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Coed Masturbation Techniques

I think everyone has a favorite way to masturbate.  I know I do. I love to start by getting totally naked.  I am the type of girl I need to be able to touch myself anywhere I wanna when i’m getting nasty.

I always trace the outline of my tight pussy with my fingertips teasing and probing.  I like to make it so wet and my clit so hard and swollen before I really stick my finger in deep.  I like to play with my perky titties too rub my nipples, squeeze and pinch them.

After I get really hot and creamy I use my big dildo on my tight cunt and sometimes work a finger in my hot asshole too.

A lot of times I lay on my tummy and grind away other’s I just lay on my back like a lil coed slut and spread my legs wide so I can fuck my holes.

Don’t ya wanna masturbate with a hottie coed cutie? We can talk taboo dirty and get off together.  No limits!

Your kinky coed slut,


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