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Sex at a Funeral

My uncle passed away last week, may he rest in peace. The funeral was held yesterday and I arrived wearing a little black dress, blue stockings and black heels. As the church filled up with mourners, I took a seat and next to me, a man wearing a black suit sat down. As the funeral director began the service, I started crying. My uncle had been dear to me, and as I thought back on how he’d impacted my life, grief overtook me. The man next to me put his hand on my thigh and leaned in to me, “You’re so beautiful, don’t cry, it’s going to be ok, shhhhh….”
I put my head on his shoulder. He was just what I needed at the moment. “Follow me,” I said. The service was ending and people were getting up. I walked to the bathroom and opened the door. He followed me in, locked the door, pushed me up against the sink and hiked up my dress. He was inside me quickly, fucking me hard. As he pounded my pussy, there was a knock on the door. “Just a minute,” I called, as I burst into laughter and started cumming at the same time.
He let his weight fall onto me as he drained his balls deep inside my pussy. We turned to face each other, both of us smiling… shit, we had a line out there, and we were leaving a single-stall bathroom together, smelling like sex.
Well, my uncle always said live each day like it’s your last, so we were really just honoring his memory.

Indulge a little with Daphne

Sometimes a hot, bubbly, sensual bath with candles lit is all I need. Of course, having you join me makes it all the better and I think you should come join me now. I know you could use a relaxing body massage in the warm, sudsy water. My silky smooth body touching yours. Long, slender fingers moving up and down every inch of you. Soft, wet kisses covering your lips and neck working my way all the way down to your swollen manhood and back up again. Sliding my hot, wet body up on top of you and giving you all you desire. I need you now lover and here I am wet and ready…always.


Went to the store for food and got protein

Woke up this morning and thought oh i need to go to the store for some food.  I thought now what to wear.  Something nice or something sexy.  Then my mind started to really think.  MMMM i could really try to pick me up a nice older man and see if he can help my plumbing issue i have every time i go food shopping.  So that was my plan and so my mind was made up and i will dress so sexy.

I have on my half shirt and that is even small on me. It works.  My nice jean shorts where the croch is just like a thong but a little more to it.  And yes no underwear or bra so nice out who needs them. For my feet there are my flip flops on my pedicured feet with my hot pink nail polished fingers and toes.

I walked and got my cart and started to shop. Was giving so many smiles and hi ma-am.  As i walked I can always tell who the one person will be. The one who is following me.  As i keep shopping.  She is on me close and boom he hits me with his cart.  I bend down at the hips almost falling over. He rans to catch me..hoping he would. His  hands on my flesh moving up under my breasts. I said don’t let go sir i am hurt…i need help to the bathroom. Do you think you can do that?  He states by all means. I put my arm around his waste and he grabs me with his arm.

We get the the bathroom  and he sits me down on the chair. By this time my pussy is wet. From his arm being around me and touching my breast. He sits me down and lifts my leg up and he said oh my ma-am i can see  how wet you are…. and your pussy is bout hanging out….I say sorry like i am embarrassed and i look down to the floor.

He said no i find you very pretty. He tends to my foot and it hurt i lifted up my hands and my shirt then came up past my nipples showing them off.  He said ma-am. I need to look closer at them nipples…( I was thinking here we go) He lifted up my shirt and saw my nice full tits..uncovered. He rubbed his hands up and down. getting my nipple’s very hard .  He then opened up my legs pulling out the string and  and braking it apart. He said you have no underwear on. I said no i don’t. Had said nice.. I am going to fuck you over and over..then eat you clean.  He started to kiss me with passion, he sat me on the sink and said oh my you wanted this me to fuck you, didn’t you?  I said yes!! He pushed me again the wall, i wrapped my legs around him, and he forced his cock in me, and i started to cum as soon as he did that. I cam over and over til we were done. he then bend me over the toilet and fucked me so hard up the ass and he came three times in my ass and licked me clean.  I then turned around and sucked his head and shaft and balls and he came one more time in my mouth.

We then finished shopping what a time.