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Ass Training Sessions

I know you. I understand your curiosity and your desire to know what it feels like to be completely filled up, used and fucked like a slutty little whore. Maybe, I know you better than your wife or your girlfriend.

I know you have a sweet little virgin ass that is just aching for some real stimulation. Possibly, you have played with your ass a little, maybe you even have a little toy that you use on yourself. Have you ever surrendered your ass, offered it up, been turned into a little ass slut? No, but you want it!

Come to me for some sexy ass training sessions. I have a brand new strap-on just waiting for you.  I will be gentle at first, (well not too gentle) and pop that little ass cherry of yours!

I know you need this!


Written By: Lacey James
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The Time Has Come

I want you to get naked and go look into the mirror. You see that worthless thing between your legs? It’s time to get rid of it. We both know you never or will ever please a woman in this lifetime with that pathetic little thing. There’s nothing more pleasurable than watching a man cutting is own cock off to serve the woman he loves and worships. If you don’t have the balls (haha) to do it then I will. I’ve castrated before, and I love hearing grown men cry and scream like a little bitch. It gets my cunt wet, and makes the experience even more enjoyable.

Every castration is different. Sometimes I make it hard and fast, and in 2 seconds flat, your cock is in my hands. Then there is times when I like it slow and watch the blood splatter all over my hands with every little deep cut I make.

The time has come to give me what I want. Are you ready to surrender your cock to Lacey James?


Written By: Lacey James
Call  Lacey @ 1-866-949-4109
Email- AOL/Yahoo: cum4laceyjames

I’m The Key To Your Happiness

Day in and day out all you hear is nagging from your wife. Do this! Do that! Don’t you ever wish it could all go away!

You and I both know she doesn’t make you happy anymore. Who would be happy with someone constantly nagging or barking orders at you? You wish you were with a beautiful, confident woman who puts women like your wife to shame.

Everyday I see unhappy men with their boring wives. Married men look at me and wish I was their sexy trophy wife. The wives look at me as well out of jealously. They want my slender, sexy body and long, shiny hair.

So, when you are going to stop fooling yourself about your sad & pathetic life, and start doing something that makes you & your cock happy.

Click the key and find out more about me.

I am the key to your happiness.



 Written By: Lacey James
Call  Lacey @ 1-866-949-4109
Email- AOL/Yahoo: cum4laceyjames


Tease & Denial Phone Sex

I’m a seductive Goddess and I like things done my way. I never allow any man to cum without my permission. It shows disrespect and if you even think about disobeying my rules, I’ll be done with you. I understand it’s hard to hold back from cumming for your Goddess. Just look at me, how could you not release your big, hot load? You will have to play by my rules with a Tease & Denial phone sex call with your Goddess Lacey James.

I like keeping you in suspense if I am willing to let you blow your load or not. Your cock is aching with every stroke and hearing how pathetic you sound when you beg, makes me deny you even more.

There’s nothing I like better than a guy who can recognize a true Goddess and wants to do nothing else in the world but to please her.

Goddess Lacey James

Freshly Fucked For My Cum Faggot

Hey, you cum eating Faggot! What would you give to get a little taste of my freshly fucked pussy? Could be one or several cum loads in me, I’m not too sure to be honest. But for you, it doesn’t really matter, does it? Once a cum faggot, always a cum eating faggot!

I love when your face is near my pussy while I’m getting fucked, his big balls slapping your chin and mouth. You love being ball slapped, don’t you Faggot? I see your lips quivering when his cock is near your mouth. You want it, you need it! I wrap my hand around the base of his cock and take it out of my pussy and grab the back of your head and shove it all the way down your cock hungry throat. Suck it, faggot. Lick every drop of my pussy juice from his big shaft. Show me what a big cock sucking slut you really are.

Oh, look at you! I’m wanting to get fucked again but it looks like my cum whore has taken over and not going to stop till your slut mouth is filled with cum. I taught you well, faggot.

Giantess New Butt Plug

Lately, you’ve been a little pervert and looking up your Giantess’s skirt. So, I decided to shrink you. You didn’t think your GIANTESS GODDESS could miniaturize you so small, did you?

Now look up at my long, powerful legs, you look so tiny and weak as I tower over you. How does my ass look from way down there? Get ready to be smothered and intoxicated as I lower my ass onto your little self. It’s amazing how your tiny head fits in my ass. I think I found my new toy. I will just use your miniature head while I get myself off.

How does it look inside? I can easily stuff all of your little body inside my ass and never let you out. You would be gone forever. Poof!!! Just like that and I can make you disappear. You didn’t realize the power your Giantess Goddess has over you when you’re a weak, tiny man.

Cumslurping and YOU!

I bet a closet cock lover like you has one thought on his mind all through the day. Cum slurping! You sitting in the office looking around at all those guys in their suits. Watching to see if there’s any wiggle down there. Staring so hard you may just start drooling. I know fag boy, I know. The secret cum slurper in you wants to come out and play doesn’t he? He wants to float around like the little fairy that you are! I bet you’re even the kind of guy that stares at the black guys at the gym. You know what they say right? Once you go black… you’re going to need a wheelchair! LMAO
So cum slurper, dying for a taste of cum tonight? Can’t get a real man to fuck your face? I bet I can make you eat your own load! I have something special for you. A special little position just for little cum drinking fag boys like you. Dare to try it?
Aim/Yahoo: Cum4LaceyJames

My husband, my wimp

My husband could never figure me out really. The pathetic little worm really tried. He tried to touch me, and I revolted. Why would I want to be touched by someone so weak and pathetic? I knew what I was to him. The trophy wife everyone wants. Well, little did he know his trophy wife wanted more. That’s right. I didn’t sign up for a life long bullshit commitment to that tiny cocklette of his. No way! Married? Yes. Although I consider myself single and really looking for some fun ;).

My story is quite simple. I am here to humiliate the men just like my husband. The ones that are weak, pathetic, and couldn’t fuck their way out of a wet paper bag!! You know that you are nodding along with this aren’t you? haha You know what you need to do now!

Yahoo&AIM: Cum4LaceyJames

Like A Cock Boss

The work week was almost over. Most of my employees had already left for the day and I let out a sigh of satisfaction as I put the finishing touches on the proposal I’d been working on all week and clicked ‘save’. I sat back in my chair, stretched my arms over my head and smiled with contentment. “Finally,” I thought to myself.
I got up and walked over to the leather couch in my office. I needed to decompress. As I sank into the down-filled cushions, I wiggled my hips, sliding my skirt up. My right hand slipped down the front of my panties as the fingers on my left hand brushed and teased my nipples. I began rubbing circles on my clit and I closed my eyes, lost in my pleasure. Suddenly, I heard my office door open. I turned my head to find my best salesman, Rob, standing in the doorway.
“Um.. I’m sorry, Ms. James… I um…” he stammered.
“Get in here and close the door behind you,” I hissed.
Rob did as I told him. He stood across the room, diverting his eyes to the wall above me.
“Look at me,” I said.
Rob nervously locked eyes with me, “I just wanted to let you know I closed on the Daniels’ account. I’ll see you Monday, Ms. James.” He reached back for the doorknob. He was shaking.
“You’re not going anywhere yet, Rob. Take off your clothes.”
Rob stood motionless, except for his cock, which was making a distinct outline in his flat-front pants.
“Take off your fucking clothes, Rob, and get over here. You’re going to make me cum. In fact, you’re going to make me cum many times before I let you leave.” I lifted my ass off the couch and slipped my panties down over my feet as I watched Rob beginning to unbutton his shirt. I spread my legs while I watched him and resumed fingering my pussy. Rob slipped his shirt off, unbuckled his belt and let his pants fall to the floor. His cock was straining to escape his boxer briefs. “Take your underwear off too,” I said, my fingers sliding in and out of my slick hole. Ordering him to be my office sex slave was turning me on so much I was on the verge of orgasm. Rob pulled his briefs down and his 9″ cock stood at attention, hard against his stomach.
“Get down on your knees and eat my pussy,” I commanded.
Rob did as he was told, his tongue flicking against my clit, his fingers entering me, sliding in and out. I started cumming in his mouth almost immediately, my juices running hot down the crack of my ass.
“Now it’s your turn,” I said as I caught my breath. “Fuck my mouth.”

Two hours, and several cums later, I looked at Rob and smiled. “If you’re not careful, I’m going to have to give you a promotion.”
“As far as I’m concerned, Ms. James, you already have.”

My Cum-Guzzling Husband

His cock is far too small to satisfy me, and we both know it. We agreed a long time ago on the arrangement and it suits us. But all relationships have their problems, and one of ours is that I get carried away sometimes and forget how much he needs to suck cock and guzzle cum, so when he was moping around recently, I decided it had been too long since he’d had his slutty needs met.
I invited a mutual friend of ours over and told my husband I had a surprise for him. When Bill arrived, my husband knew what I’d planned for him and he definitely perked up. Bill stood in our bedroom, his magnificent cock inside of his jeans. I unzipped him and slid my hand inside his pants. “Bill, my hubby is going to suck you now,” I said as I wiggled my finger at my husband, motioning him over. I pulled Bill’s pants down and he sat on the edge of the bed. My husband wasted no time wrapping his lips around Bill’s cock, sucking him hard. Bill took my husband’s head in his hands and started fucking his mouth, and I fingered my pussy as I watched. I saw the muscles in Bill’s thighs flex and my hubby eagerly took his hot, spurting load.
I sat up and looked down at my husband, “feel better, slut?” I smiled at him. He nodded his head and smiled back. “Get him hard again for me…. you’re going to watch him fuck me, and then you’re going to clean his cum out of my cunt.”