Needing Mom’s Approval

My phone sex son called me up and asked if he pop by the house, of course I said yes. He’s been extremely busy lately so I was looking forward to spending some time with him. I wanted to make him my famous chocolate cake because I know he would love that.

I was just about done frosting the cake and in walks my son and this little redhead. I said I really wasn’t expecting anyone else. I said to him this makes sense now and this is why I haven’t seen you in awhile? I’m very protective of my baby and I don’t want a complete bimbo dating my son.

She looked very young so I had to ask if she was even 18?  It turns out she just turned 18 a few months ago. He said her name was Molly and she’s in college. Blah, blah, blah. That’s great but I need to see how she is going to make my son happy. I told both of them she doesn’t get my approval until I see the “full package.” My son knows what a perverted Mommy I am so he gave me a little wink.

Little Miss Molly was a little scared when I started taking off her little shorts. I told her I was curious if she was a natural redhead and wanted to see her pussy. Well sure enough, it was bald. I started rubbing her small cunt and told her I would need a better look. I told her I want her on my bed with her legs spread so I can see if my sons cock would even fit in that little pussy of hers. My phone sex son is very hung so I was skeptical. After some licking, finger fucking and tasting her little rosebud asshole, she seemed like she would be a good match for my son.

I don’t approve many of the girls he brings home so I said she should feel fortunate. She was a frightened little thing when she got dressed. I told her if I didn’t scare her off too bad, I would like them to come over next Sunday for some more fun. I gave my son a big, sloppy wet kiss and we said our goodbyes. We will see if he comes solo. 


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