Hello New Neighbors

Hi guys, I am AJ and if you live next to me, you just might live to regret it! “Giggles”. I am the cute teen home wrecker that drives you crazy with my teasing. I love yard work, and do it in a tiny bikini or cutoffs and a tight little top showing off my perky little tits. Okay, I don’t really love doing yard work, but what I do love is you watching me. I see you looking at me whenever I leave my house or come back. Wherever my tiny teen body is, you are watching.

I finished weeding and mowing, and I was a sweaty mess. Mom doesn’t like me to get the floors full of grass. I hosed myself down, and saw that Mr. McHottie was knocking at our door. I can’t imagine what he wanted. I don’t really care what he wants anyway, it is all about what I want. So I took my chance, tossed my clothes back on and went to introduce myself to his family. He sure has a lot of kids,lol.  His baby batter must be strong. 

He comes back to his house, and sees little ole me chatting with his wife over a respectful cup of tea. Respectful? “giggles”.  I stayed for a little while, then said I must be on my way as I didn’t want to overstay my welcome. On the way out I innocently, accidentally brushed again McHottie daddy cock. Oops!


 Written By: Sweet Lil AJ
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