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My Cocktails and Your Cock During Happy Hour

You live down the street. We love to fuck each other, but we are both married to other people. I am a horny housewife who is home alone all day. You are working at home this summer, and you make time to see me in the late afternoon.  You love my signature summer cocktails, and I love your hot cock. The perfect recipe for one Hot Happy Hour! 

I love when you peel off my shorts or yoga pants to find my hot tiny, wet panties. We kiss and make out like teenagers. I can taste the vodka or rum on your lips when we kiss. You run your hands over my body. Sometimes I sit on your lap and unzip your pants. I give you a handjob as part of our erotic foreplay. 

Finally, we rush to the bed I share with my husband. He will be home in an hour, but fuck me and fuck me hard. Our Happy Hour continues and we make the most out of every moment, pleasuring each other’s naked hot bodies. 

I just love sitting at the dinner table with your cum inside of me. My husband asks me if I had a good day. I just sit back and smile, and remember how good it felt to feel your hard cock in me. 

Naughty Neighbor,



Written By: Jackie
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Sex On The Beach With Stranger

Instead of taking the family away for Spring Break, I talked a group of my college girlfriends into a Caribbean beach vacation for just us girls. Leave the husbands and kids at home this time. When you are a mom on vacation, it can be fun, but it is not really a vacation. When you are a mom, there are always responsibilities.  Well, with this trip, we wanted to just fun in the sun, with some hot cabana boys catering to our every need and desire. 

Instead of hooking up with the hotel staff, like my girlfriends, I went walking along the beach. I ignored the no trespassing signs and kept walking along the beach. I saw a man fishing from shore, so I stopped to talk to him. He teased me about ignoring the private property signs, and I said the ocean belongs to everyone. The handsome fisherman set down his pole and the two of us started a flirty conversation. I learned this is his property with a house and left the states to retire here. He was older and charming. I leaned over and kissed him. He asked about my wedding ring. I laughed and said that I was traveling with the girls and in need of an exciting adventure. 

He ran his hand on the inside of my thighs, and he looked deep into my eyes. I wanted him, and there was nothing holding me back. I grabbed him and pulled him toward me, kissed him with a wet open mouth kisses. He was mine for this moment. He took me right there on the beach, fucked me hard in the soft wet, white sand.


Written By: Jackie
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Naughty Stepmom Visits On Parents Weekend

You are in college, first year out of the dorm. Enjoying your apartment and having a blast, but the girls at school all seem so petite with tiny tits. You miss looking at your sexy step mom’s big tits and long legs. It always makes you crazy when I cook breakfast wearing just a tiny robe with all the cleavage to look at over your waffles or eggs. You would have to masturbate every day before school because you got so hard at breakfast.

This weekend is Parents Weekend here at your school. Your dad cant make it, but your stepmom, Jackie, is coming. Seriously, you have missed my curves and my long hugs. Friends have always teased you about having a MILF as a stepmom. Secretly, you hope that I will dress super sexy.

When I arrive at your apartment, I have on a short white skirt and white blouse with no bra. Wow, you can’t take your eyes off my tits. I give you a big hug and kiss. I have big bags of groceries to stock your pantry and fridge. Instead of taking you to dinner, I cook your favorite dinner here in your apartment. You watch me reach for spices and bend over to grab pans. You can see down my top. You can see a hint of hard nipple. You don’t want to get up because I might see your big bulge. You stammer and stutter over your words when I ask you about your classes, your professors, and the girls on campus.

A smart stepmom knows what that stammer means, that you are hard.  I am very flattered. I flirt and tease. After dinner, we snuggle on the sofa with a movie. I rub your leg, and then between your legs. You want to push my hand away, but it feels too good. You have to have me, so you pull down my top and start sucking my tits. Oh Wow! You do that better than your father. Pants come down, and cock is bigger than his cock. This is going to be a night that we will never forget. We go at it right there in your living room. Hands touching each other, mouths all over each other’s naked bodies. Riding you until you cum inside of me.


Written By: Jackie
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Sexy Swingers Phone Sex

My husband and I hosted a Swingers Party last night. It was wild! Naked bodies spread out all over our big old house. I think everybody was in an extra-horny mood. There was not much foreplay or conversation. We all just got naked and went for it. Usually, we talk and drink wine to get comfortable with each other before sex, but last night was different. As soon as everyone was there, I stood in the middle of the room and stripped off all my clothes. My husband lifted up another lady’s skirt and started licking her pussy. 

I had the opportunity to hook up with one of my favorite hotties. He and I were fucking in the living room when my husband saw us. I was riding my hottie’s cock.  My husband was so turned on. At first, he stood there and watched. Then he started stroking. I watched a lady come in and suck his cock. She was on her knees while I got on all fours with my hottie lover fucking me from behind. My husband had just cum before sitting down to watch me. He got hard but wasn’t ready yet. The lady enjoyed sucking him, but she didn’t stay long. She went upstairs to find another erotic encounter to join in on. 

I stood up, and my husband came up and sucked on my big tits. He fingered me and felt other men’s cum inside of my pussy. He dropped down to his knees and licked me for a few minutes. I told my husband to stay right there on his knees.  My hottie was rubbing his cock on my butt and back.  He was getting ready to cum. I spread my legs, with my husband’s face right there, my hottie slipped his cock into my dripping wet pussy from behind. Both men supported me, prevented me from falling as my hottie’s dick fucked me so hard, maybe the hardest fuck that I have ever had. It was so intense, especially since I was looking down into my husband’s eyes as I was getting the best fuck ever! 


Written By: Jackie
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Meeting Sexy Stranger At Hotel Bar

I head into the city. I do some shopping for the kids, getting them back to school clothes. Of course, I stop in at Victoria Secrets and pick up something sexy for myself. I get really turned on shopping for lingerie. I decided to see what happens. Maybe I can find a playmate today.  I am wearing a short little summer dress and heels. I stop in at a hotel bar for an afternoon cocktail. 

You are in town on business. Your flight was late, and you are starving. You grab a beer and some lunch at your hotel bar. The bar is pretty empty this time of day. We start chatting and flirting. You sense my sultry, sexy mood. We are both married, but not dead. You know that you should probably be good, but my curves are so sweet. You are picturing me naked, bent against the bar and fucking me hard from behind. Fucking me and doing all those sexy things that your conservative wife won’t. 

Let’s slip up to your hotel room and spend the afternoon getting to each other and making each other cum! 


Written By: Jackie
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Dirty Neighbor Lady

Look out your window. You see me in my white top and little denim cut off shorts. I am bending over to weed my garden. Remember my mouth-watering tomatoes from last summer? I get down on my hands and knees. My hips are swaying back and forth as I dig into the earth. You want me. You watch me water my plants and wash my legs off my long sexy tan legs. 

You fantasize about taking me. Your imagination runs wild! You walk up behind me, tear off my clothes and fuck me from behind. You fuck me right there in my backyard. Our hot sweaty bodies roll around in the wet dirt.

You release your raging hard cock from your pants, and you masturbate watching me.

I stand up and catch you in your window. I know what you are doing with your hand. Despite being dirty,  I head over to your house and walk in the back door without knocking. I know that you are alone. You are waiting for me in your kitchen.  We laugh at how dirty I am, but then maybe you like dirty girls.  I wash my hands at your kitchen sink. Time to make your fantasy a reality. You stand behind me, unzip my shorts, rub your hard cock against me. I turn around, water still running. You pick me up and set me down on the sink. I spread my legs and help guide your cock inside of me. You lean me back!  Yes, fuck me! Show me how you fuck a dirty girl! 


Vacation Sex

You and I are so hot together. Time and space seem to not exist outside of our little bubble. Everything is erotic and exciting. We seem to connect on so many different levels. We fantasize and we fuck! We make plans to play again. 

Meet me while my family and I are at the beach. I set up an 8 hour fishing for my family so that I can have some time for some naughty fun.  I send you a text when the coast is clear. You meet me on the beach for a little rendezvous. We hold hands and walk on the beach. You admire my curves in my new bikini.

You pull me into a hidden cove surrounded by palm trees. You cannot wait one second longer to get your hands on my tits.You have been dying to get your hands on my tits for so long. You think they are perfect.I slip my hand inside your shorts and stroke your hard cock. Things quickly become very passionate. We stop before we get arrested. 

 We walk back to my vacation condo and stop at the pool bar for a drink. I find you charming and sexy. Flirting and dirty talk is part of the foreplay for us. We start kissing at the bar. I get a look from the one of the staff. She knows that you are not my husband, but I don’t care. I feel so good and happy. After our drinks and foreplay, I want you naked. We need to get upstairs so we can get down and dirty. You know how I like it! 

Once upstairs, you pull off my bikini top and rub my pussy through the fabric of my bikini bottom. I get you out of your short, and I give you a slow and sexy blow job. I feel your cock growing in my mouth. I look up at you, and you grab a fistful of my kinky blonde hair. You watch me slip out of my bikini bottom. You go down on me, and I cum. 

We spend the next few hours together fucking. So many different positions! There is nothing hotter than a hot and horny housewife in need of some erotic vacation sex. 

My Nex Door Neighbor’s Big Cock

It is a beautiful summer afternoon. I have all the windows open in our old house.  My kids are at visiting their cousins for two weeks, and my husband is working late again. I am home all alone. I heard you next door. Your windows are open too.  You are in your home office watching porn. Aren’t you supposed to be working from home?

My husband has said that you have a big cock. You two work out at the same local gym.  Well, the way I look at it, if you have time to take a break and watch porn, then you have time to fuck me! I strip naked. I show off my naked body for you, in front of the window, as an invitation for you to come fuck me. I rub my big tits and finger my pussy. I make sure you see me and hear me.  Moments later you are in my living room ready to fuck me. I admire your big cock. You are bigger than my husband by a few inches.

Wow, this is going to be so hot! Fuck me on the floor. No time for a lot of foreplay, just fuck my hot, wet married pussy.  After fucking me for a while, I suck your cock. I taste me all over you. While I am sucking your cock, you talk dirty to me about how hot it was watching my hands on my naked body in front of my open window. You get me on my hands and knees. My turn to talk dirty as you fuck me hard and oh so deep! I tell you how good it feels to have such a big long dick in my pussy.  You are way bigger than my husband! 


Romantic Date for Phone Sex Roleplay: Sexy Train Ride

chicago night train

This sexy housewife was reminded of a very romantic encounter. Once upon a time, I had a first date, It turned out to be one of the most erotic experiences. Wouldn’t it be fun to recreate that night and turn it to a hot roleplay?

The evening starts with a very romantic dinner in the city. I am wearing a short skirt and a very sexy low-cut top that highlights my large breasts. I want to look really hot for our date. Looking across the table at dinner, I gaze into your eyes. The dinner is exquisite. There is magic in the air tonight. You want to kiss my soft pink lips. Also, the way that low cut top frames my tits, you want to squeeze them all night long.images (1)

We drank a bottle of wine with dinner and had a cocktail before dinner, so we take one of the last trains back to my home in the far west suburbs. We find the last car on the train is empty. We settle in our seats as the train leaves the station.  As soon as the conductor takes our tickets, we start making out. Your hand goes inside my top. You feel a twinge in your cock as you touch my hard nipple. You pull down my top, and I crawl up into your lap. I grind in your lap. The sounds and the movement of the train rapidly increase the intensity of my arousal. I want you hard, and I want to ride you. We kiss, and I unzip your pants. I hike up my skirt. I stroke your cock and push my panties to the side. Just as the train whistles, I slide onto your cock. You must hold my hips, so I don’t fall off of you. You hold me tight as I ride you hard. The train bounces me around as I ride your cock. I ride you harder and faster.  You suck on my tits. We moan and groan as the loud train masks our lustful sounds. We are not naked, but we are practically naked. It is our first date, and here we are having the most memorable erotic ride of our lives.



Lusty Afternoon With Sexy Housewife



Your wife is my best friend, but I am so turned on by you. You and I are both married to other people, but we have this very exciting sexual chemistry. Why should we fight nature?  Maybe it is destiny, fate or just plain hormones, but we are very attracted to each other.  Last Saturday, you had us over for a backyard barbecue. There was that moment in the kitchen. We were alone, and I wanted to rip your clothes off and wanted you to fuck me right there on your kitchen counter. You felt the same way. I could see it your eyes. The moment was interrupted when your wife walked into the kitchen, but I still am craving you.

I have an empty house with this kids at school and husband working a lot of overtime. I have the time and the place for us. I need to satisfy this ache that I have inside of me.  Only you will do. Leave the office after lunch, and spend the rest of the afternoon in bed with me. We can fuck hot and heavy. Want you deep in me. Pin me to the bed and fuck me. Ravage me to my core. Play with my big sexy tits. Fuck my mouth and then my pussy. I will make you cum with such intense passion.

After powerful orgasms, we lie in bed together giggling. We have a great conversation. We share so much with each other as you rub my naked back.  We feel so close to each other, but there is no relationship drama. We both feel so good, happy, content. As we relax and recover from our orgasms, we kiss and caress. You crawl out of bed, ready to face the world.  You kiss me so deeply, and we set a date to do this again.