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Masturbating and Talking Dirty Phone Sex

Talk Dirty to Me Tonight!

We masturbate together on our calls.

I whisper dirty little things into ear about how wet and horny I am for you. You describe your cock and your body. I get shivers, and my pussy starts to throb. My fingers have a mind of their own and drift under my panties.

You slip off your shorts. The tone of your voice changes as your cock begins to grow for me. At first, it is just a gentle rubbing back and forth. Then as you cock responds to my naughty words, you start to stroke your cock, slowly at first. You get more aggressive with your hand and pump harder. 

I take off my panties and start fingering myself or picking up a toy. You describe how your cock penetrates my pussy and I really feel you inside of me. 

We continue the dirty talk until we both have extraordinary orgasms. Fantastic hand fucking for each other.


 Written By: Bratty Bree
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Sexy Halloween Phone Sex


Happy Halloween!

Trick or Treat!

It is the perfect night for a sexual encounter with your favorite shemale.

You are in not in the mood for candy corn or a fun size Snickers candy bar. You have a taste for something a bit more decadent and delicious.

You are craving the feel of a beautiful, long hard cock in mouth. Suck mine, Baby!

Instead of going on a boring old hayride on this naughty of nights, take a ride on me!

My cock is hard and I am ready to play!

Nothing spooky or scary about me!

Love ya’

Dani By: Shemale Dani
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Hot For Teacher!

You have a new substitute teacher today.

Ms. Koko is unlike any other teacher. Her legs are so long, her heels so high, her skirt so short. You think that she is going to be a pushover and you will have an easy day; however, that is not the case. Ms. Koko demands respect and complete obedience. You are frightened but turned-on at the same time. There is nothing to do but submit to Mistress Koko! 

You are transfixed by her beauty and her dominance. She radiates power. You are her willing student anxious to learn everything that Ms. Koko has to teach you, in and out of the classroom. You are seduced and aroused. Amuse Ms. Koko by pledging your loyalty and devotion.  Ignore the outside influences and express your submission. Drop to your knees and worship her gorgeous body. Start at her feet and work your way between her legs. 

Good Boy, that is where a sexy little submissive belongs, right between his Mistresses Koko’s legs! You will be drenched in my wetness and womanly juices. Now, truly prove your devotion and place your face between my cheeks. 

Written By: Mistress KoKo
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Your First Cock Suck

I know that you would do anything for me. I also know that you’re really curious about what it’s like to suck a big, fat cock. Sometimes when you jerk off, you close your eyes and imagine that I am guiding a dick right into your mouth. I’ve been waiting to walk you through your first cock sucking experience. By the time I am done with you, you’re totally going to be a cock sucking expert. Sure, maybe you won’t suck all the time, but when you do, you will be the best cock sucker.
I know that you’re nervous, but every bitch boy is at first. I know you’re going to do everything you can to keep your Goddess happy. So, just stick out your tongue and run it all over the head of that dick that I feed you. Wrap your hand around it and start to stroke it a little bit, keep licking. Now, open up real wide and I’m going to push your head right down onto that big cock. I know you’ll love that final taste of cum.
Remember, if you do everything you’re told I will reward you with my pussy sitting right on your face.


Written By: Julie
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Sissy Halloween Fun

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I love getting dressed up for any occasion. Especially when it’s with my adorable sissy friends. I’m always encouraging them to dress up especially on this holiday. Let’s get you all dressed up and I’ll have you turning tricks in no time. I’m going to make your cute little ass so adorable everybody’s going to want you.  I think Halloween is the perfect time for you to go out on your own and strut your stuff. Your confidence level is beyond built up, it shouldn’t even be a problem anymore for you. We’ve been working very hard to get you where you need to be. So let’s have some Halloween fun! 

 Written By: Brandy Lynn
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Hotel Intern Serves You Well

You have to fly to Miami, and you are dreading another business trip. This trip turns out to be quite fun and adventuresome, but it does not start out that way. You check in very late due to being stuck in Dallas. The room you wanted was given to another guest, but I check you in. At first, you are short with me. I can see you are tired and travel weary. I take a deep breath, and I find a junior suite available and get warm food and a big salad sent up to your room. You appreciate the way I take care of you. I even break the rules, and I sneak into the bar.  I send up up a scotch with your dinner.  

After your business meeting, we run into each other in the lobby.  I see me in a swimsuit and cover-up. I explain that I am just an intern and they are short tonight at pool service.  I flirt and tease you to join me in my section for dinner by the pool. Normally, you cannot think of a worse dining experience, but I am so charming and sexy, you take me up on my suggestion. 

When you arrive for dinner, I greet you and escort to one of my tables. You really like the way that I look in my swimsuit. None of the other girls have my sexy curves. When it comes to ordering, I sit down next to you and brush my hand against yours.  I point out the best selections and allow you to have a glass glass instead of a plastic glass. Who wants to drink a scotch from a plastic glass? 

It is obvious that I am attracted to you. When you finish your dinner, you invite me up to your room. I am thrilled and excited to join you for a night of passion and hot steamy sex.

Written By: Isabelle
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Playtime with Your Mommy Morgan

Your Mommy Morgan is waiting for you to get home. She has a special surprise waiting for you.  Mommy went shopping. She has new matching panties from Victoria Secrets. Pretty little matching panties. A pair for you and a pair for mommy.

You greet Mommy with a big hug and nestle your face into her cleavage. Learning about the surprise waiting for you, you run to find the panties spread out on the bed. You pick up a pair, so silky. You rub on your face. They are more fun when they smell like Mommy, but they feel fantastic. You beg Mommy to try them on now. Mommy says after dinner.

After dinner, without asking, you volunteer to help Mommy clear the table and load the dishwasher. Mommy smiles and says it is now time to put on your panties. She holds your hand, and the two of you walk upstairs to her bedroom.

You are so excited to put on new panties with your Mommy Morgan.



Written By: Mommy Morgan
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Nightmare at The Emily Morgan

malaya maxxxI met you at a party where we danced, drank and flirted. I thought you were interesting in a sort of nerdy way. I had no idea most of the time what the fuck you were rambling about with  gaming, and superhero shit. All I really noticed was you had a pretty mouth if you only shut the fuck up I could find a use for it.

The hotel was wicked with neo gothic architecture and furnishings. Rumors were: at one time it was an orphanage where several little fuckers disappeared and housed an asylum as well. Some of us got rooms to stay for the night and at 3:33 am the doors were locked till morning.

You and your friends were staying to try and take pictures with the hotels reputation. Classic!! I had other plans. I took all my accoutrements out of my overnight bag and got prepared to raise a little hell. You were alone in the study when you saw me standing there, eyes glowing and nude. I grabbed you by your neck and tossed you on the floor. I ripped off your clothes and stomped your balls with my heels. You tried to call out for your friends but no one was coming to help you.

Hours later you woke with hand prints on your neck, claw marks down your body, and a strap-on shoved in your ass. The room smelled like sex, and your dick was sore and had dried cum on it. At least you thought it looked like dried cum. You tried to find me, knocked on my door, asked the men who opened the hotel back up. Looks like you imagined me!

Maleficent Malaya


Written By: Malaya Maxx
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Pantyhose Fetish Sex

We have been out on a date tonight.  At the end of the evening, you take me back to your place. We kiss. Not just a little kiss, but rather a very long passionate kiss. That first extremely intense kiss leads to us aggressively touching and caressing each other. I take off your shirt so that I can run my fingernails along your chest. Your skin is warm to my fingertips, and you look at me with lustful eyes. You take off my dress. You want to get to my breasts.  With one hand, you pop open that bra. Your hand and mouth my breasts. My head drops back as I moan in excitement and anticipation for more.

You need all of me, so you take my hand and lead me to your bedroom. Just wearing my pantyhose, I follow you and crawl into your bed.  I watch you take off your pants and underwear. I lean back on your bed, watching and waiting for you as I rub my pussy through my pantyhose. I love your naked body. Get into bed with me and kiss me again.

Still wearing only my pantyhose, our hot sexy bodies become intertwined as the passionate kissing returns.  I slip my leg in between your legs. By rocking my hips, my pantyhose rub against your cock and balls. You are going out of your mind. Neither my lips nor hand have touched your cock, but you have become so hard that you are dripping pre-cum all over my pantyhose.  I talk you into licking my pantyhose a bit between my legs, tasting you and me.  At first, you think I must be out of mind, but I want you to do it. You only live once, and you got a hot babe in your bed.  You rub your face against my pussy through my pantyhose as you rub your hands up and down my legs.

You have never been so turned on in your life. That tingly sensation of my pantyhose is making you so hot. You bite a hole in my hose and slip your tongue inside my pussy.  That is all you can take. You get on top of me and slip your cock in that hole, and you fuck me with my pantyhose on. Our foreplay was more than you could handle. You don’t last long. You fuck me and fuck until you cum inside of me. Your hot white cum is drenching the front of my pantyhose.

Love and Kisses,



Written By: Brynna
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Sweet Nurse, Sexy Nurse, Wicked Nurse

    HARLEY     Anyone who knows me knows my personality can go from sweet to evil from one minute to the next. You never know which fucking Harley you have till I am sweetly kissing you, tying you to the bed or seeing just how much pain you can take. The one thing all my men will agree with and that is each side of me is hot as fuck and ready to pounce. 

This year a friend of my dad offered to let us have his house on the lake for our last party on Tuesday. That was so awesome of him as we love going from one location to the next as we countdown to Halloween. Him and I go way back, and I will leave you guessing just what I mean by that. I decided to go by and thank him before I went out last night. He loved my nurse costume and asked me if I would give him some special TLC. 

I told him I would give him all he wanted if he would play a fun and slightly dangerous party game with me. He immediately agreed and we were off to a Wicked Nurse Harley kind of night because no matter what, I would rig the game to suit my mood.  He tossed the dice and my number came up, he tossed it again and I quickly won our game. The rules state that the loser must drink several shots and do exactly what is demanded of them.

  We went outside to the lake and my first demand was he strip. He begged me not to make him but it was clear he was pretending. My next demand was he go into the lake with me and we would see how long he could hold his breath and lick my twat at same time. What does he have to fucking worry about as I am a Nurse and all.  I finally came and let him catch his breath but we were far from done. 

  I texted some of our friends, including his daughter and told them there was a new location for today’s party. I told him I was going to ride him till I came 3 times and if he did his job right and I came, he might not get caught nude with me. You have to admit, I play some intensely hot games!

Written By: Harley
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