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Your Blonde Addiction

What they say is true, blondes do have more fun! I’m your hot, sexy blonde addiction. I’m the total package and that’s why I become so incredibly addicting. From my perfect curves, to my young, intoxicating voice, there’s no way not to be hooked.  All it takes is one call and you will be completely smitten to your blonde Goddess.

I love taking you to a place you’ve never been before. I’m not satisfied till I’ve drained your balls to the max. You will be thinking about me days after our call, and leaving a smile on your face. My sweet, sexy young voice will make you think very dirty thoughts about me and your cock will throb in your pants when you think about sliding into my tight, bald pussy.

I’m your naughty blonde addiction that you just can’t get enough of.


Written By: Autumn
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I Bought Some Sexy Lingerie

It’s Valentine’s Day day  and you’re at work. I call you and tell you how much I love spending time with you and can’t wait to be with you on this special day. I also tell you in full detail my new red lace bra and panties I bought and can’t wait for you to get home and see it.

I wasn’t surprised when you came home early. Someone was a little excited to see me! I took you by your hand and brought you to the bedroom. You see the red lace bra and panties I was describing to you on the phone earlier laid out on the bed. I demand that you put them on for me. Naturally, you’re confused because you envisioned me wearing them for our hot night together.

Finally, you do as I say and what for me on the bed wearing your sexy red lingerie. While patiently waiting for me, you feel your cock stiffen in your panties.

I return wearing a black leather bra and matching thong with a huge 10 inch strap-on between my legs. You’re extremely scared yet excited at the same time. I have you put your legs on my shoulders and I give you a deviant look into your eyes. This will hurt but if you love me, you’ll take all 10 inches! Are you ready to be my Valentine?


Written By: Autumn
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I Want To Be Your Girlfriend

I know you have a wife but that doesn’t mean I can’t be the other special woman in your life.

I could imagine your life feels like it’s missing something and you would finally feel complete with a sexy girlfriend like me. I would add excitement and your hidden fantasies would finally be explored. There’s certain things you can’t tell your wife because of judgment but with your naughty girlfriend, you can not only share your desires but also act on them.

I would have more of a “real” relationship with you than you do with her. I would also take ownership of your cock and eventually you will only save your cum for me. Trust me, you will have the best of both worlds but you’ll be hooked on my naughty world so much you won’t have time for your wife anymore. 

Your Girlfriend,


Written By: Autumn
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Morning Wood Phone Sex

Good Morning!

Getting out of bed is the second hardest thing in the morning. We both know what the first hardest thing is.

Imagine you’re just waking up, your cock is rock hard and you’re just not wanting to get into the shower just yet. This is where I come in. You need to hear my hot, sensual voice in your ear first thing. You thought your morning wood was hard already until you hear me on the other end of the phone. I know exactly what to say to get your cock pulsating.

I think a hot mutual masturbation session is exactly what you need to completely drain your balls before starting your day.

I want one hand on your cock and the other hand dialing my phone number. You’re moments away from having just an average day to a specfuckular day!

My Virtual Lover

I woke up with a bang this morning. I am so happy my favorite phone fuck lover called me. He knows just how to get my little pussy creaming. There is something about his sexy deep voice and his descriptive mind that drives me crazy! He is absolutely obsessed with my exquisite body. What’s not to love right? I can just imagine his thick hard cock and eyes undressing me. He is such a passionate person. Just like me! He knows I like to play innocent but that’s just a ploy’ to get him right where I want him. I’m a wild girl with extreme fetishes. He loves to explore kink and BDSM with me.

He always emails me spicy erotica stories that get me going before he calls. We sometimes start our day with a little bit of porn watching as we rub out together. He says phone sex with me is so intoxicating. That is just what I want to hear. I just want to pleasure every bone in his body. He is so good to me. It’s like we have a virtual relationship. He is married and lonely. I give him that special tender love and care he needs.

I can’t wait to see what kinky video or erotic story I will receive in email from him today. I love when he emails me from work. Let’s me know he is thinking about me all day. I can’t wait for our next mutual masturbation phone sex session. My lover is a virtual one, but there is no doubt that he really exists.



Old Horny Neighbor

I was awakened by the sound of a lawn mower this morning.  I knew it had to be my old neighbor. I always have so much fun teasing him. I jumped outta bed and put on my bikini. I poured a glass of ice cold lemonade and ran outside. I laid down in my lawn chair and began to sunbathe. I could feel him staring at me. He even almost ran into a tree. I laughed as I untied my bikini top and rolled over onto my stomach. My big full breast bounced as I turned over. I noticed him rubbing at his crotch. I slowly kicked my legs up and down and wiggled my booty around. He couldn’t keep his eyes off me!  Of course, I acted as if I didn’t even notice he was there! I decided to really tease him. I rolled back onto my back with my big perky breast showing. I took an ice cube from my lemonade and began to trace circles around my nipples. I licked my finger and slid my hands into my bikini bottoms. By this time, my old horny neighbor got off of his mower and was standing on his porch. I secretly glanced over and could see him stroking his hard Dick to me! I kept rubbing my pussy.

I just love to be a tease. Nothing gets me more excited and turned on then driving men wild! Especially married or older men! That’s defiantly my favorite man to fuck with!

I want to tell you all about what happened next. Give me a call so I can tell you all about it. You don’t wanna miss this naughty neighbor fun! – Autumn xxo

Doin’ the Nasty

What I like to fuck, what the hell is the big deal? It’s actually a very healthy stress release and it burns calories too, especially the way I do it.  This summer has been awesome, last weekend I had a pool party and was totally gang banged by so many hard cocks I lost count. I love it when that happens and so does my hot, young cunt. I was pretty tipsy but I would have done them all anyway. A big hard dick for all three of my holes, definitely a treat I can’t pass up. Taking all those thick ,hot cum shots over and over again made me my squirt so fucking hard. Mmmm…and I love to swallow too. I’m ready to fuck again right now come do the nasty with me.

AIM: yourblondedesire

Just another taboo photo Shoot

I have been working with my horny photographer for awhile now. I always make sure to remind him how fucking lucky he is to shoot me in all sorts of sexy little poses and naughty outfits. I purposely tease the shit out of his cock and then laugh at him when he is raging hard. I mean as if I would ever fuck him. Thinking of leaving him aching and blue balled is just so awesome!

Well, he couldn’t take it any longer and devised a devious plan to get what he wanted from his naughty little cock tease. A “fake photo shoot” he arranged himself and I had no clue what was coming. We seemed to have finished up so I got up to go to my dressing room when he grabbed me by my arm and flung my hot booty back on the bed. Grabbing my wrists he cuffed me to the bedpost and then ripped off what little clothing I was wearing, leaving me butt naked. His naughty fingers raked slowly over my sexy curves, lingering on my huge, round tits. “I love your big tit’s Autumn you little cock tease.” He violated my hot fuck holes in more ways than one forcing me to like it and beg for more. He didn’t stop no matter how hard I begged until he shot a huge creamy, thick load of cum in my tight pussy. “No more cock teasing Autumn or you will get what you ask for.” *giggles*

OMG I l do LOVE getting taboo with you! Call me again soon.

Sexy licks,

AIM: urblondedesire

Neighborly Affection

I am use to men staring and drooling over my sexy curves and hot young body but lately my neighbor is getting out of hand. He watches me all the time and for hours at a time. Every time I turn around there he is “peeping” and no doubt stroking. He seems to be fascinated by my extra large titties on such a petite frame. How do I know this?

Well, I got home from summer class yesterday and there he was waiting for me in my garage. I felt his hard cock rub against my tight ass when he grabbed me by my wrists and said that I was going to do as I was told. Trying to resist did absolutely no good he had been planning and plotting this moment for a very long time. Turning me around to face him I saw that his eyes were completely fixed on my tight, little hot pink top and he was blatantly staring at my big yummy breasts. Ripping my tiny clothes off was easy for him he had me stripped in a matter of seconds and started to go crazy on my huge, round tits. Groping and devouring them like a sex starved mad man. “I adore you Autumn I know it’s wrong but I am infatuated with your huge tits and I need to touch them.” He did more than touch, he sucked, nibbled, licked, pinched and slapped them. Playing with my titties like fun bags getting his raging cock growing harder and harder by the moment. “Are you my big tit slut Autumn?” He asked me over and over again and even used force to get the answer he was seeking. I felt his raging cock slip between my cleavage and then his swollen tip slapped at my big, hard nipples. He used them, fucked them good and then shot his massive load all over my big titties. Thick, creamy cum dripped from my nipples down my sexy tummy and I watched him lick every drop up. “I’ll be seeing you soon my hot little whore Autumn.” And, if you even think about telling then I will have to call your parents and let them know what a naughty girl you are.

*giggles* I hope we can play again really soon!! I love all kinds of role playing…no limits or taboos.


Fantasy Phone Sex

Tonight I had fun with a caller, he read how much I love rape fantasy phone sex calls so he wanted to push me to the next level. He wanted me to be his little accomplice and I loved every minute of it. That is what Fantasy Phone Sex is all about, pushing the limits and taking things to places you can only fantasize about. Let me do that for you. Let’s push each other to the extremes. It doesn’t take much and you know that when you push your limits, it makes your cock throb so much harder and it makes it so much thicker. I’m waiting for you. Let’s get it on.