Monthly Archive for August, 2013

Mommy’s Panties

You are my little spy, my little voyeur. You can’t help yourself.  You are captivated by Mommy in her panties. You love to sneak a peek at Mommy slipping into her panties.  You are fascinated by the way my panties cling to my ass and fit over my pussy.

You become extremely aroused as you watch those panties slide up my legs, but your cock starts to throb and leak when you watch me pull my panties all the way up my body. You hide in the shadows.  You pull out your cock and stroke it until you have such a big squirt.

Friendly Neighbor

My neighbor came over last night just to watch some college football, or so I thought.  As we were catching up about our days, we decided to order some food since we were both so hungry.  I felt his eyes on me as I was placing our order over the phone.  When I hung up, he had asked for me to sit close to him.  He complimented me on my body and was just tickling my arm, but I could tell we weren’t going to be talking about our day or football.  He started massaging my shoulders and kissing me behind my ears and nibbling on my earlobes.  This was so out of the blue since we have been neighbors for a really long time and we always hang out, just never this close.  As he was massaging me, he started to confess how attracted he was to me and that he has had this enormous crush on me and had been fantasizing about us fucking.  I must admit, I had fantasized about that several times but I wasn’t going to let him know that.  He told me to raise my hands up high and I did just that, he slipped my top off and asked me to turn around and face him.  His eyes lit up as he was staring at me in my bra and shorts.  I began to notice that we both had hungry eyes.  I told him if I was going to be topless, then he needed to remove his shirt too.  Next thing I know, he reached around and unsnapped my bra and pushed me onto the couch.  Immediately we started kissing and grabbing each other.  He ripped off my jeans and panties and ripped his off too.  He started to eat me out and then the doorbell rang and the delivery guy heard some moaning and decided to open the door since it was unlocked.  He placed our food on the counter but instead of asking for his money, he asked if he could join in on the fun.  Well my neighbor and I looked at each other and without any hesitation, we tagged teamed him.  But in the middle of my neighbor giving him a blowjob, the delivery boy asked if he could fuck me from behind while the neighbor fucked me from the front.  And it happened and I was in heaven.  Having a complete young stranger fucking me, while my neighbor is fucking me, well let’s just say I had more orgasms within 30 minutes then I ever did with just one guy.  It was so hot and erotic.  The dessert was the best part that we all loved, sucking our cum out of all the holes.

Dancing With the Devil

I just love Goth Night at my favorite dance club. There is just so many victims to toy with. Tonight I am wearing my black latex corset with the big red cross and matching micro mini. My sissy slave helps me dress and get into my thigh high boots. I always give him a kick with my heels just so he knows not to forget who owns him before I leave. Tonight it will be my glow in the dark blue contacts.  I laugh as they ask if I am a vampire or say “if this is dead, I want to be dead”  I sit at the bar sipping my glass of absinthe looking around for a worthy accomplice to join me in the depravity of the night.  It is a slow night, maybe I will just take someone home on my own. Dana Dark is playing my song so it is time to do my dance of seduction. They stare at me as I move my hips, bat at spider webs that aren’t there and grind down onto the floor.  Sometimes when I dance I am in my own world, but not tonight. Tonight I am looking for my prey. After a bit a man about thirty slips up beside me and starts to dance.  I pretend interest as I dance with him, licking my blood red lips and he stares at me with lust. As I leave the dance floor he follows like a love struck puppy. He asks me my name and I just say come with me outside. I pull out a clove and he lights it like a good boy. I tell him I am bored and the absinthe is dreadful here so I am going home.  I tell him he is welcome if he wants to join me. We get to my house and as he uses the restroom I slip a little something into his drink.  He takes a sip and starts to fall into a quick slumber. With the help of my sissy slave I take him to my basement and hand cuff him to the red velvet couch. As he wakes confused I am standing over him. I am hungry I tell him and you are my dinner.  Now I know what you may be thinking.  Of course, I know I am not a vampire but the taste of blood makes me wet, so very very wet. I take a shiny jewel handled knife and cut off his shirt.  I can smell fear, it excites me more than I can explain. I then take the knife and drag it down his chest to his flat stomach. Interesting how hard his cock looks through his pants. I make a small cut under his navel and slowly trace it with my tongue. I am getting wetter by the minute as I smell his fear, blood and sex.  Do you want to taste me, I ask.  He shakes his head and moans.  I pull up my skirt and push my cunt against his mouth. He licks and tongues me like it is his last taste of pussy. I cum hard all over his face.  What happens next? Well there is always tomorrow night my pets.

Casual Fuck Friday’s

It’s Casual Fuck Friday! My boss sends everybody home early and it’s just him and myself all alone in a big, empty building. Since we get to wear something casual on Fridays, I make sure I wear my super tight shorts for him and tease his cock throughout the day. By the time the last person leaves the building, I make my way to his office and I can’t wait to have his cock probing inside all my naughty, secretary holes. I really have been earning my raise because when I leave my boss’s office I am dripping from his hot load from every inch of my body.

All my co-workers love casual Fridays because they get to dress down and leave early but I love it because I know I’m earning more in my paycheck one fuck at a time!

Spending Night With Best Friend

A girl never forgets her first time, especially if it is with her hot best friend!  Dee is my best friend. She is so beautiful all the boys wanted to fuck her. I had a bit of a crush on her older brother Brandon. I was so exited when she invited me for dinner and girl talk.  Spending the night in same house with her brother was so awesome that just thinking about it made my teen pussy wet.  I packed my cutest pink sleep shorts and lace tank top. Whenever I wore it I could see my brother’s friends staring at my cute little teen ass and tits. No wonder everyone wanted to spend the night at our house.  I got to Dee’s and we had dinner but looking at Brandon I could barely eat. Could he see how hard my nipples were?  After dinner I went to Dee’s room where we talked and listened to music.  I told her about my lust for her brother and she laughed and said “Sorry babe but he has a girlfriend” I know I must have looked shattered as she threw her arms around me and held me so tight I could feel her tits against mine.  Fuck! That felt so good my clit started to throb.  Let’s just get ready for bed she suggested. As I put on my sleep shorts and tank top she just stared.   Before I could even think she was kissing me and cupping my tight little ass. Dee started kissing down my neck so slowly it was torture. When she got to my perky little tits she pulled up my lace tank and started kissing, licking and sucking my nipples. All I could do was close my eyes and moan.  She started kissing down my tummy as she pulled off my sleep shorts, her tongue shot though me when she started licking and sucking my hot wet teen pussy.  I could not help myself as I started grinding against her face.  It got more intense as I felt myself whimpering and begging her to make me cum.  Finally I exploded onto Dee’s beautiful face.  I helped her quickly strip off her clothes getting a good look for the first time at her amazing body.  She giggled and pushed me on the bed, falling on top of me.  She put her hard nipple to my mouth and told me to suck on it and suck I did.  She rubbed her bald, wet slit against mine as I sucked her nipples hard.  The harder I sucked the faster she rubbed till we both exploded all over each other. I did get to fuck her brother eventually but that is for another time!

“I Could Not Ask For More”

I could not ask for more then you choosing to spend time with me on your Labor Day weekend. You are very special to me. I love our conversations.  We talk about everything! Of course, I love the dirty talk!  I adore your voice and the way your breath changes when you are incredibly hard for me.  Even though I can’t see you, I can feel you.  I can feel you inside of me.  I can feel your passion and desire.  You are so sweet and sexy!

“I could not ask for more than this time together
I could not ask for more than this time with you”

“Yeah, right here in this moment
Is right where I’m meant to be
Oh, here with you here with me”


What girl could ask for more?  You are the Perfect Man! You are warm, smart, sexual and a fantastic lover!  You are a dream come true!


Little Dick Boy

You have such a super tiny dick.  Let me pull out my magnify glass to get a better look at it.  Wow, I have never seen such a tiny cock.  You could never make me cum with that teeny little thing.


I love to taunt and tease you about your little pathetic dick!


Let’s cover up that little pee-pee with my super sweet pink panties.



Her Pussy Taste So Sweet!

I have a married friend who desperately has been wanting me to go down on his wife. This weekend I got to taste her sweet pussy. She was very nervous when I undressed her. I was already naked. I started by sucking on her big beautiful tits. As my hand guided down to feel her pussy, I could tell she was getting wet.


I looked over at my friend and saw his big, hard cock out. He was jerking it so slowly. I couldn’t help but get turned on by watching him stroke his dick.


That’s when I went down on his wife. By now, she was soaking wet. I just began licking her gorgeous pink slick pussy and pulling on her pussy lips. I was getting close to cumming myself. I tongued her pussy hole deeper and she was getting closer to cumming. Then I went after the clit. It was very hard and I licked and sucked it.


My friend couldn’t wait any longer and entered his massive cock into her pussy. He fucked her so hard and came very fast. I watched and played with my pussy until I came.


His wife enjoyed it so much that we have another get together this week. Of course, she is more open to satisfying me this time. I would like to find more friends and significant others to play with, maybe you and your wife/girlfriend?

Gone Shopping

Shopping is one my favorite sports that I love to do alone.  I always look my best and wear short skirts and tight tank tops to show off my cleavage….that’s how I can get every man to check me out as I pass him by looking for my favorite shop.  This shop is a little kinky which is why it is my favorite place to go alone.  They only hire the most attractive attendants and give you their full attention while they are waiting on you.  As I stepped into the store, I noticed they hired a new sales associate, he most certainly caught my eye.  But as usual, I was trying to act aloof as if I didn’t notice him.  But he most certainly noticed me as I was browsing in through the new lingerie section.  They had my favorite style, the bubble but, the ones that make my ass look bigger and plumper. The boys drool over my ass when I wear them in tight jeans especially.  Well as I was searching for my size, the new young hot sales clerk came over and offered his assistance to me.  You can tell he was a little nervous, so of course I took advantage of that.  He helped me find my size and of course some matching accessories to go with the panties.  He started my dressing room for me and laid everything out in the room so I can see just what I wanted to try on first.  Just as he had asked if there was anything else I needed before trying on, I paused and asked if he would be more than kind to stay in the room with me so I can get a man’s opinion and just in case I needed an extra pair of hands.  As timid as he looked, I didn’t bother waiting for his response, because I just grabbed him by his tie and pulled him in the dressing room with me.  Sat him down and after I had taken off my tank top, I kindly asked if he would unsnap my bra.  With his clammy hands, he did just that.  I winked at him and thanked him as he sat back down.  But I  also needed to take off my skirt and fortunately I didn’t have much else to take off.  As I put my foot on his thigh, he grabbed it and ran his clammy hands up my thigh as I was unzipping my skirt.  He told me how smooth my legs felt and I noticed he had quite the erection that had appeared through his pants.  I asked him exactly what was turning him on and he looked at me with this steamy look and said that his fantasy has always been to fuck a hot girl in the dressing room.  When I asked him how old he was and he told me how much younger he was, I new this was my only chance to really fulfill his fantasy.  Since I was already naked and bare, I decided to unzip his pants as he was sitting in the chair.  And at that very moment, I can see his cock getting more excited, cum started pouring out and I quickly suck right on that dick of his and slurped on his cum.  When I glanced up at his face, his eyes were shut and he was licking his lips and biting them so I decided to continue and deep throat him as I was massaging his balls.  Then the moaning began, he was moaning so loud that the manager came in and caught us, I only think he wanted to catch us because he has always been so curious why I need one of his sales associates in the room with me to help try on clothes.  Well instead of him firing the new associate, the manager had one request and that was to see us fuck on the dressing room floor as he jerks off watching us.  Well needless to say, I walked out of that store with just about 10 shopping bags filled with merchandise worth up to $5,000 and I didn’t spend a dime 😉

Babysitter Britt

There’s a reason you keep calling me every weekend to babysit your kids. I know you love my hip hugger jeans with my pretty little thong hanging out. Your wife doesn’t like me, I can tell and I know she wants you to call other babysitters but you insist on having me come to your house. When I get to your home, you always flirt with me while you’re wife is still getting ready. I always flirt right back with you and I ask you inappropriate questions just so I can see you blush. When it’s time for you to leave, I know you don’t want to go. You would rather be going out with me and leaving your wife and kids at home. I bet when you’re out, you are thinking about me the whole time. Thinking about my tight, barely legal body and wondering what it would be like to look down and have your slutty little babysitters mouth wrapped around your married cock. Your wife is so thrilled to have a night out with her husband without the kids but all your concentration is thinking about little me.

Next time you call me to babysit, I will tell you that my car is broke down and you need to come pick me up. Before we go back to your house, I want to go on a secluded road and show you what a bad little babysitter I really am. My tight, teenage pussy is going to do things that your married cock has never experienced before.

Call me for all your naughty babysitting needs!

Baby Britt