There he is, hiding in my walk in closet again. I can see you silly boy.  It is so much fun and hot to play our little game. Our game of peekaboo is kind of a dirty version.

I start to pull my top off showing him my cute little teen tits, but then I stop.  I smile looking directly at the closet.  I pull one side up showing him, and teasingly pull it down again.  I know he is in my closet stroking his cock with his gym shorts pulled down. Finally, I take my top off showing him how hard my nipples are knowing he is watching.

Time to show him my cute little ass. I put my back to him bending over a little and show him my panties. Oops, the panties came down with my sleep shorts.  *Giggles*  Now I pull them back up and turn to face him. Peekaboo, I see you little step brother.

Now comes my favorite part of the game. I pull my sleep shorts off showing him my bald little pussy. Then I stick a finger in my mouth and get it wet. Feels so good sliding a finger in and playing with myself as he watches. I finger my creamy pussy till I cum and then lick my fingers. I think I hear some moaning in the closet. *Giggles* Time to get in my bed and pretend to sleep so he can sneak out. I wonder if he left a puddle on the floor for me to find.

Naughty Big Sis, AJ

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