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Holiday Party At Ski Resort Revenge

    I love my exciting and naughty life! From October all the way till Harley11New Year’s is non stop parties. Last Saturday a bunch of my friends from school all got together and went to A Ski Resort courtesy of this loser Tanya’s sexy dad. We all only hung with her as her dad is rich and HOT!  He has always had a thing for me and spoiled me even more rotten than I already am!

After a day of skiing, dancing and drinking everyone was pretty tired and went to their rooms. Daddy knocked on my door around 12 am. I was up, horny and polished off half a bottle of  Jameson’s with Tanya so she would go back to her room and leave me the fuck alone. Daddy, yes I call him daddy, rented the whole resort so there was only us girls. I let him in and he gave me my presents. I opened them quickly and was on my knees thanking daddy when there was another knock at my door. 

Fuck, it was Tanya who barged in and saw her daddy with his dick out and rock hard for me. I had enough of this needy, pathetic bitch. With daddy’s permission I stripped her down, restrained her and made her watch me fuck her daddy. I fucking think she actually wanted to fuck him herself. With enough booze in the bitch I bet I could make that happen!

You’re At The Top Of My List

joanneIt’s the happiest time of the year! Or, maybe not. It can be the most stressful and frustrating time of the year and let’s not forget; tis the season for blue balls. The last thing your wife or girlfriend wants this time of year is to please your cock. Your needs always seem to make it to the bottom of the list.

While you might be at the bottom at your loved ones list, you are defiantly at the top of mine. Speaking of top, that’s where I want to start. I want to straddle your body while you lay back and relax. Let my tongue slide down your torso and position myself between your legs. This is where I want to take my time and use my mouth and tongue in ways you’ve never experienced before. I’m a very giving person and I really want to show you how much I want to give to you.

The thought of your wife out holiday shopping while you and I have a long erotic rendezvous or even a quick hot fuck gets me completely turned on. My gift to you is the most memorable, cum draining orgasm. I want to give it all to you and you know I am capable of achieving that.

Check your list, check it twice and let’s get naughty and fuck all night!


Written By: Madame Joanne
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Cum Slut Emma

Phone sex daddy makes my cunt so nice and wet. There is something about being a naughty dirty little cum slut that makes me so hot. I love to look my best for him. I get down on my knees looking up at him with my pretty eyes. I crave his cum, actually I crave any mans cum load that is nice and creamy.

I think you can give me what I need. I bet your balls are nice and full. I’m ready to milk you. I beg you to rip my panties off to see how wet my cunt really is. Mmm, yes all my holes are ready to be used by your cock. I want to show you how bad I want and need to taste your cum. I’ll be your little slut all day long. As long as you cover my sweet, young body in loads of cum.



Written By: Baby Girl Emma
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Men On Man Gang Bang

My lover has been hinting at a gang bang for his Christmas present. After he told me the perfect setup, he said he wants all men. I couldn’t imagine a better gift for the two of us. I honestly had no idea he was into big, thick cocks. 

I have many guy fuck buddies but he kept talking about the men at the gym we go to. I am big on privacy but I needed his phone in order to invite his gym friends. My, my, my, his phone was filled with pictures of huge cocks. I really had no idea.

I went down to the gym to begin inviting his friends, and when I told them who the party was for they all seemed to know him. They commented on how great he was at sucking and taking huge cocks up his sweet ass. They even called him their favorite cum whore. Looks this this will be one hot men on man party and Christmas gift.

               Dirty Debi


Written By: Dirty Debi
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Frankie’s Toilet Slave

   I have the most entertaining new sissy fag to mind fuck. The thing is while he is completely faithful and obedient to me, he cheats on his boyfriend. That’s fucking hysterical, right? When he calls me, I put him on speaker and call my roomies in to listen.

  It seems at a party he cheated on his boyfriend and says he couldn’t help himself as he loves big black cock. I am laughing as I type this because he was dressed little a little girl in all pink including Mary Jane shoes and pink socks with lace trimming.

He isn’t just a fag, pain slut and cuckold, as it goes way more nasty, dirty and depraved than that. He loves piss, brown showers and bloody clots from my period. He came over last night because he was super hungry for what only I could give him. It was late, I was tired and a little grouchy when Faggot showed up. I went to sleep and made him put his mouth to my pussy, only allowing him to be my personal tampon. He served me tea, licked me clean and took care of all my toilet needs for the next two days.



Written By: Fetishista Frankie
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Question Of Dominance

     My client has asked me for many favors over the last year and with him being so hot, I enjoyed doing every favor hoping to keep his business with our company. I looked for the opportunity to seduce him during our intimate dinners out and our late nights in my office. It just never seemed to be the right time. His last favor was an opening, and either way what was the worst that could happen? Did I mention he is married.

He called me,which in itself was unusual as we usually text. He said he had a huge favor to ask and would understand if it was taking advantage of our business relationship. That got me extremely curious. He asked if I would help him host a party. He explained his wife couldn’t do it as she is completely reserved and he wanted this party to be anything but. I agreed and did all the planning for him, all he had to do was invite his guests.

A few hours before I was due to arrive at the reception room a package arrived. It was an extremely sexy dress yet elegant , stockings, stilettos and even lovely pure silk panties. I quickly dressed, stopping only to admire how I looked. Maybe after the party I would have my chance. A limo picked me up but we didn’t go to the reception hall. Instead it took me to his loft downtown which he uses when he is too tired to drive home. I found a note on the door saying “just come in”. I thought that was an odd way to greet guests, especially since I  hired a doorman.

Everything I made arrangements for was there from the go-go dancers, bartender and food. He came down the stairs dressed in a tux looking amazing! We danced, had a few drinks and I was wondering where all the guests were but enjoying our alone time. He whispered in my ear he was waiting for this for such a long time. Romantic, yes? He picked me up, carried me upstairs to what looked like a bondage room. The question then became who was the sub and who was the domme?




Written By: Valentina
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Christmas Lingerie Shopping

      Holiday shopping can be so dreary which is why I have my Little Elves to do it for me. They’re so eager to look at and try on sexy lingerie knowing the treats that await them if they please me.

They both did an excellent job this year bringing me retro lingerie for my favorite girlfriends. I am so excited to see how they will look in it. As I demanded, they also got new pink crotchless panties for themselves in pastel colors. My little bitch boys are gushing with excitement at pleasing Mistress. They’re talking incessantly about what Mistress might have planned for their gifts. Honestly, their yapping like lapdogs is giving me a headache and I slap them both and bring in two hot men to fill up their mouths. 

They both run to put on their makeup and change into their panties as I fuck both of the gorgeous black men I invited over. They come in and remain on their knees till Mistress is properly satisfied. I sit back with a Crown as I watch those yapping mouths get pumped full of big, black dick.

          Happy Holidays From Mistress Brianna


Written By: Mistress Brianna
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I Got Seduced, Then I Seduced You

I was the only one home and kind of bored.  I was hanging out in the front yard, just watching the world pass by me.

An older boy from the neighborhood, very cute, stopped and started asking me questions. He kept calling me “Beautiful” and asking me why I didn’t have a boyfriend. His words were charming and sweet, and he made me feel good.  I think I wanted to kiss him. It was like he was reading my mind. He said he wanted to kiss me, but not out here. I invited him into the house, and he asked for a tour. I showed him every room, but he was most interested in my bedroom.

He kissed me, and I got super tingly all over. I had never felt like this. It was confusing but exciting. Then he said he wanted to kiss my special spot, and then he as going to teach me how to kiss his special spot as pointed to his cock in his pants. It was impossible to miss, that big bulge in his jeans. Next thing I know, he is taking off my clothes, but I am not stopping him. I like it. Then he wants me to lie on my bed, and he spreads apart my legs. He starts kissing me down there. I shiver. I know I should make him stop, but I don’t, I start moaning and groaning.

I get lost in another world, and I don’t hear you come home. You find my door open and the older boy licking me between my legs. You are furious! You start screaming and yelling.  I am so dazed and so embarrassed that I don’t really hear the words, but I know this changes things forever. You throw him out of the house and tell him never to return. You started yelling at me again. I start crying. Do you still love me? I fall into your arms and kiss you all over through my tears. You are holding my practically naked body in your arms.  I feel your bulge against me, and I start rubbing it. I unzip your pants. My soft lips kissing and wet tongue licking that big swollen shaft. I become excited again, but I am no longer nervous. You try to push me away, but I am so irresistible that you can’t stop me.  My mouth sucks you and pleasures you.  I just seduced you!

Your little girl,


Written By: Miley
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Smile For The Fucking Camera

 ivy I fucking hate smiling for photos, I would much rather sneer for the camera; but these dumb sessions are just a means to an end. We need to make the sessions look real for the little pretty things that want to be famous models one day. I am not exactly lying when I promise them fame and that their pictures will be seen all over the internet. They just have no idea it will be in porno’s and snuff films. For those with delicate souls who deny who they are, I will just call them art house films.

I have brought over 3 little darling for this session. They ask about the clothes they will model and I explain for now they’re perfect just as they are. I have my pictures done, stripping off my clothes a bit. I need for them to think this is real. They all begin to look scared, tears begin to run down their pretty little faces. Even that young they begin to sense something isn’t right. Oh, there is nothing right, and everything depraved about what this day and night will bring.

I calm them down with a glass of spiked apple juice. The “producer” Is getting impatient with so many orders coming in for our little film. The flat chested spoiled twats are ready to become stars. Too bad they won’t get to enjoy their 15 minutes of fame as their bodies will be left to the rats and what once was a production house will go back to being a crack house. 


 Written By: Poison Ivy
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Your New Desk

XO, SKYYou got a promotion at work, and you are moving to the big corner office. Everyone at work is envious. Also, as part of the promotion, you are expected to redecorate your new office and make it a reflection of you.

Decorating is boring and a waste of time to you. Luckily, you are dating me. I have impeccable taste and fantastic decorating skills. You ask me over dinner if I would take over the task of decorating your office. At the end of our date, we stop at your new office. Wow, it is dark and outdated. You are sleek and modern. I kiss you, and I promise you that you will love your new office.

I work with the staff and get everything in motion.  I replace the boring blinds with drapes, a fresh coat of paint, and new lighting.  The most difficult task is picking out a new desk. Finally, I find this gorgeous handcrafted desk at a little studio near the clubs in Hollywood. It is a bit over budget, but it will tell the world that you are an impressive man who deserves the finer things in life.

Once all the work is done, the desk is delivered. I stop by your office. I want to make sure that you like what I have done. The snooty Office Manager and the stern CFO drop by while I am there. They both are impressed and pleased by your new office. After they leave, I run my hands over the smooth, sleek desk. You come up behind me, and run your hands all over me. You whisper in my ear that you love my short skirt even more than your new office. You lean me into that desk and pull my panties down.  Time for my reward. You finger me until I have a beautiful, explosive cum. I turn around, and you unbutton my top. I sit on your desk and help you out of your pants. We christen your office by you fucking me on your new desk.



Written By: Sexy Skylar
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