Caught You Bitch

I just got back from an awesome road trip, and I am trashed from all the partying and drinking. I left in a hurry, but things just sort of look out of place. What the fuck, I mean I live alone.

I went to my bedroom to take a long hot shower, and change into something to wear for a night out. Laying on my bed naked, panties wrapped around his dick was my phone sex brother. He was sound asleep. Guys always did say my silky panties were intoxicating, but they put my brother to sleep. Shit, what should I do now! I went to my toy box and pulled out restraints, nipple clamps, a flogger and a butt plug.

He was out pretty cold so I quickly put on the wrist restraints. He woke up just before I was finished, but in his sleepy haze he couldn’t stop me from finishing. I put on the nipple clamps so tight his nipples turned purple. I rimmed his tight asshole, and pushed in the butt plug.

He was finally awake enough to protest and threaten me. He should know better than that, especially with my flogger in my hand. I teased him running the flogger down his body with just some light whipping. I began to whip much harder as I got down to his rather awesome cock and balls. He was mad, and hard as a rock. I mounted him, fucked the shit out of him, and left him restrained while I prepared for my night out.


Written By: Harley
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