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Denied Orgasms with Paris

I know you love tease and denial phone sex as much as I do. It makes my pussy gush knowing I’m in control. 

It all started with my step-brother. I use to tease and deny him when we were young kids. Nothing has changed much but I make him jerk it in front of me more often for my amusement. I always love a good laugh. I give him strict  jerk off instructions and I sit back and watch him drool over by body while he pumps his pathetic dick for me. I’m sure he would hate for me to open my cute little mouth and let the entire world know what a fucking pervert he is.

 I take him right to the edge over and over then make him stop. I listen to him beg and whimper to please give him the release that he so desperately needs. I’ll let him cum one day, but for now; I get so much pleasure just being in control of his orgasms. 


Written By: Princess Paris
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Shopping and BlowJobs


Princess Paris I love all my perverted phone sex uncles. They seem to find their way over to my parents house for the holidays every year. My one favorite uncle left early this morning to go back home. Wow, did we have a lot of fun together sneaking around my parents house and even a few shopping trips. It reminded me of old times when I used to tease him and he would chase me around the house. Now that I’m older, I have him by the balls. As long as I give him some pussy, he’s happy.

I’ve had my eyes on a pair of expensive jeans that my parents failed to buy me for the holidays. When my uncle came over, I had already planned for him and I to take a trip to the mall together. A little flirting and telling him how good my ass would look in these new jeans had him practically drooling while he took out his wallet and that’s when we headed directly to the mall.

The saleswoman was awesome and she gathered all the clothes and the jeans I wanted to try on. She took me to the dressing rooms and my uncle followed directly behind me, slipping into the changing room with me. He loves when I model clothes for him.  I started with the jeans. I wiggled my ass back and forth right into them while I blew a kiss to him and telling him I would do anything for him. I could tell he was getting hard from the bulge in his pants. His cock was throbbing and he wanted me bad and I knew it. I dropped to my knees, pulling his dick out. I wrapped my lips around his thickness. I listened to him moan while he pumped his big dick in the back of my throat. I could hear the people outside of the dressing room whispering when I started gagging. That didn’t stop me from draining my phone sex uncle’s balls when I needed to. 


Written By: Princess Paris
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Getting What I Want

I’ve always been called a sweet seductive princess. Not a day goes by that I don’t get my way. I look cute and innocent on the outside but on the inside I’m all  trouble. It always seems to finds me. I know I’m hot, you know it!  So why not use it to my advantage to get what I want.

 Daddy always told me growing up that men love girls like me. They wish that their wives, girlfriends, and daughters looked like me and acted like me. There is nothing to taboo for me that’s for sure. Daddy always advised me if I didn’t get what I wanted from the men or boys in my life I can always go to him or his best friend which is like practically family. I’m so lucky that both of them know how to fulfill all of my needs.

They both always say… I never have to settle! All I have to do is throw on a short school girl skirt or some tight shorts and my tiny thong and before you know it, I’m getting my way.


Written By: Princess Paris
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Edging with Princess Paris

ParisI know you would love to get a hold of my perfect pussy. You’re gonna have to work for it loser boys. I’m a princess not a fucking whore. I don’t spread my legs for just anyone. Do you even know what kind of needs I have???

Take another look at me, you’ll see pure blissful perfection right in front of you. I’m the girl you’ll never get. You’ll look at my pictures and dream about me. I bet, you don’t even have balls big enough to pick up that phone and dial my number. Give it shot, can you handle me being a cock tease driving you to the edge and leaving you hanging like I don’t give a fuck? Maybe I do, maybe I don’t. I guess you’ll have to cum find out.

Guaranteed, you’ll be begging for mercy and will be back again for me to punish you and let your addiction grow further.

Princess Paris

Bend Over, Bitch Boy


I love humiliating you. My girlfriends and I slipped you a little something last night to knock you out. That’s why you’re feeling a little off this morning. You open your eyes and see that your hands are cuffed to my bed post with a pair of pink fuzzy hand cuffs. We took it upon ourselves to turn you into our slutty girlfriend. Everyone knows you’ve been craving to be dressed and treated like a whore. We got you all kinds of lingerie, make-up and your favorite heels that you’ve had your eye on.  Are you ready to be a pretty little bitch? We even shaved your legs so you can slip into these silky crotch-less pantyhose. You’re looking like a hot slut now with your cock rock hard. I think it’s time to play again. Let’s whip out that pretty pink strap-on.

 I’m ready to tear up your slutty hole again. I love when you cry out my name when I’m pounding on your hole. You don’t have a choice so you may as well enjoy yourself. 

~ Princess Paris ~ 

Pleasure Is Everything


Your pleasure is my pleasure always…  I love having hot steamy phone sex with you. Listening to you breath with anticipation. Waiting for my jerk off instructions. I want you to express yourself to the fullest with me. I want to hear all of your hot, steamy moans of pleasure when I tell you how I want you touching yourself. I’ll listen to you, while I spread my legs wide open. Playing with my wet pussy while guiding your cock makes me even wetter. It makes me cum even harder. I’ll get you off like no other as long as you listen to my instructions.

Obey me and you’ll always be pleased. 




Controlling Bitch Phone Sex


I live for being a full blown bitch. You make me sick to my stomach! But like always, I like fucking your wallet. I love making you broke and making you suffer. I make you put up with my bitchy ways. I laugh when your voice crackles when I start to tease you. Drawing you into my deviant ways. You’re such a sucker. That’s one of my favorite things about you.

You can’t say No to me. Not many can. I’ll have you wrapped around my princess finger in no time. I’ll figure out every weakness you have. Making you more helpless than ever. You’ll be on your knees begging me for mercy. You think to yourself how could this possibly happen? It’s very simple. I’m a hot brat who always gets her way. You are no different than any other loser who crosses my path. I will control you and drain every dam penny from you.

Princess Paris


I’m a spoiled brat and I don’t care. I get told all the time that I’m a little teasing nympho. I suppose that is true but I like to have my fun with you men first. If I’m giving up my perfect princess body they better be worth my time and they better have a really nice package with a really nice wallet. I find a lot of enjoyment making men weak to the point they are stumbling over their words just to find some way to please me.

Lucky for you, your wallet is fat and your dick is small but you can please me with your wallet today. I take your money once again letting you watch me while I tease you. I laugh at you, while you whimper away while I drain your wallet again. I make sure you have the perfect view of my pussy. I spread my legs in front of you and let you watch my fingers work their magic, something your little dick can’t do for me! You’re only around because I like your money$! $! You can keep dreaming of other ways that will win me over, LOL. Let me know how that works for you!

~ Princess Paris ~

Sissy Training Phone Sex

Screw it, I’m totally ditching school today so I can hang out with an old friend that I haven’t seen since we were little. He was my best friend growing up. Now he’s begging to be feminized by a princess like me. It’s going to be an awesome day of training. First he’s going to have to remember that he is nothing but a tiny dick loser when he is dressed as a boy, hopeless and pathetic. I love him to pieces but he sucks at being a boy. I can transform anyone into a beautiful slut. It’s just not about the clothes and the make up. You need to know how to suck cock. I’ll show him how to go after the cocks that he wants so bad. Today we are going to be playing with a lot of dildos and sex toys. I want his inner slut cumming out. A little slutty red lip stick and a sexy pair of thigh highs with my 6 inch stilettos that will put a twinkle in his eye. I’ll turn him into the best sissy cock sucker around. We have a lot of work to do today. Hurry along, never keep a princess waiting.

Princess Paris

Teeny Weeny

I was at a party with my boyfriend and a few of our friends. It seems like whenever a bunch of guys hang out they want to talk trash about their dick size. Lol – one of the guys decided to whip it out and started to brag about it. Not only was he drunk off his ass but let’s be honest, it was a shriveled up worm dick. I’ve seen a lot of dicks but this one was hilarious. I’m not sure how he even gets laid. Anyone who comes across this worm should be busting out in laughter. I’ll tell you exactly what I would do with this guy. I would take good care of him and transform him into my cum guzzling small dick loser before he could possibly process any other thoughts. My boyfriend and I are gonna have a lot of fun with him. When he has had enough cum dripping out of his mouth. I’ll spread his virgin ass cheeks apart and let him take my boyfriends cock in his tight ass. I’ll guide him if he needs it but I have a feeling this worm has been wanting a cock filling his holes for some time now.

~ Paris ~