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My Favorite Foot Slave

I have a dirty little foot slave named Teddy. He lives to worship my feet and loves when they’re extra dirty. I come home and put my feet up and here he comes crawling over to me on his hands and knees begging to take my shoes off.

I’ve been walking around in them all day and I know how sweaty they are, but that just makes his tiny little dick stick out a little harder. He takes those dirty stockings off, wads them up and breathes in deep. He takes my sweaty foot in his hand and starts to lick the sweat off of them. I lean back and watch the show. He closes his eyes and lets his tongue run all over. I especially love when he gets to my toes. He sucks them like tiny cocks. Teddy is a world class cock sucking little faggot, so you can only imagine how well he sucks on those little piggies. He’s gets his tongue in between them and takes them nearly to the back of his throat. I let him wrap those sticky feet around his teeny tiny cock and cum all over them. I also make him clean up his mess, Teddy is a cum slut, so it’s icing on the cake. Such a good little foot slave.



Written By: Bambi
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Sexy Holiday Slut

So sweet and innocent but I know your naughty secrets. You’re a cute, dirty little panty thief.  I know you’ve been wondering what I got you for Christmas. Well, I thought we can start early, let’s open your gift now. Only because I think it’s time that you stop sneaking my panties out of my room. I know you’ve been wearing them. I know you want me to teach you how to be sexy slut. Well, Merry Christmas Dirty Girl. I got you, your own sexy pair of panties along with a matching babydoll dress. Your gonna look like the cutest holiday slut. Before we start making our rounds on Christmas, let’s fit in a little holiday masturbation under the tree with each other. Let’s try on your sexy little outfit. I’ll teach you everything you’ll need to know this holiday season.  Spread those sexy legs and show me how you rub your clitty.


Written By: Janene
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All I Want For Christmas


 TiffanyHappy Holidays from your favorite blonde bimbo. I am laying under our Christmas tree wrapped and ready for you to open your present. I can already see how excited you are as you know just what your gift  is.  Don’t take your time unwrapping as my big tits with hard nipples, soft silky skin, round spankable ass and creamy hot pussy is waiting and ready for you. Don’t be a tease! Maybe you need some help?

Now it is my turn to enjoy my big, hard present. I see you’re wearing my favorite red  silk boxers but they certainly won’t be on for very long. I can’t wait to lick that first drop of pre-cum and feel your heavy balls in my soft hands. My first gift to you is a long, wet, hot blowjob, as your first gift to me is a thick, hot creamy load of cum.

Next, you’ll give me the gift of your lips sucking my nipples, lol or is that my gift to you lover? We have so many gifts for each other, I think it will be a long exciting night of just you and I. Unless of course, you want that beautiful young woman who helped us in the lingerie store? Oh how I do love the season of giving and sharing.

  Love, Tiffany



Written By: Tiffany

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Santa Please Bring Me Big Cocks!

memphisI’ve made Santa’s naughty list yet again but if he could find it within himself to get a few BIG COCKS for Christmas, I would be forever grateful. That is my only wish and I want it so, so, so bad! I am so sick of little white boy peckers. I want something stretching my pussy, more than it’s ever been stretched before (if that’s even possible.) I really don’t understand how any girl could fuck a dick less than 8 inches?? Very unsatisfying if you ask me.
Even when I was a little Memphis, I liked challenges. I never turn down a dare and always wanted something bigger and better. Not just with cocks but with everything in life. I just always have been a sexual person. I remember when I was in my very early teens at a sleep over, all my friends went to bed and I was up on a search to find something to shove in my young pussy. I ended up rubbing my clit up against a lava lamp because it was too big to fit in me at the time. I don’t know if that’s hot or pathetic but I don’t care when it comes to pleasuring my holes.
Hopefully, I get something that will be massive with a big, red bow on it when I wake up Christmas morning. Come on Santa…. which elf do I have to fuck to make a size queen happy????

The One and Only,


Written By: Memphis
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Holidaze Depravity

malaya maxxx  Ho, Ho, Ho it is your little ray of sunshine helping you with your naughty list. You have tried to be a good daddy and husband, haven’t you? For the most part, you’ve put away your deviant urges but while you were out getting the bitch some last minute gifts because you still hadn’t gotten her enough, you see me. In one word, you are FUCKED.

You have wandered in my Adult Gifts store even though deep down you know she wouldn’t speak to you for days if you purchased anything from this store and you would spend thousands in jewelry to fix things. Yet, you couldn’t help yourself. 

You love what I am wearing, not that she even has the body for it, and I show you some fun toys. It is late, almost time to close and I offer you a drink. You happily accept it as we go in the back room to try some things on. You don’t even remember agreeing to it, but you have a ball gag in your mouth and leather restraints on your wrists. I begin to go through your things, finding out your identity. Yes, now I know where she lives and you all are FUCKED after I text a few rather naughty friends.

                Deviant Holidazes With Malaya



Written By: Malaya Maxx
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Dreaming Of A White Christmas


I have a very specific Christmas list for my phone sex daddy. I told him I don’t want any toys, clothes or makeup this year. I told daddy I want a circle jerk with all his hot  buddies. It’s no secret I love older men and I’m obsessed with cum! I would love to come down the stairs and see 8 of my daddy’s well hung friends around the Christmas tree. Most little girls get down on their knees in front of the Christmas tree to open presents but all I want to do is get on my knees and suck cock. The more cum the merrier. Of course, daddy is thrilled. He can’t wait to set this up for me and be apart of it and he doesn’t even have to spend a dime. By the end of the day, I want cum covering my whole entire teen body. I am getting so excited just thinking about it. I can’t wait to have my belly full of warm jizz.

5 more days and it will be a very cum filled white Christmas!


Written By: Jizz Junkie Mandee
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Life Of The Party

I was invited to a Christmas party over the weekend, and let me tell you, it was B-O-R-I-N-G! Everyone was just standing around and staring at each other. There was no way that I was going to stand for that. I’ve always been the life of the party! While everyone was trying not to fall asleep, I decided to get things popping. I stripped out of my sexy little dress and started walking around. They all looked in disbelief. I gave a naughty smile and found the sexiest girl in the room. She looked nervous, but couldn’t take her eyes off of my massive breasts. I pulled her face to mine and gave her a sexy kiss. I heard the gasps… and then the groans. After I broke the ice, clothes were flying off. The party went from dull to HOT! So many different sets of hands were touching my body, both male and female. It took a little while, but it became the best party I’ve ever been to. Nothing like naked flesh, spontaneous fucking and cum filled holes to put you in the Christmas spirit!



 Written By: Ginger
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Princess Bethany’s Sissy

I notice that while everyone else is have Holiday fun, opening presents, saying “cheers” as they clink their glasses, and eat yummy treats, you have left the room. I wonder what it could be that has taken you away from all the celebrating as you love a good party.

I hear a girly kind of moaning coming from my bedroom. OMG, who is in the room with you? I didn’t see anyone else missing. I quietly open my bedroom door and see it is you and all my pretty girly panties and bras are all over my room.

You are prancing around as you try on all my pretty things whether they have been worn or not. What is he doing now? I mean I suspected but I really didn’t know, but he has taken out two of my dildos. He is sucking one and begins to pound himself with the other. I start to call him names to humiliate and tease him. He likes it, what the hell? The more I tease him the harder he fucks his holes. Wait till I tell my friends!


Written By: Baby Bethany
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Home with Mommy Morgan for the Holidays


All I want for Christmas, this year, is you here with me. 

The Holidays are a special time of year for us. I have your favorite cookies freshly baked for you. The house is trimmed in dark red and gold. Little white twinkling lights and the real Christmas tree with tons of presents around it. Oh, and there is your present for Mommy, a beautiful pair of sexy black panties from Victoria Secrets. You’re so excited for Mommy to open them and put them for you.

Your Mommy Morgan loves the Holiday Season, but what makes it so special is spending time with you, my special boy. Love laying around, snuggling together, under a blanket. Running my fingers through your hair, touching your face, and soft little kisses always make me smile.

They are predicting a cold white Christmas this year, but you will be safe, warm and loved here in my arms. Just the two of us! Mommy keeps the house warm so that I can wear pretty lingerie for you. Hope that you are enjoying the Holiday Season, but you are always the happiest boy when you here at home with your lovely Mommy Morgan.

snow 2


Written By: Mommy Morgan
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Small Penis Humiliation

Bratty BreeWow, I thought you said you were hard. I am not interested in a soft cock. Go ahead, stroke it for me. Stroke, it vigorously. It must get bigger and harder than that.

Oh, it doesn’t? I have never seen anything so tiny as yours. My finger is longer than your dick, WTF?

Wait! How do you even stroke it? Your hand totally envelopes your little dick. Show me how you masturbate that tiny thing. Oh, so that is how you do it. Two fingers, well actually, your finger and your thumb, kind of rubbing it a bit. You rub it like a clit instead of stroking like a cock. I have to get a pic of this.  

You really did not think that a sexy girl, like me, would ever put her mouth around that tiny little pathetic excuse for a cock. You are funny, making me giggle.

Little dicks are meant to be humiliated and laughed at by pretty girls. So, let me text your pic to all my hot girlfriends. You don’t make me wet, but you do make me laugh.


 Written By: Bratty Bree
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