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Too Bad

I’m involved in a relationship with a man that is definitely my cuck. Our arrangement has been going on for years and up until a couple of weeks ago, it was wonderful. I got everything that I wanted and he got the things that he needed.

All of a sudden, he feels like he can change things up and wants to be the aggressive one. LOL! Don’t make me laugh. I have no respect for this loser and there is no way that I’m submitting to him. I realized that I was going to have bring him back down to reality.

I invited him over and had a group waiting for him. I quickly had him tied to a chair. It was time to show him EXACTLY where he fit into my life. Him watching 5 men fuck me is what he gets. I’m usually a lot nicer and will at least allow him to stroke his cock. Not this time! He doesn’t deserve it with his fucking bad attitude.

I came and came while he sat there begging. As much as I love his begging, I still didn’t let him cum. After the men finished up with me, I kept him tied up and went to sleep. Needless to say, he’s happy with our arrangement again.



Written By: Ivette
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Teasing with Passion

I love the power I feel when I’m teasing men. It is an extreme turn on for me. I love knowing a mans cock is rock hard and knowing at any given moment they will do anything for me. I will tease you in all possible ways.

Let’s start with your sight. Tell me what you think about my gorgeous sexy body while you undress me with your eyes. I brush my warm body up against you. While I whisper in your ear driving you wild, you feel my lips against your neck with teasing kisses while I slowly undress.  Mmmm let’s push your limits. I want to tease you and bring you to the edge. My skilled lips and tongue need to get to work.

I can’t wait to drive you wild with passion for me. I want to keep you right on the edge until your begging me for my sex. Just imagine moaning my name, begging me for more. Cum to me and let me seduce you with my body.


Written By: Ivette
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Romantic Getaways

You surprise me with a last-minute getaway. You tell me to pack my favorite red bikini. You know exactly how much I love to show my body off. I can tell just by looking at you that you have something very special planned for us.  You make my heart melt every time you spoil me.

We arrived to a gorgeous resort. I wanted to roam around and look at the shops and check out the pool but you insisted that we go right to the room.  As soon as we checked in, we headed to the room. We were both so hot and horny we couldn’t keep our hands off each other. Kissing passionately right into the room tumbling onto the bed. You tear off the little bit of clothes that I have on. I’ve been waiting to be with you again.  I love how you sweep me away and bring the best out in me. You know once I’m under your spell, I need your cock inside me. I start to unbutton your pants, no more waiting. I need it right now.  I want you to burst your hot seed in me before we even start our mini vacation.  


Written By: Ivette
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It’s the way he worships my ass, my body. The way he makes me feel is amazing, like I am the only woman he has ever set eyes on. I’ve come across his type before but he seems different. Every time he touches me it’s so seductive. I can tell with every touch he’s admiring my body and getting familiar with me. He already knows his place. I can see the sparkle in his eye when he’s on his knees groveling. Begging and pleading just to brush his face against my beautiful ass. The thought of him rubbing against me kissing and licking my ass cheeks. Sending his cock pulsating through his pants. Mmmm, breathe in, smell my sweet aroma. The smell is so delightful. Don’t wait a moment longer to get between my ass cheeks for a hot ass worshiping session.


Always Wanting More

It gets old trying to find a man who knows how to satisfy me completely. When I do come across one, I always hold on to him. Making sure he is completely happy. Mutual masturbation is something that I really get off on. The chemistry between two people can be very powerful.

I fantasize about a gentlemen who knows how to satisfy me in every way. I can feel myself getting horny while I wait for him. The pressure builds up in my pussy and I tingle with pleasure even when I read his emails. Erotic thoughts fill my mind thinking about what we are going to explore next.

I imagine his hands rubbing up and down my body, kissing every inch of my soft flesh. He slides his hands between my legs moving my panties to the side. He is very pleased to see how wet I am.

I open my eyes for a brief second realizing I need to be filled with pleasure while I wait. I lie down on my bed reaching for my favorite dildo spreading my legs imagining him teasing me with his throbbing cock. Circling my dildo around my wet hole I tease myself until I’m on the edge. Sliding it slow and deep. Just as he would take care of me.

Confess It All Phone Sex

Are you ready to confess all your fantasies to me? I want you to be open and honest with me. Leave all your worries and fears behind you. I want to hear every intimate detail that runs through your head. Maybe you’re sneaking into your wife’s closet modeling her sexy lingerie or maybe you have the desire to be on your knees in front of your wife’s lover sucking his manhood, cleaning him up after he has fucked your wife. Tell me your ultimate turn on’s. I love feeding off your every word while we indulge in a hot mutual masturbation call. Let me make you cum from your most erotic fantasies.


Hot Tease

Yes, everyone loves having a co-worker like me. Most of you think I’m a cock tease including you. I’m always dressing in something sexy and short. I even kick it up a notch and wear something on the slutty side. My flirtatious ways drive you crazy. I don’t care if you think I’m all talk and no action. I love the fact that you drool over me every single day. We were both working late to meet a project deadline. I finished my work and gathered up my things and headed out before you. Quietly you followed me out to the parking garage. When I heard foot steps I turned around, grabbing my wrists  you  back me up against my car. Pushing your rock hard cock against me while your hands slid up my thighs pulling off my tiny thong. Plunging a finger in my pussy, you confess all the taboo things you have planned for me to do. My wrists are above my head and I watch you unzip your pants pulling out your dick. I leaned my body back against my car spreading my legs wide. I couldn’t help but to beg to be fucked nice and hard like I deserved.

Panty Hose & Heels

I refuse to accept that summer is over. Let’s go back to the special moments we shared on the beach. We spent so many hours in each others arms, it was so magical. The first night we spent with each other consumes my mind with such memories. My pussy tingles when I think back at the first time. I was sprawled out on your bed with the summer breeze flowing through the curtains. I was wearing absolutely nothing but pantyhose and heels. It was so erotic and inviting. I watched as you undressed slowly, we laid in each others arms massaging and caressing each others back. Slowly you moved your way on top of my body. I could tell my pantyhose rubbing against your body was a huge turn on. Our bodies pressed against each other with just a thin layer of fabric separating you from slipping into my wet box. We kissed deeply as I felt you make a tear in my hose, slipping your throbbing man hood inside of me. Join me again for another rendezvous. Let’s make some new memories.

Summer Rendezvous

I’ve been traveling to some pretty amazing places this summer. My last trip had some unexpected surprises. While I was getting myself settled for my flight the most gorgeous business man took the seat next to me. He had dark hair and wearing a very expensive suit, he had his tie loosened around his neck which was so sexy. I couldn’t help myself but to stare. I’m certainly not shy, I struck up a conversation with him it wasn’t long before my hand was brushing up against his pants slightly rubbing his package. He certainly didn’t have any complaints. As soon as everybody was settled in their seats I slipped him a note on a napkin and headed back to the bathroom. He followed behind a few minutes later, with not much room I unzipped his pants while he pushed my panties aside. Turning me around I placed my hands on the sink. His engorged cock slipped inside of me from behind. Our hips moving together with such heat until we both exploded with bliss. I pulled myself together and headed back to my seat just in time for another cocktail. For the remainder of the flight we chatted he was staying at the same hotel for business and I was staying there for pleasure. We will definitely have to meet up for another quickie.

I’ve been having the best summer!


Summer Bliss

Every summer I stay at a beautiful resort on the beach that is near by. It’s so relaxing and calming. It feels like paradise. Endless food and drinks and plenty of eligible bachelors. I had spent the afternoon at the pool before heading to the bar for happy hour. I was sipping on my cute umbrella drink while I was sitting back flirting with the gentleman next to me. I looked at my watch noticing how late it was getting. It was time to go on a man hunt to find some fun. I handed the bartender some money and gave him a wink. I walked through the lobby wearing my sexy red bikini. Heads were turning from every direction from husbands to wives. On my adventures, I found a very handsome gentleman. After hanging out for a while talking and having a few drinks, we decided that we should head back up to my room. I was shuffling through my bag to find my key when he started kissing on my neck, sliding a hand down my bikini bottoms. We couldn’t get in the room fast enough. I stripped him down to nothing as he bent me over the chair and fucked me slowly. Kissing my neck softly he started worshiping my whole body with kisses. He then had me stand up while he planted kisses on my pussy. I moaned for more of his cock. He turned me around, pressed me up against the wall and started pounding on my pussy. It was the hottest fuck I’ve had this summer.

Maybe I’ll be bumping into you next time.