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Dr. Pedo

I was a tiny, itty bitty thing the first time you saw me. So taboo young and so undeniably sexy.  You wanted to rip my little girl fuck holes with your throbbing pedo cock so bad but you had to find the right time.  A few weeks later I was in your office.  I got up on the exam table and you got instantly hard for my underage cunt. Licking your lips as you brushed up against my tiny body you could only imagine how smooth and tight I was. How tiny!

One sedative and I crumbled in your arms like a rag doll, completely sedated and all yours for the taking.  You explored my tight, baby holes slowly savoring them in every way that made you throb and grow harder. Fucking my mouth was almost more than you could take and thick, creamy jizz  dripped out of your pedo dick onto my baby girl lips. You gave me a hot,creamy facial exploding all over my little girl face.  “What a pretty baby whore doll you are Raemi.” What will you do to me next time Dr. Pedo?

-Extreme Age Play & Pedo fantasy’s with Raemi-

-No Limits.

-No Taboos.