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Submit To Me

  I bet you woke up this morning and the very first thought that came to mind was that you “need” a woman to serve. The word “serve” can have many meanings. It can mean that you want to submit to me and satisfy my every whim. Perhaps, it means that you just want to push your limits and be the kinkiest, nastiest fuck toy you can be for me.  Possibly, it means that you want to serve me by pampering my incredibly sexy curves.You simply desire to use your tongue to pleasure every inch of my perfect body.
I know what it is, it is all of the above. You simply want to submit to whatever complex and kinky ideas I may have in store for you, while pleasing me, and my perfect body.



Written By: Victoria
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The Perfect 10

Every man rates a woman, it’s a total guy thing. It’s not often you see a perfect 10. The complete package from head to toe, and even personality with intelligence. You might wonder if this kind of perfection even exists? It sounds too good to be true! Most women who are drop dead gorgeous always have some sort of flaw.

What if I told you I am the perfect 10 girl. You might have some reservations if you’ve never called me before, and that’s understandable. The only way to find out of course, is to try for yourself. Not only do I have the sexy bikini body, sensual voice but also I love getting naughty.

After one call with me and having the most incredible orgasm of your lifetime, you’ll know 10 reasons why you will never stray anywhere else again.

All you have to do is dial 10 digits to get your perfect 10 girl.



Written By: Victoria
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It’s Easy To Be Bad

It’s hard to do the right things all the time but it’s so easy to be bad. You know you’re not suppose to eat certain things, but you do anyways. You probably know you watch too much porn but it gets you so horny and your cock needs the release.

I’ve never followed any rules or restrictions and I don’t worry about being good. Life is too short and It feels too damn good to be bad.

Come be bad with me, you’ll be glad you did.

New Year, New Beginnings

It’s a new year and I think this is going to be a very good year for you and myself. My favorite thing to do is to drive you insane with my body, voice and my vivid imagination. My second most favorite thing is to get to know someone and build a long, lasting friendship.

I want to get to know you, the real you. The real fantasies you have or the nasty stuff you do when you’re alone. That is the person I want to know. Not the one that shows up for work everyday or the one that sleeps besides your wife. They don’t know the real you and what makes your cock twitch.

You always get the real me so when you call me, I better get the REAL you!

Here’s to the new year and new beginnings for the two of us!

Love, Victoria

Naughty Neighbor

Have you ever fantasized about having sex with your hot neighbor? You come home from work and you notice her bending over in her garden with nothing but a pair of short daisy dukes and a bikini top that is 2 sizes too small. Your cock instantly gets hard from that gorgeous brunette neighbor of yours and you can’t help but to notice when she is bent over a certain way, you can see her pussy lips peeking out of her shorts.
You desperately want to go over there but you’re not sure what to say. All you know is your cock is dripping with pre-cum and you badly want to bury your cock in your neighbors tight holes. Suddenly, you here your wife saying “honey, is that you?” “Are you home”, dinner is ready.” You clearly have 2 options here. You can either go inside your house, eat dinner and have routine sex with your wife tonight. Or, you can take option B and go with the gorgeous hot neighbor and have the wildest, craziest sex of your life.
I thought you’d pick me!
Naughty Neighbor Victoria

Naughty School Girl

Role playing is so much fun and acting out a naughty school girl fantasy is one of my favorites. It brings me back to when I was in school and I always got my teachers attention by wearing really skimpy clothes. I was a teachers pet and I always sat right in front of the class; I wanted him to have a excellent birds eye view so he could see my panties. I think my teacher really enjoyed seeing me in class, I always got A’s but I did put some effort into my high grades as well. Everyday, I would wear different style panties and by the end of the week they always got really provocative. Every once and while I would not wear any panties and he would look and see my tight, bald pussy. It was humorous because after he peeked up my skirt he could not concentrate for the rest of the class. He always adjusted himself and would say he had an emergency phone call. I know he was going to find a place to jerk off because I made him so incredibly horny.
Let me be your naughty little school girl who will suck and fuck my way to getting all A’s! I promise to be super naughty if you promise to discipline me for my out of control sexual behavior.

Shower Sex

If you don’t know me by now I like wet, steamy sex. There’s nothing better than a hot fuck in the shower. I love the feeling of our wet bodies pressed up against one another, feeling your hands run down my body and caress my luscious breasts. My back is facing you and I can feel your hard cock against my ass. I reach behind and I start stroking you. I can feel you getting harder with each and every pump. I bend all the way over and your cock makes it’s way to my wet, inviting pussy. You thrust it in nice and deep and you can’t resist but to fuck me harder and faster. It feels so amazing that we both climax at the same time.
I stand up and give you a long kiss and knowing your hot cum is inside of me makes me want to fuck you again. Are you ready for your shower baby? I can go all day with you.

A Valentine’s Day To Remember!

It’s been a long day at work and you’re ready for some serious stress relief. Not to mention it’s Valentines Day and no special woman in your life to share it with. You open your front door and there I am. I’m waiting on your couch wearing only a sexy, pink and black lingerie and black fuck me heels. Your cock instantly hardens as you see my delicious curves and my ample breast popping out of my teddy.

You walk over to me and I unzip your pants. They fall down to your ankles and I take your cock into my hands and slowly stoke you. I wrap my lips around the head of your cock and I start to lick and suck your cock like it’s never been done before. I can feel you getting harder in my mouth. My red lips are on a serious mission and that is to give you the most orgasmic blowjob of your life. You can’t take it any longer and you release a huge, hot load into my mouth.

This is only the beginning. I am no where’s done with you yet. I’ll be worshiping your cock all night long. You better call into work tomorrow because you will defiantly need a day to recover.

Are you ready for a Valentines Day to remember? I promise to drain your balls over and over again!

Masturbate For Me

You know I want you to stroke it for me. I want you to take out that long, thick dick of yours and wrap your fist around it. Masturbation phone sex is about more than getting off. It’s about this, the building excitement, knowing I’ll be directing each and every move of your hand. Feel it throb. I wish I was there with you, absorbing all that throbbing need, squeezing gently as it pulses like a thing alive and apart from you entirely. When a man is aroused, blood flow that isn’t needed for vital functions flows to the penis to form that pulsing, throbbing needy creature we call your erection. Now that it’s standing at attention, just for me… wouldn’t it be a shame for it to go to waste? Call me now lover.


The Art To Sucking

I don’t understand why wives and girlfriends don’t love giving head.  The sensation of feeling that salty meat enter my mouth, feel it enlarge at my beckoning and my caressing is a sensation like no other.  The feeling against my throat as it gets larger and fuller, the feeling of your ball sack get full and tender as I suck and gulp for that precious cum is like the first gulp of cold wine on a hot day.  I feel my pussy get wet the harder I suck and the firmer your cock gets in my mouth.

I pull you closer as I go deeper onto your cock so that I can breathe only through my nose.  I want then feel your hand against the back of my head gets me even hornier for your cock, knowing that you are using my mouth to please your cock.  Knowing that you are making me please you, knowing that the pleasure is running through your body is an aphrodisiac as I begin to finger my clit while consuming your cock.

I feel you cum inside my mouth and I force an orgasm from my pussy to suck every drop from your cock.  I don’t stop swallowing until my orgasm runs its course through my body, from my toes to my scalp where your hands are.  I feel your body tense as I take more cum from that cock than you thought you had to give.  Does this sound like what you need?  Call me; I’ll drain your balls with a smile on my cum-stained lips.

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