I miss “sam” and am lonely!!!

I know that I messed up, I over stepped my boundaries with him.  I do this every time I get into a relationship….I guess that is why I am single.  I thought I could get personal with him, I thought we had something.  I thought I was giving him something as well.  I was wrong.   I lay here at night by the phone waiting for Sam to call and it doesn’t ring.  I cry myself to sleep missing him.  I just wish I could speak to him again.  The way we got each other and knew just how to make each other cum was amazing.  I have to reach to him somehow.  I can’t call him and he asked me not to email him. I don’t want to disrespect him and have “the wife” bust him.  I miss you Sam. I lay here lonely wanting you and needing you.

I guess I should move on, but the thought of you gone is upsetting.  I am here alone guys, in need.  I have to cum bad and need to soon before I explode.  If you want to take Sam’s shoes and be lovers on a regular basis.  Call me.  I would love to find another Sam. 

I am the girl next door,  the cute girl that you have been wanting to fuck but just don’t have the balls to do it.  I am really into Adultery and Anal play.  I love to wear lingerie around my apartment pretty much all the time.  I am into full body worship and very rough sex.  I hope to hear from you soon.  I am the girl who needs to be loved.  GE experience is my favorite!

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