Dancing With the Devil

I just love Goth Night at my favorite dance club. There is just so many victims to toy with. Tonight I am wearing my black latex corset with the big red cross and matching micro mini. My sissy slave helps me dress and get into my thigh high boots. I always give him a kick with my heels just so he knows not to forget who owns him before I leave. Tonight it will be my glow in the dark blue contacts.  I laugh as they ask if I am a vampire or say “if this is dead, I want to be dead”  I sit at the bar sipping my glass of absinthe looking around for a worthy accomplice to join me in the depravity of the night.  It is a slow night, maybe I will just take someone home on my own. Dana Dark is playing my song so it is time to do my dance of seduction. They stare at me as I move my hips, bat at spider webs that aren’t there and grind down onto the floor.  Sometimes when I dance I am in my own world, but not tonight. Tonight I am looking for my prey. After a bit a man about thirty slips up beside me and starts to dance.  I pretend interest as I dance with him, licking my blood red lips and he stares at me with lust. As I leave the dance floor he follows like a love struck puppy. He asks me my name and I just say come with me outside. I pull out a clove and he lights it like a good boy. I tell him I am bored and the absinthe is dreadful here so I am going home.  I tell him he is welcome if he wants to join me. We get to my house and as he uses the restroom I slip a little something into his drink.  He takes a sip and starts to fall into a quick slumber. With the help of my sissy slave I take him to my basement and hand cuff him to the red velvet couch. As he wakes confused I am standing over him. I am hungry I tell him and you are my dinner.  Now I know what you may be thinking.  Of course, I know I am not a vampire but the taste of blood makes me wet, so very very wet. I take a shiny jewel handled knife and cut off his shirt.  I can smell fear, it excites me more than I can explain. I then take the knife and drag it down his chest to his flat stomach. Interesting how hard his cock looks through his pants. I make a small cut under his navel and slowly trace it with my tongue. I am getting wetter by the minute as I smell his fear, blood and sex.  Do you want to taste me, I ask.  He shakes his head and moans.  I pull up my skirt and push my cunt against his mouth. He licks and tongues me like it is his last taste of pussy. I cum hard all over his face.  What happens next? Well there is always tomorrow night my pets.

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