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Jailbait Pussy

Sassy AJI think I will just take my hot, creamy panties off and tease you with them for a while.  I know you are a hardcore pedo perv and you love jail-bait pussy!  My panty boi’s, they love to steal them from me so they can put them on and be naughty sluts for me. But you like my yummy teen panties for another reason don’t you?  The scent of my tight, fresh, young cunnie makes your pedo cock throb.  You have a fetish for young girls with tiny little bodies. And, what you really want is to stuff your hard cock pedo cock as deep as you can in my tight, teen twat. Well, I love being a really bad girl with you so bring it on over. 



My new hobby: making sex tapes!!!




My fuck friend convinced me to fuck and suck him off in front of his camera! He promised to never show anyone this tape! Do I fully trust him? Not a chance in hell but I have to tell you I put on one hell of a show. I felt like a true porn star. The thought of this hot sex tape leaking out and guys jerking off to my teen body made me so incredibly hott that I didn’t want to stop fucking! He knows I am an awesome fuck and I suck cock like a true champion. I like to experiment and I can get very freaky. I guess with all the things I tried in life making a sex tape wasn’t so bad, compared to what I have done in the past 🙂  When we got done we both watched it and OMG it was better than any porn I have ever seen. I got so turned on seeing myself on the t.v. I wanted to fuck again. I wanted to switch it up a bit tho. I was craving older cock and I knew exactly where I could find some. My mom bartends at this hole in the wall bar and there’s always horny men that drool all over both of us. I know I can always count on the drunken locals for a good fucking. I went there and picked up this 45 year old guy and brought him back to my apartment. I had already set up the camera prior to me bringing him back to my place. I was a true whore because I knew the record button was on and it brought out the total freak in me. I fucked thay old guy soo good, he couldn’t get enough of my tight, teen pussy. We went for 3 rounds and I sent him on his way. I knew round 4 was going to be fantastic because I was going to watch the sex tape I just made and fuck my tiny twat silly with my 9 inch dildo. I’m now addicted to making sex tapes thanks to fuck friend. Now all I can think about is who’s going to be my next victim???