Let Mommy Help

       I just adore my callers, and we have the hottest fun together. I just finished a call so hot, I needed to play it all again in my dirty MILF mind.

He was my son, and when I went to tuck him in, he was masturbating. I know I should have knocked first, but it’s my home after all. He knows how dirty I am, but he wanted me to be the sweet, nurturing mommy.

He was very embarrassed, and tried to pull his sleep pants back on. I was very annoyed, and told him again to put it away. He was struggling and it wouldn’t go down for him. I didn’t know what else to do, so I offered to help him.

I tried to flatten out his penis, while he tried to pull up his pants. He really had a big penis and balls for one his age. He suggested that I could maybe hold his balls, while he pushes against my hand. At that point, I would try anything. 

     That was not working at all. Maybe if I massaged them for him. I put on a pair of white gloves, because if I’m wearing them it would be more like therapy then sex.

I got as close as I could to him, sort of sitting on him to get a good position. I began stroking him, till he had a huge accident on my gloved hand. 


Written By: Suzanne
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