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Humiliation In The Red Light District

Humiliation is the name of the game for you. The more humiliated you are, the more excited you become. Being put on display in very embarrassing situations is thrilling for you, and entertaining for me. 

You work for me in the red light district. There are clubs for every erotic desire lined up on both sides of the street. I own one of the best clubs, and you are my star. Every night, you perform up on a stage in front of a large audience.  Before the show, you and I stand on the street, wearing only our lingerie to lure people into my club. Yes, you wear whatever slutty little outfit that I select for you: corsets, bustiers, bras, thongs, stockings, pantyhose, chemises, bodysuits. You have to stand on the street enticing the crowd to purchase a ticket for the show. You must stand there and endure all the name calling, whistling, and illicit touching until every seat is full, then the real show can start. 

Every night there is something different. Always new tantalizing treats for my voyeurs to enjoy. Sometimes on stage, you are dressed like a slutty little whore, and sometimes you are completely naked. I instruct you to perform for the crowd. One night you might put on a masturbation show. Occasionally, I use my strap-on and fuck you which is a real crowd pleaser. You service the ladies on Ladies Night. When I want to push the envelope, there are water sports for you. Every Friday night, you become a cock loving, cum drinking whore. I bring men up from the audience. Either one at a time or a group of men with very large cocks. They can use your mouth and then your ass to put on a fucking fantastic sex show. 

It is humiliating to be used in this manner, but you, my naughty exhibitionist, love it! 

Mistress Brynna 


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I Completely Dominate You!

I lure you to my place with my tantalizing curves and seductive ways. I tease you. I tell you that it will be a night that you will never forget. You know that you can’t say no to me. You think I am having a party. Well, I am having a party, but you will be the entertainment. When you arrive, you are told to strip. Yes, I want you naked. In the next room, all of my best girlfriends are waiting for you. They are sizzling hot, wearing only their best lingerie.

There is a sexy black thong for you to wear. Now, serve the ladies! Get on our knees and start licking. Be my good boy! There is a BIG reward for you. While you are pleasuring the ladies, I fuck you with my sexy strap-on. You love it! When I pull out, I show off that nice gaping hole of yours.

Then the real fun starts! I bring in another guy, super big cock! I know you are a size queen. I have complete control over you. Now start sucking his cock while the pretty ladies watch.


Sharing My Lingerie Fetish With You

You and I are like BFF girlfriends. You adore my boyfriend’s cock as much as I do. We have many common interests, shopping, talking about boys, and dressing in our sexy lingerie. Tonight, we are in matching bras and panties, laying on my bed together in front of my laptop. I show you some of the sexiest lingerie, on my favorite site. We are giggling and getting a little excited. Looking at exquisite lingerie makes me wet.

I show you some pieces of the gorgeous lingerie that are so unique and beautiful like a piece of fine art.  Chantel is one of my favorite designers. Pastels are pretty. Black, of course, is always classy and sexy, but I find white sheer lace is extra enchanting on my skin. Red lingerie will always be my favorite.

As we scroll down the site, I spot some sexy little panties that I think that would look so adorable on your cute butt. I point them out to you, and you blush. You are so sweet! I find this pink pair with a bow in the back. We imagine you wearing this pair. My face gets flushed, and my pussy tingles. The panties happen to be on sale. I click and order them for you. We will have to have a panty party when they get here.

I click on the hosiery tab. We look at the Wolford pantyhose and tights. So fucking sexy. I pull two pairs from my lingerie drawer. I rub both of them against your panties. You immediately feel the difference between the Woolford’s and other pantyhose. I tease your cock and edge you a little bit. Finally, I let you cum in your panties.

Hugs and Kisses,


Glory Hole Phone Sex

brynna 30You crave sucking a big cock. Let’s find a local glory hole for you. No need to go through the guy-on-guy ads on Craigslist. That is time-consuming. You are a busy man. Just hop in your car, and head to the adult bookstore on the other side of town. There are sexy cocks waiting for you, wanting to be sucked off. The desire for the sensation of a cock in your mouth and the taste of cum is just what you need. It is unnatural for you to deny that urge. Just go for it. You don’t need to put a label on it. I know that you are a straight guy who finds it exciting to have a cock in his mouth once in a while. Get into a private booth, and put your finger thru the glory hole. Wiggle your finger to invite the man from the next booth to push is cock through the hole in the wall. Your own cock throbs when he appears. Stoke yourself while you suck the stranger’s cock. You are down on your knees and you take that cock between your lips. You are a beautiful and sexy cocksucker. If you are nervous, call me once you get into the booth. I will help you get comfortable and help you relax. We can play a game where I playfully force you to suck that cock at the glory hole. I will make sure that you have a fantastic time and get to drink all the cum you want.


Three’s Company

brynna 18e

You work in an extremely competitive business environment: Perform or Perish. Recently, there has been some downsizing in management and the reporting structure has changed. The game has changed; you have a new team of players. I get assigned to your new work team. You like my classy but sexy look. My tight pencil skirts make every man notice. Oh, and those high heels that I wear. My legs are long and sexy. I dress for success and I dress to impress. Secretly, I wear luxurious stockings and lingerie under my clothes. I am smart and I know how to get the job done. Within the inner circle, I have a reputation of working hard but playing harder. Sor far, all you have seen is that I work hard and keep the men around me hard. I am a bit of a distraction, but a strong asset. You do like my hidden assets under my skirt and jacket.

There is a looming project deadline before us. There will be many very late nights ahead of us. A man can get lonely and lose perspective with all this hard work. Sometimes you just need to take a deep breath and expand your horizons. A man’s cock was not meant to trapped in trousers without a release. Sometimes you need to break the rules, push the boundaries to get the job done. One night, you walk in and find that I am having sex with one of the guys also on the team. Not just a little harmless blowjob, but incredibly intense hard fucking, moaning, dirty talk. Hotter than any porn you have ever seen.

Don’t just stand there with that deer in the headlight look. Don’t reprimand or punish us for having some play time. I ask if you want to watch and jerk off, or if you want to join in. There is no better team building exercise than a sexy threesome on the company’s conference room table. After I have made you cum inside of me and you have the taste of a man’s cum in your mouth, I kiss you. Work hard, but fuck harder!


My Lover’s Cock

brynna 1I  had a great fucking weekend!

I hooked up with a sexy guy who truly knows how to fuck me. He would be tender one moment, with lots of passionate kissing, and then he would give me an aggressive, intense fucking. He had me dripping wet and talking dirty. The sex was fantastic! After all the orgasms, we laid in my bed, with our naked bodies intertwined. We were basking in the afterglow feeling. We started sharing fantasies and past experiences.  He asked me if I would bring another woman to our fun for a threesome.  I kissed him and rubbed my fingers very close to his balls. I told him that I would a girl, girl, guy threesome if he would do a guy, guy, girl threesome.  I was thrilled when he agreed and seemed quite excited about the threesome. He confessed that he let guys suck his cock in college and has been with couples many times. I knew he was open-minded, but he was getting me so hot and wet as he told me his past experiences. I asked if he had ever sucked cock, and he told me that he had, many times actually. He shared with me some of the hottest details. Like, I said, it was a great fucking weekend! 


Spring Shopping Trip


Yesterday, I went shopping. It was a beautiful spring day and there is nothing but rain in the forecast for the next few days. After running the essential errands,  I went to my favorite store at the mall. I bought some sexy summer shoes, a new bracelet, a couple of summer dresses. I picked up some sexy silky textured cotton sheets. I can’t wait to sleep naked on them. The last stop was the lingerie department.  I was thrilled to find that my favorite bra lady was working.  She always remembers me.  She took me into the dressing room. I slipped off my top and bra. She measured my chest and breasts. Then she left me for a few minutes and returned with several gorgeous bras.  She helped me try on each bra, something kind of sexy about this.  She has great taste. I picked out four new bras. I got dressed and found little panties to go with each bra. She suggested a couple of sexy little nighties, and I couldn’t resist the pretty little yellow one and the sexy, sultry black sheer little babydoll.   

Today, I am looking at everything that I bought and I am so excited to share everything with you, Cutie! 

Love you, 


Time For Tights


Wow, it is cold here, but my legs are all nice and warm in a gorgeous pair of tights.

Black tights show off my legs. A pair of my favorite black pumps and tight little black skirt are all that I need to get you to notice me.  All the other ladies at work are covered up in ugly Christmas sweaters, I am flaunting my legs and flirting with you. 

I see you sitting at your desk in front of the computer.  You are concentrating very hard on your project. I come up behind you and let my legs brush against you. You feel that silky fabric of those tights and you tingle.  You want to take me into that conference room, bend me over, lift up that skirt, rip a hole in those tights and fuck me hard. My tights and my pantyhose do make you crazy. That is why I wear them.





Holiday Fun: Pantyhose Fetish Phone Sex


Tis the season for the ladies to show off their sexy legs with a beautiful pair of pantyhose. I like to wear nude tone during the day, but I bring out the very sexy, silky black sheer panties for nighttime fun.  Day or night, you get a little hard just at the sight of my sexy legs in my pantyhose and heels.

You have a little pantyhose fetish. I drive you freaking out of your mind when I rub my legs up against you. Yes, I am a pantyhose seductive tease. I rub my legs together, rub my toes covered in pantyhose along your ankle under the table.  I know you want to lift my dress and rub your cock against me. Nothing else creates that special tingly feeling in your cock and balls when you rub against my hot skin and my sexy pantyhose.

I am wearing a little red sweater dress with my very sexy black pantyhose.  I want to tease you until your cock is so thick and so hard that your cock can create a hole in my pantyhose, right between my legs. Come on and fuck me in my pantyhose.


He Called Me From A Bar


This is a true story for the sexy boys who fantasize about sucking a hot cock. 

One of my callers called from his car. He was sad and lonely. This was not a business trip. He was traveling across half the country to attend a funeral. He was sad and lonely. It was too far to drive in one day, so he stopped at a hotel just outside of St. Louis. He was in the mood to play with a guy. I suggested some adult bookstores along Interstate 70, but he was too far from any of them. I wanted him to check them out for me. I have seen the signs, but I have never been in any of them. He needed to unwind and relax. He was craving cock. He was edgy.

He called me again from the bar next to his hotel.  My caller was drinking beer and describing the hot guy behind the bar. I told him what to do and what to say. The bartender told him that he was straight but that he was flattered. I told my guy to write his room number and his phone number on the receipt. 

Sure enough, my caller called me the next morning. He was glowing and happy. I could hear it in his voice. My caller ended up spending the night with his hot bartender in his hotel room.  My caller sucked the bartender’s cock and played around a bit. My caller described every detail of the bartender’s big beautiful cock. My caller deep throated that cock. He was so excited the way he explained every detail. 

He was calling to thank me for the help and giving him the courage to invite the bartender to his room. Now he was off to explore all the adult bookstores along the interstate.