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Sex On The Beach

Sometimes I like to imagine laying on a beach, wearing a skimpy bikini. As I am soaking up the sun, you approach me. Towering over me, you block the sun’s rays and I ask you to move but as you do, you hand me a bottle of sun block lotion. You offer to put it on me because you noticed that I am starting to burn.

As you start rubbing it on my back, I begin to take my top off so that you can fully cover my whole back. As you rub my back, you notice that I am getting turned on by the way you are touching me. Have you ever thought about having sex on a secluded beach?  I have, maybe if you call me sometime, we can live out that fantasy together.



Written By: Jayme
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Morning Sex Addiction

I’m addicted to sex in the morning like people are addicted to their coffee. I’m not a coffee drinker, but I do have a lot of friends who have to start out their day with a hot cup of java. They need their fix in the morning, otherwise they would have a horrible day.

I feel the same about sex. I need my daily morning orgasm as well. Although masturbation is wonderful, but it’s nothing like full on penetration. Sex in the morning recharges me, and I feel like I can handle anything that comes my way.

While some are making a mad dash to Starbucks, you can find me in my big, comfy bed ready for the right guy to take care of my morning sex addiction.

What would you rather have your morning coffee, or a little of my warm, wet, pussy juice? You make the call.



Written By: Jayme
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Your Secret Girlfriend

I love being your secret girlfriend. I like being the only one knowing all your dirty fantasies. I am your safe place and would never judge you. When I feel completely comfortable with a guy, I will share things with you that I have never told anyone.

I don’t mind being the other woman in your life. I know that I am fulfilling all your sexual needs. It makes me feel good because I get to be the one who gives you the most intense orgasms. I know you don’t cum as hard with her the way you do with me.

When you do have sex with your wife or girlfriend, I know you’re thinking about me. Don’t think it’s a one way street, when I have sex, I am also thinking about you and our most dirtiest conversations.

Your secret girlfriend will always be there for you to give you exactly what you need with no strings attached.


Written By: Jayme
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What Happens After?

Do you ever wonder what happens after our call? I wonder when we have an incredibly hot call what you might do afterwards. I wonder if you think about our conversation, and does it put a smile on your face? Do you think about my voice, and do you immediately get an erection again? Do you ever find yourself masturbating to the thought of our last call?

When I have a tremendously hot call, I have no choice but to think about it afterwards. Sometimes I think about it right away, or it may be mid-day and I start to feel wetness in between my thighs. I lay on my bed and think about your voice in my ear. I imagine all the things that you said you wanted to do with me. My hand slowly runs down my legs and I start to rub my clit in a circular motion.

Now it’s your turn to tell me what you think and do after our hot call.



Written By: Jayme
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The Power Of a Sensual Voice

When you look at my pictures are you curious what my voice may sound like?

I get so many compliments about my voice and I have to say; it completely matches my personality.  Men say that even after a call has long passed, my voice lingers in their head. It echos in their mind and they think of particular naughty keywords that I’ve mentioned in their ears. My voice is soft & young with a bit of sweetness; perfect for any age play fantasies. But if you’re looking for a strong, confidant woman my voice is sensual but yet firm. My voice has been known to make you do crazy things, things that you never thought you would do.

If you haven’t gotten the pleasure to speak with me yet, I encourage you to pick up your phone and call me. Hear my voice and you will be drawn in and totally enthralled on my every word. You will soon learn how powerful a sensual voice has over your mind and cock.

In Our Own Little World

I had a caller tell me recently that he loves talking to me because we are in our own little world. There is nothing to hide when we talk and I feel the same way. I have secrets and desires that I wouldn’t share with just anyone in my life but when I feel you’re opening up to me, I feel comfortable and telling you what really gets me going. We don’t have to lie to impress anybody and I know whatever we tell each other it’s just between us. In our little world, we can be as naughty as we want and do things that may shock others. As long as I get the biggest cum load from your balls, I am happy.

Let’s forget about everything else at the moment and let’s get into our own little world, just you and me!


One word to describe my ass: PERFECTION!

I’ve seduced many men with my ass. You don’t understand the power of my ass till you have had the pleasure of touching it. Very few have that honor but if they’re privileged enough, they better know how to handle it.

Men can’t seem to get enough of my body and all my gorgeous assets. Love for my ass is a very common thing for both men and women. I’ve seen girls fixated on my ass and can’t keep their eyes off from it. Of course, when I go out I wear something that is completely tight and form fitting to my ass. Doesn’t matter if it’s a short skirt or a pair of jeans, I make sure I grab your attention when I walk by.

If you’re an ass man, I am an ass fetish dream come true. I know I am the ultimate cock tease and my ass will make you and potentially force you to do things you wouldn’t normally do.

My voice will captivate you but my ass will make you vulnerable; weak to your knees and you’ll soon be putty in my hands.

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Drift Away

The warmer weather is almost here and I can’t wait to strip down to nothing. I like going over to my friends place who has a house on the lake. I love having my naked body pressed against the cool raft while I am working on my tan. It’s so relaxing and it also turns me on to be out in the water completely naked. One time I was extremely horny and couldn’t help but to play with my pussy. I guess I gave everyone a show because my raft drifted passed several houses but I didn’t realize it till after I came all over my fingers. I was so focused on pleasuring myself, I didn’t realize how far I floated away till I took of my sunglasses and said “Oops!”

I was swimming back to my friends house when I passed a house with a guy sitting on his deck. It looked like he enjoyed the show because he had his hands down his pants and gave me a great, big smile and a thumbs up. I gave him a smile back with a nod and swam back.

It was just one of those days when you feel so good you just don’t care what’s going on around you.

Your Girl Jayme


Have an affair…

I encourage you to have an affair tonight. This doesn’t mean to literally go out and pick up some random chick and have meaningless sex. The affair I am talking about is picking up the phone and dialing my number. Not only is it safer but it’s also more enjoyable in more ways than one. You see, I am intelligent, beautiful woman who can hold a conversation, who knows what you’ll get when you go to a bar. 9 times out of 10 you will pick up some trashy, unattractive girl who can’t even add 6 plus 9! I love to engage in long, stimulating conversations that lead to intense, memorable orgasms. The type of affair I am talking about are the ones that leave you smiling days after. When’s the last time you got really got excited about a woman? When you can’t wait till you talk again and you even have planned what you want to talk about. You’re excited to hear my moans, and whispers and wonder if we could possibly have a more intense orgasm than last time (if that’s even possible).
I dare you to call me and have that affair you’ve always dreamed about. You have nothing to lose but your willingness to surrender to my incredible voice, creative mind and exquisite body.

My Vibrating Thong

I’m addicted to my new toy I got the other day from this novelty shop. It’s a mini vibrating dildo I stick up my pussy and it has a silver vibrating bullet that rests on my clit. The best part about this new toy is it’s attached to a thong. So, I put the thong on and the dildo slides right inside my pussy and the bullet sits right against my clit. I have a remote control to vary the speed of the dildo and bullet. Of course, I whip it up to the maximum speed!
I can’t stop using it! I am 100 percent addicted to this toy. I can’t even concentrate on anything I’m doing when I have it on full speed.
I wore the thong to a Superbowl party on Sunday and I had a little fun with myself. I had the remote in my pocket and teased my clit and pussy for hours. I would turn it on the lowest speed and then turn it on high really quick and then back to low. I didn’t want to cum until I went home at the end of the night. You wouldn’t believe how wet my thong was from teasing it all day long.
When I got home from the Superbowl party my pussy was primed and ready to be fucked. I got out my biggest dildo ( 9 inches) from my toy chest and I rode it till I came everywhere.
So, when you see a girl at a party that’s seems really happy and off into another world, she probably has on the vibrating thong!