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Daddy’s Little Girl 4ever

I’m still your little girl right daddy?  *giggles*  I never want to grow up I always want to stay young,tiny and super,super tight for you.  You have always loved my “little girl boobies” so puffy and pink.  And, my fluffy,bald pussy that is so unbelievably tiny and tight you can barely get your fat cock in it. *tehehe* But, you always figure out a way to do it. You are my special daddy that likes to do all sorts of things to his little girl.  Oh, daddy I miss you so much I hope you come sleep in my bed tonight.




Jailbait Pussy

Sassy AJI think I will just take my hot, creamy panties off and tease you with them for a while.  I know you are a hardcore pedo perv and you love jail-bait pussy!  My panty boi’s, they love to steal them from me so they can put them on and be naughty sluts for me. But you like my yummy teen panties for another reason don’t you?  The scent of my tight, fresh, young cunnie makes your pedo cock throb.  You have a fetish for young girls with tiny little bodies. And, what you really want is to stuff your hard cock pedo cock as deep as you can in my tight, teen twat. Well, I love being a really bad girl with you so bring it on over. 



I will do your dirty deeds daddy!

Even you were surprised at how taboo and twisted I am.  The way my tiny cunt gets hot and wet for accomplice play with you.  My shockingly young  & innocent voice talking about very wicked deeds. Hardcore and extreme that’s the way this tiny slut likes it.

I picked out the perfect gift for my daddy didn’t I?  So young, so naive and innocent.  We taught her so many things the two of us, so many wicked things.  I helped you every step of the way. What a good little accomplice whore I am right daddy?  Just the way you taught me to be.  I was so good that you gave me a thick, creamy surprise, my very favorite kind.

Thanks for playing really taboo and getting wicked with me I love it that way.

Slutty kisses on your fetish cock-Raemi

~All extreme, hardcore fantasy’s welcome~ NO limits.  NO taboos.  Cum get wicked with me.

Pedo Slut Raemi

I was just a tiny little girl when daddy started fucking all my holes.  I learned from a very early age how to please his huge daddy cock.  You know how rumors fly around in a small town. It seems the word was definitely out because all the sudden every where I went older men would hit on me. They couldn’t resist the thought of actually fucking such a tiny,young slut.  Even my doctor would tease me and make me finger myself for him before finally sliding his huge doctor dick deep inside my itty bitty cunnie.  The dentist, my grade school principal, soccer coach you name it, they all got a taste of some uber young, extra tight pussy.  I guess I got addicted to it because when they weren’t poking me with those huge cocks I would find things around the house to shove deep inside my little girl holes.  Maybe that’s why I love pedo pervs so much and playing with you nasty minded men.  I never have limits and will play as young as you like me to be. Just don’t be to surprised when you here my sexy little girl voice get really hardcore dirty. If you are feeling extra kinky then you should cum play with me you will fucking love the way I make your cock feel.

I specialize in pedo kink so give me a try!

Baby girl kisses on your cock!

tinyraemi on AIM

Baby sex kitten needs horny tom cat!

Sometimes I feel like being your extra young sex kitten, I know you like it too.  I love makin my tom cat happy so I purrrrrr and shake my sexy tail whenever you are around.

I talk extra soft and sweet in my sexy lil girl voice for you so that you can pet and love your baby kitten.

So tiny and sexy with the softest baby smooth skin. And, my tight,hot baby holes are irresistibly yummy and small.  You lick and lap your baby kitten from my pouty wet mouth to my puckered tight pink asshole.

Then I get so excited I pounce on that rock hard cock and fill up my hot,tiny cunt. I want all your love sperm naughty tom cat 😉


Gracie girl 😉

Sweet but slutty

I have really always been such a sweet girl. 🙂  You know all innocent and sometimes even a bit shy.(wicked grin)  I guess maybe it’s true, we all have another side, I know I do.  My slutty side that worships cock even daddy’s.  Shhhhhhh don’t tell~

I mean I think about cock 24/7 and ways to get my tight, pink holes off.  It seems no matter how much I fuck I can never be completely satisfied.

If you wanna play with a sexy, sweet but slutty hot red head that loves to please your cock then call me!

kiss kiss xoxoxo kiss kiss,


In trouble with daddy’s boss…

I went to daddy’s work today for some $$ but he was busy with a client so his boss called me to his office.

I noticed right away how hard he was OMG his pants were like totally bulging crazzzzy bad.  I tried to act serious like the entire time he was talking to me.

Like he was all saying how I party and sleep around w/guyz on campus and threatened to tell my parents. I was freakin cuz it could totally get me into so much trouble.

Before I could even say a word he was already slipping off his thick brown leather belt and telling me to pull down my tight little jean skirt for him.

Then he bent me over his knee and started whipping me with his belt. OMG did it sting so bad and the more he whipped me the harder he got.

And, just when I thought it was over he got out that huge, hard  fuck stick that had been bulging in his pants and shoved it right in my tight, pink puckered asshole. He shoved it in all the way and then came so fast and so hard his ooooey goooey jizz was all dripping out of my hot hole.

Mmm now I’m sitting here playing with my sweet teen twat hoping to get dirty with you 2nite. Cum play with teen Jess you will <3 me!


Balls deep please daddy!

I’m not talkin bout a blow job daddy. I wanna deep throat your fat daddy prick tonight.  HA No shit right you taught your lil girl slut well. So, cum make me gag on that big daddy cock.  Stuff my bratty teen mouth with your dick daddy and go balls deep!  You know when tears start to flow down my face I’m still gonna fuckin’ smile.

I love when you stuff my throat with your fat dick and make me puke daddy!  You know I will gag all nite for you!

-Delaney  <3’s  2 Go Deeeeeeeep-


Pedo Booty Call

Just look at my cute tight teen ass! Yeah you know you want some! My sweet pink holes need fucked so bad 2nite.

Last week we met up after my math class for a super hot & kinky teen booty call.  Mmmm yeah you couldn’t get enough of my juicy young, tight holes the other day after class.  You met me in the janitors closet and fucked my tiny teen twat so hard I screamed!  You liked making me your kinky little barely legal slut.

You promised me next time you would shove that big ol cock in my itty bitty bum hole and I’m ready for it.

So cum on you pedo perv cum get ya some of this sweet underage cunt! and watch my tiny slit squirt for you!


your favorite teen slut!

*Pretty in Pink for daddy*

Daddy loves me in pink do …you ?  hahaha!  It’s funny to me how much daddy does just for a taste of my “pink”.  He loves my tiny fuck holes and when I put on my pink fishnet for him he drools all over his hard daddy prick!

First, he gets down on his knees and crawls over to me begging the entire time to lick my sweet  lil peach.  I let him and he starts to pant and breathe really super heavy.  Drooling all over my lil fishnet covered holes.

Mmmm daddy shoved his big fat daddy cock in my baby hole and didn’t even pull my fishnet down. In no time I felt  creamy drops of hot ooooey goooey jizz  drip down my baby snatch.  He exploded and shot his huge load all over me…

*giggles*  guess who is havin fun at the mall 2morrow!!!! hahahahahaaha!!!!!!  Uh huh that’s right daddy’s girl AJ will …sweeeeeeeet!  bi 4 now – XXXXooXXXX