Monthly Archive for March, 2014

“Sway” — Dance With Me!

Tonight I am at the club, and I see you across the crowded room. I want you.  You will be mine.  All I need to do is to get you onto the Dance Floor, so show I can seduce you.

You tell me that you are not a good dancer, but dance with me any way. Sway with me. Look into my eyes. Hold me close.  There are others on the dance floor, but our bodies grind and sway. We move together like we have been lovers forever.

You have your arms locked tightly around me, and our bodies sway to the rhythm. “Like an ocean hugs the shore, sway me more.”

Dance with me. “Stay with me, Sway with me.” Our hot, sweaty bodies moving together on the dance floor until I feel you hard for me. We kiss. Enough Foreplay! I whisper in your ear, “Take me to my bed and have your way with me.”



Naughty Family Time

My niece Jemma came to stay with me over the past weekend. We’ve always been close, so I was excited to see her.
I picked her up from the airport and as she got in my car, I couldn’t help but notice that she’s become a very sexy girl. I took her for drinks and over our third glass of wine, she put her hand on mine and said, “Valentina, I’m bi. I’ve been fucking my roommate Miranda for the last 6 months.”
I smiled at her and said, “Really? that’s hot!”
“Yeah… and you know what? You’re hot too…” Jemma ran the tip of her tongue over her top lip as she looked me in the eyes. My pussy fluttered and I knew this was going to be a great weekend!
“Let’s get out of here,” I said as I put my card down and paid the tab.
We took a taxi back to my place and Jemma said, “I really would love to take a shower after my flight. Care to join me?” We started kissing, peeling each other’s clothes off on the way to the bathroom. I couldn’t wait to
taste my niece’s pussy. I pulled her panties down and sank to my knees in the hallway, pulling her into my mouth. She came for me before we ever made it to the shower, and many more times after that!

The Klassy Kat Gentlemen Callers

As if it isn’t wonderful enough being a Klassy Kat girl and working for the Klassiest phone sex company there is the callers are just awesome!   Where else would a gentlemen ask me if I would take a bath for him?  Imagine how relaxing it is taking a hot bubble bath in the middle of the afternoon and bringing him with me. Those fragrant bubbles feel amazing on my skin and hearing him cum just pushes me over the edge. Maybe I will tell you more about him another time but today it is all about my Johnny.

The first time I met him I could tell he was fascinated by me. What an adorable little guy he was too. He would stare at me and didn’t care who noticed.  Soon we began to play a fun little game that slowly became very taboo. It was always shoes off at my house so when he forget I would make him be a good boy and take them off and his punishment was for me to tickle his little feet. He would laugh and laugh and well, I noticed he would also get a little boner.

It wasn’t long before he was putting his feet in my tan, soft manicured hands. He loved the tickling and so did I.  He was way to adorable to resist. One afternoon I was visiting with his parents and we were in the kitchen having espresso.  Little Johnny was sitting as close to me as possible. He kept putting his little feet in my hands to tickle. His mom and dad thought it was hysterical and had on idea my Johnny had a little boner.  I whispered in his ear that he was going to get a little surprise he didn’t expect if he wouldn’t stop.  As his dad chatted away and his mom had her back to us sprinkling powered sugar on the Pandoro I slipped my hand in Johnny’s shorts. He let out a little yelp as I wrapped my hand around the his little boner and started to stoke it.

His mom can back to the table and as we drank our espresso and ate our Pandoro I kept playing with Johnny and teasing him. I whispered in his little ear such dirty things. The whole time his parents talked I stroked his cock in my tan hand.  Sometimes Johnny would look down and stare at my watch with it’s band shining under the bright kitchen light. When we were finished he took my napkin with the lipstick print when no one was looking and ran off to his room. Before he grew up and went off to college Johnny and I had many naughty memories.

Snuggle Time

My Phone Sex Daddy’s love to spoil me with lots and lots of orgasms. Last night he came into my room really late so we could snuggle with each other. He runs his hands through my hair telling me how beautiful I am. He kisses me all over my body while he pushes his cock against me. My Daddy’s always want me to show them how much I love them. Giving lots of kisses all the way down to his bulge. My mouth moving quickly licking and sucking, I could taste a little bit of his yummy pre-cum. He gets so excited that he grabs my pretty little face and drives his cock deep down my throat. When he knows I’m really excited and my juices are building up, he always wants to taste his sweet girl. His face snuggled between my thighs kissing my smooth wet pussy. He makes me feel so good. He holds me tight when I cum for him and whispers  that he has another special surprise for me.  He makes me beg for it every time.

Cassidy <3

I’m Not That Innocent

I really love how my mom’s boyfriends treat me like a little princess.  I mean I am one and should be treated like one but boys my age are just too stupid to get it. There is on who even brought me a diamond tiara. The look on my mom’s face when he gave it to me was just priceless!

Steve took her out to dinner tonight and when they got home she was wasted. I mean slurring words, falling on her face kind of wasted. Poor Steve it looks like no sex for him tonight. He got her in her bed and and went stomping down the stairs swearing.

I was just hanging out so I went to see if I could cheer him up. Hey, he buys me awesome presents. He put on a movie and I sat next to him watching. I loved how he would look at me during the sex scenes.  I would just smile and pretend I didn’t notice.  I told him I was going to go up and text my boyfriend but he asked if I could do him a favor.  He wanted me to come back down wearing the tiara.  Why not I mean yesterday he said he would buy me a car. Besides since I was going to sell the silly tiara, I thought I would at least let him have his way.

I came down and stood in front of him like he asked. Then he asked me to do the weirdest favor I ever heard.  He asked me if I would sing a Brittany Spears song while he stroked his cock.  I got down on my knees and got real close to him.  I offered to suck his cock instead but he said no to please sing the song.

Oops……you think I’m in love

That I’m sent from above

Just when I sang….I’m not that innocent, he came all over his hand.  Guess what I made Steve then do?  I made him lick every drop of his own hot, sticky jizz juice!   Tomorrow we are new car shopping and I promised to keep the silly tiara!  Well I am a princess!


There he is, hiding in my walk in closet again. I can see you silly boy.  It is so much fun and hot to play our little game. Our game of peekaboo is kind of a dirty version.

I start to pull my top off showing him my cute little teen tits, but then I stop.  I smile looking directly at the closet.  I pull one side up showing him, and teasingly pull it down again.  I know he is in my closet stroking his cock with his gym shorts pulled down. Finally, I take my top off showing him how hard my nipples are knowing he is watching.

Time to show him my cute little ass. I put my back to him bending over a little and show him my panties. Oops, the panties came down with my sleep shorts.  *Giggles*  Now I pull them back up and turn to face him. Peekaboo, I see you little step brother.

Now comes my favorite part of the game. I pull my sleep shorts off showing him my bald little pussy. Then I stick a finger in my mouth and get it wet. Feels so good sliding a finger in and playing with myself as he watches. I finger my creamy pussy till I cum and then lick my fingers. I think I hear some moaning in the closet. *Giggles* Time to get in my bed and pretend to sleep so he can sneak out. I wonder if he left a puddle on the floor for me to find.

Naughty Big Sis, AJ

Addicted To Your Married Cock!

When I can’t have your married cock, I resort to my dildo. I know you would rather have my tight pussy rather than your wife’s. I always think of you when I shove it deep inside myself. It sucks I can’t have you anytime I want but I know you’re thinking of me every time you are with her. We have been sneaking around a lot lately and my pussy is totally addicted to you in every way. I wish my red dildo was an exact mold of you so when I fuck myself it feels just like your cock.

I’m lying in bed right now thinking of so many nasty things I want to do with you. If only you could get away for a few hours just to satisfy my hungry, horny pussy. The thought of me going to your bed excites me as well. I would love to have your married, cheating dick shoved deep inside me while your wife is asleep next to us.

I’m so fucking addicted to your married cock!

Sex at a Funeral

My uncle passed away last week, may he rest in peace. The funeral was held yesterday and I arrived wearing a little black dress, blue stockings and black heels. As the church filled up with mourners, I took a seat and next to me, a man wearing a black suit sat down. As the funeral director began the service, I started crying. My uncle had been dear to me, and as I thought back on how he’d impacted my life, grief overtook me. The man next to me put his hand on my thigh and leaned in to me, “You’re so beautiful, don’t cry, it’s going to be ok, shhhhh….”
I put my head on his shoulder. He was just what I needed at the moment. “Follow me,” I said. The service was ending and people were getting up. I walked to the bathroom and opened the door. He followed me in, locked the door, pushed me up against the sink and hiked up my dress. He was inside me quickly, fucking me hard. As he pounded my pussy, there was a knock on the door. “Just a minute,” I called, as I burst into laughter and started cumming at the same time.
He let his weight fall onto me as he drained his balls deep inside my pussy. We turned to face each other, both of us smiling… shit, we had a line out there, and we were leaving a single-stall bathroom together, smelling like sex.
Well, my uncle always said live each day like it’s your last, so we were really just honoring his memory.

All the little birds

You love going to malls, and grocery stores but most of all parks.  You adore parks because that is where all the little birds flock.  They innocently fly away from their mommy not knowing they are going to get trapped in your net.

I am the devil on your shoulder taunting you to do things you know you should not. I whisper in your ear words for only us to hear. Do it now and be who you are.  You are so misunderstood. No one but me understands what you crave. You are addicted from that one taste and must have your fill.  Only little bitches don’t go after what they want.  You aren’t a bitch are you?

Skin as soft as pure silk, hairless and sweet. That is where your sickest thoughts take you. You are sick, depraved and twisted. You are who you are and I applaud you for admitting your weakness. You do not want to anger your Goddess, your Mistress and your accomplice. Do as I say, be who you are, experience the sensations that you can only get when you obey your Goddess and listen to her words.

Spring Memories

A friend of mine that I hadn’t seen in a few years came by and we were talking about when we were in our Freshman year in school. I just moved and we were staying at the coolest place ever while waiting for our house to be finished. It was on the lake and there were boys everywhere.  I couldn’t wait to get out and start making new friends.

I got the attic room and the owners son came up with me  since it was once his room. He told me he would show me how to sneak out if I would meet him that night.  He was hot and about 4 years older than me. Once everyone was settled in for the night I put on my smallest jean shorts, and a halter top and climbed down the tree like I was shown. I walked to the lake and all these older boy and girls were hanging out.

After just a few days I was known as the new slut. Most of the girls hated me but the boys LOVED me.  I would do anything. I had my first gang bang in the storage for the lifeguard’s equipment.  I think every boy there had a pair of my panties.

I was excited to go to my first dance at the club house. A few boys asked me to go but I figured I would take my pick once I was there.  I mean there might have been some boys I never met or cock I never sucked. When I got to the door the man checking to make sure we lived there wouldn’t let me in. I asked him why and he said because he didn’t want a little slut like me near his two sons. I looked up and him and smiled and told him we should take a walk and talk about it because I was sure there was something I could do to make him happy.  He got his wife to watch the door as we walked over to the woods. I could see by the way he was looking at me this would be easy. I unbuttoned his slacks and took out his dick. It was already hard and the head swollen and dripping pre-cum.  I looked up at him as I started to give him a blow job. I ran the swollen head against my pretty lips getting him all wet with my spit. I sucked him into my mouth and heard him start to moan. He grabbed my long red hair and started fucking my face. Soon he was cuming down my throat and telling me what a good little slut I was.

He zipped up his slacks and told me to go ahead of him and his wife would let me in as she knows nothing about me.  I was so hot from sucking a man his age off that I needed to cum bad! I told him it was his turn. He looked surprised that I took control of him but immediately got on his knees and pulled up my skirt. He pulled my thong to the side and dipped his tongue in my dripping bald pussy, Older men always know just how to please me and make me squirt in their mouth. Now it was my turn to grab the back of his head and squirt my pussy juice down his throat.  I smiled and told him I was going to the dance and would see him later.  I wonder if his sons eat pussy as good as him.