Spending Night With Best Friend

A girl never forgets her first time, especially if it is with her hot best friend!  Dee is my best friend. She is so beautiful all the boys wanted to fuck her. I had a bit of a crush on her older brother Brandon. I was so exited when she invited me for dinner and girl talk.  Spending the night in same house with her brother was so awesome that just thinking about it made my teen pussy wet.  I packed my cutest pink sleep shorts and lace tank top. Whenever I wore it I could see my brother’s friends staring at my cute little teen ass and tits. No wonder everyone wanted to spend the night at our house.  I got to Dee’s and we had dinner but looking at Brandon I could barely eat. Could he see how hard my nipples were?  After dinner I went to Dee’s room where we talked and listened to music.  I told her about my lust for her brother and she laughed and said “Sorry babe but he has a girlfriend” I know I must have looked shattered as she threw her arms around me and held me so tight I could feel her tits against mine.  Fuck! That felt so good my clit started to throb.  Let’s just get ready for bed she suggested. As I put on my sleep shorts and tank top she just stared.   Before I could even think she was kissing me and cupping my tight little ass. Dee started kissing down my neck so slowly it was torture. When she got to my perky little tits she pulled up my lace tank and started kissing, licking and sucking my nipples. All I could do was close my eyes and moan.  She started kissing down my tummy as she pulled off my sleep shorts, her tongue shot though me when she started licking and sucking my hot wet teen pussy.  I could not help myself as I started grinding against her face.  It got more intense as I felt myself whimpering and begging her to make me cum.  Finally I exploded onto Dee’s beautiful face.  I helped her quickly strip off her clothes getting a good look for the first time at her amazing body.  She giggled and pushed me on the bed, falling on top of me.  She put her hard nipple to my mouth and told me to suck on it and suck I did.  She rubbed her bald, wet slit against mine as I sucked her nipples hard.  The harder I sucked the faster she rubbed till we both exploded all over each other. I did get to fuck her brother eventually but that is for another time!

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