Teen Anal Training

When I started fucking, I loved having my teen pussy fucked, the harder the better. Two, one it didn’t matter to me, but I was terrified of having my little virgin asshole taken.

One of my sugar daddies decided that it was time to pop my anal cherry! He took me upstairs and worked on lubing my puckered little hole up. His fingers moving in and out burned a little but it soon started to feel good. He got up to 3 fingers inside of it, then decided to push it. He held up a butt plug and I started to panic. I had no idea how it was going to fit! It took some time, but he finally got it in. I was so uncomfortable and my first instinct was to push it out. He shook his head no and then I felt a vibrator on my clit. My legs started to shake and it all started to feel really good.

His hand worked the plug in and out. I couldn’t believe it. I was going to cum for the first time with my ass full! Right before I came, he replaced the plug with his lubed up cock and finished me off with a hard pounding. It felt so good! Since then, I can’t get enough ass fucking!


Written By: Josie
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