. You are as turned on as I am. You grab me and pull me into you. I moan into your wet open mouth kisses. I regret that I must return to the lounge area for your company cocktail hour, but I let you know that I will be around all night. You give me a key to your room and tell me to come up to your room at the end of my evening, no matter how late. I give you another long kiss as I take the room key from you.
It is going to be a night that neither of us will ever forget.

Sex As The Appetizer


We have been hanging out together. It starts out very casual, but we become sexually attracted to each other. We just met for lunch. When you walked me to my car, we kissed in the parking lot. I wanted you to fuck me right there, but it was not the right time nor the right place. As I am driving back home, I fantasize about your hands and mouth all over my body. Craving your cock!

When I get home from our lunch date, I send you a flirty text. I thank you for lunch and invite you to dinner for the following night. You accept my offer. You are excited that I can cook. I am so excited. I head to Victoria Secrets for something smoldering hot, and then to the market for the perfect romantic dinner. I have a plan. I will be wearing my new lingerie under my dress, a nice romantic dinner, and then some sexy foreplay and fantastic sex in my bed all night long.

Well, dinner is baking in the oven. I decided to go Italian, and the aroma from the melted cheese, tomatoes, basil should impress you as you walk in the door. I have my hair and makeup done, and I have put on my new lingerie.  I don’t want to put the dress on until the last minute. I want to check on our dinner in the oven and then get dressed.  You knock on the door and my heart is beating so fast. You see me standing in the kitchen, so you open the door and walk in. I am smiling, kind of embarrassed that you caught me without my dress, but you walk right towards me and kiss me.

Well, forget the dress. You stand behind me. Your hands gently explore my body and you kiss the side of my neck. Then you give me a wet open mouth kiss. Oh, I want you! Your hands pull down that lingerie and we end of fucking before dinner right there on my kitchen floor!