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Step Daddy Caught Me Playing After Party

chrissy jeansBack home, my family celebrates St. Patrick’s Day. There is lots of drinking and partying. Everyone has a good time. There are no rules or limits. Carpe Diem! 

My Aunt and Uncle had a St. Patrick’s Day Party at their house. My entire family was there. They had kegs of beer. Everyone could just go up and help themselves to all the beer they wanted.

My cousins and I were sneaking beers when our parents were not looking. We were laughing and dancing around. As the adults got drunk, in the shadows and dark corners, a lot of people were making out and touching each other all over. I saw one of the neighbors slip his hand under a lady’s skirt. I know what he was doing. He was fingering her. I got so turned on watching the expression on her face. He was looking right into her eyes as he made her cum. Then he licked his fingers. Made me so breathless and my panties so wet.  

The party was winding down. I was in big trouble. My parents could smell the beer on my breath. My step daddy said I was going to be punished. My body craved my fingers. As soon as I got to my bedroom, I took off my shirt and opened my jeans. Then I plunged my fingers deep into my pussy. I let out such an orgasmic moan that my stepdad opened my bedroom door to check on me. He stood there watching for a few minutes. Then he unzipped his pants and stroked his hard cock. He was as horny as me.

You can guess what happened next!


2017-happy-saint-patricks-day Written By: Chrissy
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Stripper Chrissy: Come Upstairs To Play!

I work one night a week as a stripper in NYC.

It is so empowering to have all men watching me, wanting me, devouring me with their eyes when I am on stage. 

The most exciting, and most alluring part of the evening, when I invite you upstairs to a private room at the strip club.

I tease you, seduce you, into setting up a private dance with me. I promise to rock your world and give you an experience that you will remember forever. You can’t resist me, even though you know that is getting late.

Come on baby, I whisper in your ear. Come upstairs with me to the private room, and I will let you feel the hot wet walls of my pussy dripping in your lap. 

Your Naughty Stripper,

Chrissy Written By: Chrissy
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Step Daddy’s Watching

black and white after danceMy stepdad came to NYC to watch me perform.  He drove through a hellish snowstorm to get me.

I am an understudy filling in because the dancer couldn’t make it back into the city due to all the airports being closed.

My big debut!

Although the seats were mostly empty due to the weather, the show must go on! I danced my heart out, especially knowing that daddy was watching me.

 After the big performance, daddy and I went back to my apartment to celebrate. He brought a nice bottle of champagne and a dozen of long stem roses.

He noticed how much my body has changed. For the first time ever, he didn’t see me as a little girl. He hugged, and we started kisses, well making out actually.

It was like a dream, as my dress came off, and daddy’s pants came down. I sat back in a chair, and he slowly pulled my panties off of me. He went down on me, and I came for him. Written By: Chrissy
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Young Chrissy as Little Bo Peep

Little Bo Peep has lost her Panties,
And doesn’t know where to find them.


I am your perfect little fantasy girl for an underage role play.

My blonde pigtails, white stockings, small tits, and young sounding voice draw you into our Daddy/daughter fantasy. My young tight little body, creamy white skin, and rosy red cheeks excite you. I tease you and make you teach me sexy things.  I am sweet, kind of innocent but oh so very curious about what is going on in your pants.  When your little girl sits on your lap, she feels something hard against her skin.  As I get up to look at your lap, you notice that I am not wearing any panties.

Where, oh, where have Chrissy panties gone?  Where could they be?

Is she such a thoughtless girl that she simply forgot to put them on, or is she the naughty little princess who drives you crazy by not wearing any panties?  When you question her about her panties, instead of giving you a truthful answer, she questions you about that HUGE bulge in your pants. She is tenacious and keeps asking. Chrissy is relentless, like a dog after a bone, or a horny girl after a boner.  She begs and pleads until you finally surrender and let her unzip your pants.  She is astonished by how big you are. She lifts up her dress and you, just for a moment, you no longer care that Chrissy isn’t wearing any panties.

As the naughty little tale continues, the mystery remains unsolved.

Where did those panties go?

Naughty Little Chrissy Written By: Chrissy
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Naughty Neighbor Girl Phone Sex

You come home from work early to find the neighbor girl swimming naked in your pool. At first, you are outraged. You should call her parents, maybe even the police. She begs you not to call anyone. She promises you anything if you don’t tell anyone that she was naughty. 

Chrissy is so cute, and her tight little body is so wet. She looks like a scared little kitten, but she is sexy as hell. You make her get out of your pool, and you wrap her up in a big white towel. You tower over her. She looks up at you with these seductive eyes. She hugs you and the towel drops to the ground. Your anger turns to desire. 

You pick her up and carry her to your bed. You want those eyes looking up at you with your cock in her mouth. You want that young, tight pussy. She is all yours! Written By: Chrissy
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Always Time For A Blowjob!

Sometimes you don’t have a lot of time, but a good cum keeps you happy, healthy and sane.

I love to wake my guy with a sexy blowjob. Before the alarm goes off in the morning, I pull down the sheets and go down on him. He lets out a sexy moan even before he opens his eyes. My mouth on his dick makes us both feel energetic and fantastic. The first thing he sees is my mouth going to town, up and down his shaft. So hot, so wet! My blonde hair tickles his shaft, and my eyes look up into his. I keep sucking until he cums in my mouth. Best breakfast ever!

Call me and let me take care of your cock. Kiss and lick all over the head of your cock. Imagine my tongue licking the very tip. My pretty red lips make your cock hard, and you enjoy every second of my blow job. I suck your cock until you have an excellent cum! Written By: Chrissy
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Strap-On Phone Sex

Tonight, I am going to take care of you. I am going to fuck you!

I walk into your room wearing nothing but a black thong and a strap-on. Look at that toy cock on me. Watch me rub lube and slowly stroke it. It is long and thick. Here, let me warm up that asshole of yours. Sweet and Sexy, Baby! I lick your ass until you are begging for more. I slowly stretch you, just a little at a time. I am going to fuck that ass of yours.

I fuck you hard until you have a nice gaping hole there and a huge explosion of cum. 



Seductive Lap Dance

The weekend is here already. With there being a holiday in the middle of the week, there was not much time for us to be together. You spent a lot of time away from home visiting family and going on picnics. Nice, but a little too wholesome for my taste. This weekend, let’s stay in and play. We can have even more fun at home, even in our kitchen. I do a sexy strip tease and give you a fantastic lap dance at the kitchen table. Get you so hot for me. You blow off your friends and end up fucking me on the table, and then the floor. Don’t need to go out to have fun. Stay in and spend some time with your sexy girl!


Party Girl Cuckolds You

We have been together for a while now. I have always been a wild party girl. That was what you loved most about me when we started hooking up. You can’t expect me to stop fucking other guys just because we are a couple. Monogamy is for fat chicks, not a hot sexy babe like me.

Variety is the spice of life. It takes more than one dick to keep me happy and satisfied. I found a hot new guy, with a very long cock. I have been fucking him all over town. He takes me out dancing while you sit home alone watching porn and jerking. My new guy puts his hands all over me in public and his long hot cock fucks me for hours.

All of your friends have seen me making out with him at the bars and clubs. You can’t tame a wild thing. You might just be the last person in town to know that you are a cuckold. Know your place. You sit and watch. Maybe if I am feeling kinky, I will make you eat me out after he cums in me.


Go Down On Me

I want to show you something.

I bought some very sexy black lingerie from that kinky store in the Village. I got a Brazilian Wax yesterday. It was not fun, but I did it for you. I want this to be an extra special and sexy weekend for us. 

When we are together, it is always so good! 

I take very good care of your cock. I seduce, I suck and stroke your cock. We have fantastic sex, but please spoil me. Pleasure me. Go down on me. Lick me with the very tip of your tongue. Show me what you got to make me moan, to make my toes curl. My pussy is sweet and smooth. Use your talented tongue to explore my pink pussy walls. Do that thing where you nibble on those outer lips. Kiss me with the smell and taste of my pussy on your lips and your tongue. Make me cum on your face. After that, I will do anything that you want. How can I  say no to anything after you make me cum like that?