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The Perfect Date


I was getting ready for an evening out with a sexy new man in my life when I decided it was more of a stay in kind of night. I called him instead of texting because my sultry voice always gets me my way. He happily suggested takeout and a bottle of white wine.

Since he was being the perfect date, I thought why finish dressing when my clothes would end up on the floor regardless. There is nothing hotter than a woman in a corset, g-string  and stilettos. 

                                       I put a blanket on the hardwood floor and candles around it for a romantic evening. He was such a gentleman even with the way he looked. After dinner and 2 bottles of wine, I really wanted to fuck this man. No foreplay, just to ride him till we both came hard.  I began to run my hand slowly up and down the empty wine bottle as I gave me a wicked look. He was transfixed on my hand as I moved it a little bit faster, slowly I brought the bottle to my lips and licked the opening. Dry and crisp, the perfect white wine.

I told him to lay down on the blanket for our dessert since he didn’t bring any. I ripped off my g-string, spit on his hard cock and began bouncing up and down faster and faster with my tits bouncing out of my corset. He sat up and began thrusting into hard and fast as he bit my nipples. The perfect date.



Written By: Dirty Daphne
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Energy Thief


You say Santa I say Satan, you have your dumb ass fantasy figures but I know the truth. You have something I want, and you can give it up the easy way or I can cut it out of you. Take your pick because either way your energy is mine.

Light some candles, strip off your clothes and turn off the lights. Are you ready? You are exhausted from watching porn all day and beating off. This type of porn you’ve never watched before, something made you decide this was what you needed, you were bored with typical man/woman shit.

You feel a presence near your bed and your hands go back to your dick for more stroking. You hear my soft voice whispering in your ear. I tell you to let go, free yourself of that energy with each stroke and beat of your heart. You are going faster now, you’re at the edge and about to cum. Your energy is mine, the air is warm again, you remember nothing. Did you sleep for days? You look at the clock and see barely minutes have passed.



Written By: Malaya Maxx
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Sex Therapy for the Premature Ejaculator


Dr. KokoSo, you have a problem. You can get hard, but you become over-stimulated by pretty ladies which results in a premature ejaculation. You can’t even watch porn without spilling your cum immediately.

Oh my, yes, as your sex therapist, I can help you with your problem. Your wife enjoys your company, but you are unable to make her cum, except with your fingers or tongue. Let me examine your cock. Just as I suspected, you are below average in size! It appears that I have quite a challenge on my hands.

Turning a pathetic little loser, a premature ejaculator, and teaching him to have a satisfying orgasm is quite tricky. Quite rewarding for me, but very humiliating and embarrassing for him.

 Although I cannot increase the size of your cock, I can train you, guide you through many long, intense edging sessions. I will teach you to last longer and let the cum build up so you can have a satisfying orgasm.

Mistress Koko


Written By: Mistress KoKo
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You and Mommy Morgan Attend A Wedding

mommy You and Mommy have a family wedding to attend in Florida. You are excited with anticipation of the high probability of seeing girls with big boobs in bikinis. Mommy plans and packs with every detail in mind. The only thing on your young mind is bikinis and boobs.

The beach on the panhandle of Florida is not as warm as you had expected. Now you appreciate all the packing that Mommy did for you. The hotel has a heated pool, and you flirt with a very cute girl your age. You like her. You plan to meet her tonight after the wedding. 

Your Aunt’s wedding at sunset on the beach goes off as planned, but you are chilled to the bone from the wind off the Gulf. Once inside the hotel, Mommy sees you shivering and holds you so close. She is so loving and nurturing.  You nuzzle your face into her chest. Her perfume is heavenly.

You want to rush through dinner so that you can meet the girl from the pool. Mommy insists that you stay until they cut the cake, and scolds you for rolling your eyes at her. As the staff clears the plates, the music starts, and so does the dancing. Mommy takes off her jacket. Wow, she looks beautiful, and you are not the only one to notice. A stranger asks your Mommy to dance with him. She flirts and takes his hand. He pulls her close as they dance. You do not like this man holding your Mommy like this. You forget all about the girl from the pool.

You only have eyes for your Mommy Morgan. You cut in and dance with her until she suggests that you two head upstairs to your room. You are the happiest boy in the world.


Written By: Mommy Morgan
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Isabelle’s Naughty Naked Pool Party

Isabelle Today is the last day of my internship. This job has been tedious, a big yawn, and the Hotel Manager is a total control freak. Needless to say, I am happy that today is my last day. Most of the staff are nice people, but they always seem so stressed.  Probably, not going to put this job experience on my resume because I don’t think I learned anything here.

The parting words from the Hotel Manager are to make sure I turn in all of my uniforms.  WTF? No parting words of wisdom, no thoughtful gesture, no expression of gratitude! I was not expecting him to fall down and kiss my feet, but now I truly understand why all the employees are so cranky around here.

As he stood there looking at me, I was tempted to tear off my shirt and hand it to him. I just simply nodded and walked away.  I was making the rounds, saying my “thank you’s” and “good-byes” to my friends on staff.  I ran into a couple of the sexy pool servers that were getting ready to change into their uniforms for the start of their shifts. The group of hot girls and I were complaining about the Manager. We decided to break the rules and have some naughty fun. Release our frustrations.

The only nice thing about this crappy hotel is the pool, but employees were not allowed to swim. The pool girls and I decided to go for a swim before the pool opened to the hotel guests.  None of us had our bikinis with us, so we decided to go skinny dipping! We had a  naughty naked girl pool party! The girls and I got sexy with each other in the pool. Some hot girl on girl fun!  It was a blast!

After our pool party, I put on my shorts, panties, and bra.  Wrapped up in a towel and headed for my car. I left my uniform top on the diving board of the pool. Sent the Hotel Manager a text where he could find it. Haha!

Bratty Isabelle


Written By: Isabelle
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Holiday Cheer with Charlie

My Phone Sex Daddy and I had the best time over Thanksgiving. Usually this time of year he’s super busy and tries to wrap up all of his important business deals before the end of the year. This way we have enough time for holiday shopping and holiday snuggles. This year was a little challenging because we had tons of family over. We managed to sneak off and squeeze in some daddy-daughter fun before anybody noticed we were gone. I love making daddy happy. I was so ready for daddy to take me in his arms like he always does. I knew it was going to be a quickie but I was okay with that. As long as I felt his hungry mouth wrapped around my hard nipples and his big hands traveling up my creamy milky thighs to get to my sweet wet pussy. That’s all I needed for me to spread my legs so he can pop his big package in me and give me a quickie and fill me up with cum before we started the holiday season.


Written By: Coed Charlie

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Sky’s Tight Sweater Attracts Attention

yellow sweaterIt is Tuesday night before Thanksgiving. The past couple of weeks I have let things slide around my apartment due to my a demanding school schedule. I am exhausted, but on my way home from campus, I stop at Starbucks for a latte and the intent of doing some deep cleaning of my apartment.

When I get home, I take off my clothes and lingerie. I slip into an old yellow sweater and shorts. I turn on some loud music to get me moving and keep me motivated.  A great Katy Perry song is next on my playlist. I really crank the music and start dancing around, using my vacuum cleaner as my dance partner as I clean. The things we do when no one is looking!

At the chorus of the song, I am grinding and shaking my booty. All the sudden, there is a POUNDING on my door! I turn down the music and open the door. There are you, a stranger to me, complaining about the volume of my music.  I apologize and explain that I have had a rough few weeks and at school and I am cleaning tonight.  All the sudden, you become sweet and charming. (you like my big tits in my tight sweater) You apologize to me for bothering me, and you ask me if I need any help. I take you up on your offer.  I ask you to help me move the furniture so I can vacuum underneath it.

Wow, you are strong.  I get my front room cleaned in no time with your help. I ask if you would like to have a beer with me.  You follow me into the kitchen. The light in the kitchen is much brighter, and you can see through my sweater. You get really turned on and hard. We start making out in my kitchen. Good thing I cleaned the kitchen floor first.  We end up fucking right there on my kitchen floor.

Your Naughty Girl, 


Written By: Sexy Skylar
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Baby Bump Phone Sex

jesseHow do you like my new baby bump? My phone sex daddy has been trying for years to get me pregnant and finally succeeded. Every night he sneaks into my room and wakes me up with a big, hard cock entering my mouth. It’s like my alarm clock because he normally comes into my bedroom same time every night after mom falls asleep. Sometimes I rub my bald pussy and get it ready for him, knowing he’ll be in soon. He tells me he does the same thing. He strokes his big, daddy cock thinking about fucking his little girl while my mom is in the same room with him.

 I think tomorrow I’ll show off my pregnant belly with a tight little half shirt and watch and see my mom’s reaction. She knows I am a dirty slut but what will totally shock her is who the baby daddy is.

 If you’re wanting to hear me play with my pregnant pussy and talk about family fun impregnation phone sex, call your favorite girl now.


JesseWritten By: Jesse
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A Special Treat For Me And My Guy

   Harley           I have a special treat for my boyfriend tonight. I admit, he has a smokin’ body and a beautiful dick but a girl needs more sometimes. We have been talking about me coming over his house with a freshly fucked pussy to devour but I was thinking how that was a little too ho hum for me. I fucking mean if you are in it to win, do it all the way or not at all.

A few nights ago after watching some gay porn, I put on a strap-on and fucked his ass like a bitch. I still wanted more, and I knew he did too. I went out and brought the party home to him. He had his freshly fucked pussy with a couple of additions!

I kicked back like a queen while he serviced me. With jizz all over his face, he begged me to let him play with my two friends. He crawled over to them and took out their massive dicks. Only the best for me and my guy! Watching him taking those dicks in both his fuck holes like a pro was amazing. Only problem was we needed a third to up this party to the max. It wasn’t long before the third player pulled up to my house. What a fucking night!


Written By: Harley
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Fucking My Way Through Vegas

I flew to Vegas to meet a guy that fucks me like no one else can for a three day weekend.  I hadn’t seen him for what seems like fucking forever and I was very excited to arrive. Lol, so excited I had to change my wet, silk panties. 
We met in the lobby of the resort/casino where we were staying together, checked in and went to the room which was somewhat of a mini suite. I do love 5 star hotels. We hugged and kissed for awhile. He squeezed my beautiful round ass as we kiss and he loves feeling my big tits pressed against his chest. Instead of immediately getting naked and fucking our brains out, we left the room to get a bite to eat, have some drinks and play some blackjack.
          I was wearing a black skirt, black stilettos  and a white blouse. You can always tell that I am not wearing a bra, regardless of how I’m dressed because of the bounce you can see of my 36DD’s as I walk. I just love to turn heads. The short skirt, heels and my beautiful legs also helps attract attention of both the men and women. What can I say? I am just a bit of a tease, but I always do deliver. After playing blackjack for a while, I was not only a bit bored, but I couldn’t wait any longer to get back to our room, so I excused myself from the table to go the ladies room, but left my chips on the table to save my place. I returned to the blackjack table, sat down and opened my purse to show him my black panties which I had removed. That was all it took to get him to cash in and take me back to the room.
    As soon as we got in the room, he turned me around, pressed his already hard dick against my ass and began squeezing my big tits and pinching my hard nipples while kissing the back of my neck. He knows how instantly wet that makes my pussy. Then he unbuttoned my blouse, turned me back around and removed my blouse and skirt. I slowly removed all of his clothing except his silk boxers because I love the feel of them against me. I rubbed his dick and played with his balls through the silk boxers until I just had to take them off because I was sooooo ready to fuck. He pushed me back on the bed, spread my legs and licked my pussy and licked and sucked my clit for a while, making me cum twice before fucking me so hard that I came two more times before he came. We laid there for awhile with him playing with my big tits, sucking on them and biting my hard nipples which, believe it or not, made my cum again. Then, we jumped in the shower, I soaped his dick and balls, he soaped my tits and we played for a while before he got down on his knees and licked my pussy then fucked my again. That was just the start to a great weekend of dining, drinking, gambling, strolling around Vegas, spending time by the pool and of course, fucking and fucking, then fucking some more.  Maybe next time, I’ll share with you the naughty things we did by the pool and in the pool.


Written By: Tiffany

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