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Summer is almost here!

 I am so tired of long pants and sweat shirts, I am ready to shed some of these clothes and show some skin. My favorite clothes are shorts and tank tops with sandles. I am so ready to just get outside and enjoy the sunshine. I can do my PHONE SEX fun at night…or from my patio 🙂 Would you just love it if when you called me I was laying out on my patio with my tiny bikini on? Is it making your cock hard thinking of me rubbing my pussy while the sun beats down between my legs? I am not fond of tanning so I would wear lots of sun block but I really like to feel the hot sun beating down on my smooth little cunt. Come on summer get here already.
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Till Then I kisses and licks~ Miley

Toy Shopping with the girls!

Today my friends and I had so much fun making the rounds at the downtown porn shops. We bought a cute little vibe toy and hot strap on, DVD flick and some flavored condoms. I like vanilla and my girlfriend Jamie likes mint, Mindy likes cherry and  Kayla likes strawberry. We also went to the mall and bought some sexy PJs, damn we look so hot in them….mmmmmmmm!!
We spent the rest of the day/evening playing with our new toys and Practicing our blow job skills and PHONE FUCKING with some really hot phone sex guys. Do you want to give me a try for some hot phone sex? You can hear me use my new toy on my tight, teen pussy!

Tales of a Truckers wife! Cheating housewife phone sex

Well, my weekend was so much fun. My Hubby took me out on his truck with him. We had so much fun! We fucked in the bunk of the cab. We did it in the shower at the truck stop. My favorite part of the weekend wasn’t sex with my hubby. It was actually sucking off the security guy at the milk plant while my hubby was unloading. I guess you can say they where both dropping a load at the milk plant.

  Where would you like to unload today??

Classroom Tease!

I ran into one of my old teachers today. He said he couldn’t believe how I’m all grown up! He remarked that I had always been one of his favorite students.
When I was in his English class, I was such a little tease. I remember how he would get all red in the face whenever I would catch him standing behind me looking over my shoulder and down my shirt! Or how flustered he would get and start stuttering when I would sit in the front row and spread my legs nice and wide for his viewing pleasure.
My friends and I would do things just to tease him near the end of the class period just so he’d forget to give us any homework. Worked every time! *giggles*
I was so tempted today to rub up against him or something just to see if he would still get embarrassed. Do you think he would have?
Why don’t you call me and let’s see what kind of effect I can have on you?

Your Favorite Teen Slut,


Care to join us?

Thats right boys! Christine from Smitten Kittens and myself are naughty little neighbors. Maybe you would like a front row seat to our show?

I love to take her big, beautiful tits in my hands, flicking my tongue across her hardening nipples, slipping my fingers between her legs, spreading those sweet wet lips. Sucking her succulent honey off of my fingertips….

She kisses me so sweetly. Her tongue exploring my mouth, as she reaches down and picks the toy up off of the bed, flips the switch on and it begins its low hum.

I begin to gush foth in anticipation…I just love what she does for me!

It’s a welcome change from the hard, calloused hands of a man, the stiff angular points of his body to the soft delicate curves of her form..her inviting softness. Her hands and mouth knowing instincivly when to go and what to do when they get there.

Don’t you want to join us?



Spring Break Boy Toy

My sweet naughty spring break fix, star of the football team, my husband, the coach who would never suspect. As he and his friends head to the mountains for a week, I head to an all-inclusive resort in the Dominican Republic and I do mean All inclusive….football boy is meeting me down there, a few of his friends in tow, to provide some earth-shattering sex that will give the Hatian earthquake a run for its money! Little does my boy-toy know that a friend of mine who is along for the ride and I have a special easter treat in store for him…underneath the swaying canopy of a secluded cabanna at the end of the beach, he will undoubtedly have his first true taste of paradise! No doubt he probably thought that all of his fucking around with that high-school pussy really made him the man…well, isnt he in for a shock? His cock may not survive…

Do you think YOU could “rise to the occasion”? Or would you becum a victim of performance anxiety?

Bet you’re wondering what this whole thing is about, huh? Call me. Let me weave the tale for you…it is sure to fill your nights with wet dreams for weeks to Cum!!

Getting off with the right girl!

Wouldn’t you like to call and hear how I’m going to make your cock swell and explode as I touch my ripe, wet little pussy through my new see through panties? I love making your big cock bulge with my sexy voice. Getting you off is what I look forward to! I would love a call for me you right now. Let me be the kinky, yet smart girl, with no limits that you have always dreamed about! Prepare to want more after you have blown your load with me! Drop me a vote please.

Naughty Neighbor Phone Sex

You know I love to tease you. Sunning myself in the backyard with just my bikini on. Oil all over my tight young body. You watch as a turn over and undo my bikini top to avoid tan lines on my back. Don’t you want to help me oil the rest of my back? I know you do. I know you’re watching my every move. When I lean up a little to turn the page of my magazine. You’re hoping to get a glimpse of my gorgeous perky breasts. Or, when I wiggle my tight ass down on the towel to get more comfortable. How can you even resist jacking off while watching me?
I know I get your cock hard. I walk naked past my windows after I shower all the time. Have you thought about sex with me? Have you thought about me calling and having phone sex with you right on my bed while you can see right into my window? Watching my hands running all over my body. Slipping and sliding between my thighs. Getting you so hot and bothered that you just have to come over and touch me. You do want to touch me, don’t you? Please come touch me. I’ve been teasing and wanting you for so long. You know nobody’s home but me. So, come on over and put your hands where mine are… you know I’ll be one hot fuck.

I miss “sam” and am lonely!!!

I know that I messed up, I over stepped my boundaries with him.  I do this every time I get into a relationship….I guess that is why I am single.  I thought I could get personal with him, I thought we had something.  I thought I was giving him something as well.  I was wrong.   I lay here at night by the phone waiting for Sam to call and it doesn’t ring.  I cry myself to sleep missing him.  I just wish I could speak to him again.  The way we got each other and knew just how to make each other cum was amazing.  I have to reach to him somehow.  I can’t call him and he asked me not to email him. I don’t want to disrespect him and have “the wife” bust him.  I miss you Sam. I lay here lonely wanting you and needing you.

I guess I should move on, but the thought of you gone is upsetting.  I am here alone guys, in need.  I have to cum bad and need to soon before I explode.  If you want to take Sam’s shoes and be lovers on a regular basis.  Call me.  I would love to find another Sam. 

I am the girl next door,  the cute girl that you have been wanting to fuck but just don’t have the balls to do it.  I am really into Adultery and Anal play.  I love to wear lingerie around my apartment pretty much all the time.  I am into full body worship and very rough sex.  I hope to hear from you soon.  I am the girl who needs to be loved.  GE experience is my favorite!

Cuckold Phone Sex For Your Pathetic Little Cock

You know your cock is pathetic and not even worthy of my time! I make you sit in front of me, wearing girly panties as I giggle and tease your worthless limp prick. Next thing you know, you see a man, a real man … with a great 9″ cock that will eagerly fill up my pussy. I’ll make you get on your knees and get his dick ready for me, you’ll be my bitch. I’ll let you lay between my legs and smell my sweet aroma, take it all in, feel my warmth against your face. You will watch him fuck me, you WILL see how a real man handles a real woman like me. Once he’s done, you will clean me up with your tongue!
For amazing cuckold phone sex for your pathetic little cock give me a call right now!
Lacey James