Feeling Lucky?

Happy St. Patty’s Day!!!

It’s time to have some green beer and have some real fun! I want to get totally wasted and do things tonight that would shock people.

Did you know I make the perfect accomplice? Uh huh!!! I love finding the perfect prey for our pleasure. I am a total sweetie pie and love to please but when it comes to being your nasty accomplice, I will be the biggest deviant bitch you’ve ever crossed. I will stop at nothing to making my daddies happy.

I think it would be fun to pour alcohol down a little slut’s throat while I’m forcing her dead back and get her totally intoxicated. Oh, the fun we could have with her.

If you love accomplice phone sex, forced sex, rape scenarios and age play, it’s your lucky day and I’m ready to play!

Accomplice Kenzie 866-949-4310

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