The Klassy Kat Gentlemen Callers

As if it isn’t wonderful enough being a Klassy Kat girl and working for the Klassiest phone sex company there is the callers are just awesome!   Where else would a gentlemen ask me if I would take a bath for him?  Imagine how relaxing it is taking a hot bubble bath in the middle of the afternoon and bringing him with me. Those fragrant bubbles feel amazing on my skin and hearing him cum just pushes me over the edge. Maybe I will tell you more about him another time but today it is all about my Johnny.

The first time I met him I could tell he was fascinated by me. What an adorable little guy he was too. He would stare at me and didn’t care who noticed.  Soon we began to play a fun little game that slowly became very taboo. It was always shoes off at my house so when he forget I would make him be a good boy and take them off and his punishment was for me to tickle his little feet. He would laugh and laugh and well, I noticed he would also get a little boner.

It wasn’t long before he was putting his feet in my tan, soft manicured hands. He loved the tickling and so did I.  He was way to adorable to resist. One afternoon I was visiting with his parents and we were in the kitchen having espresso.  Little Johnny was sitting as close to me as possible. He kept putting his little feet in my hands to tickle. His mom and dad thought it was hysterical and had on idea my Johnny had a little boner.  I whispered in his ear that he was going to get a little surprise he didn’t expect if he wouldn’t stop.  As his dad chatted away and his mom had her back to us sprinkling powered sugar on the Pandoro I slipped my hand in Johnny’s shorts. He let out a little yelp as I wrapped my hand around the his little boner and started to stoke it.

His mom can back to the table and as we drank our espresso and ate our Pandoro I kept playing with Johnny and teasing him. I whispered in his little ear such dirty things. The whole time his parents talked I stroked his cock in my tan hand.  Sometimes Johnny would look down and stare at my watch with it’s band shining under the bright kitchen light. When we were finished he took my napkin with the lipstick print when no one was looking and ran off to his room. Before he grew up and went off to college Johnny and I had many naughty memories.

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