Gone Shopping

Shopping is one my favorite sports that I love to do alone.  I always look my best and wear short skirts and tight tank tops to show off my cleavage….that’s how I can get every man to check me out as I pass him by looking for my favorite shop.  This shop is a little kinky which is why it is my favorite place to go alone.  They only hire the most attractive attendants and give you their full attention while they are waiting on you.  As I stepped into the store, I noticed they hired a new sales associate, he most certainly caught my eye.  But as usual, I was trying to act aloof as if I didn’t notice him.  But he most certainly noticed me as I was browsing in through the new lingerie section.  They had my favorite style, the bubble but, the ones that make my ass look bigger and plumper. The boys drool over my ass when I wear them in tight jeans especially.  Well as I was searching for my size, the new young hot sales clerk came over and offered his assistance to me.  You can tell he was a little nervous, so of course I took advantage of that.  He helped me find my size and of course some matching accessories to go with the panties.  He started my dressing room for me and laid everything out in the room so I can see just what I wanted to try on first.  Just as he had asked if there was anything else I needed before trying on, I paused and asked if he would be more than kind to stay in the room with me so I can get a man’s opinion and just in case I needed an extra pair of hands.  As timid as he looked, I didn’t bother waiting for his response, because I just grabbed him by his tie and pulled him in the dressing room with me.  Sat him down and after I had taken off my tank top, I kindly asked if he would unsnap my bra.  With his clammy hands, he did just that.  I winked at him and thanked him as he sat back down.  But I  also needed to take off my skirt and fortunately I didn’t have much else to take off.  As I put my foot on his thigh, he grabbed it and ran his clammy hands up my thigh as I was unzipping my skirt.  He told me how smooth my legs felt and I noticed he had quite the erection that had appeared through his pants.  I asked him exactly what was turning him on and he looked at me with this steamy look and said that his fantasy has always been to fuck a hot girl in the dressing room.  When I asked him how old he was and he told me how much younger he was, I new this was my only chance to really fulfill his fantasy.  Since I was already naked and bare, I decided to unzip his pants as he was sitting in the chair.  And at that very moment, I can see his cock getting more excited, cum started pouring out and I quickly suck right on that dick of his and slurped on his cum.  When I glanced up at his face, his eyes were shut and he was licking his lips and biting them so I decided to continue and deep throat him as I was massaging his balls.  Then the moaning began, he was moaning so loud that the manager came in and caught us, I only think he wanted to catch us because he has always been so curious why I need one of his sales associates in the room with me to help try on clothes.  Well instead of him firing the new associate, the manager had one request and that was to see us fuck on the dressing room floor as he jerks off watching us.  Well needless to say, I walked out of that store with just about 10 shopping bags filled with merchandise worth up to $5,000 and I didn’t spend a dime 😉

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