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Ooops… he did it again!

I had to babysit last night and decided to just stay over because it was going to be so late. After getting all the kidos to bed, I decided to watch a late night movie on the sofa and sext my boyfriend. I love sexting and teasing him. But anyways, my little pussy got so worked up and I was friggin so horny!

I saw headlights and knew they were back but what was I gonna do with my hot, creamy pussy? At first, I just pretended to be asleep and as luck would have it Mr. S came in all by himself to check on me. “Sleeping Raylin?” He said quietly before sliding his hungry man tongue down my throat. I gave him a surprised look and he put his finger to my mouth hushing me. He ripped off my wet little panties and picked me up on his lap. Forcing his huge man cock deep inside my tiny teen cunt, pumping me deep and hard. OMG he put his hand over my mouth and told me to take his baby batter like a good fuck whore. I wanted to scream ” I AM NOT ON THE PILL PULL OUT” but I couldn’t make a sound. This isn’t the first time he has tried to get me preggie and I can’t believe he actually did it again!


Teen Phone Sex

I am a teen phone sex girl, and I think that your dick is the most wonderful thing in the world. There’s nothing that turns me on more than having older guys look at me and fantasize about fucking my tight little body. I love to tease, and gets so much satisfaction watching your dick grow inside your pants. My hands are delicate and tiny, but I have a talent for stroking that rod. I love to hear you whimper and moan while I caress your cock with my mouth, making your dick throb for me a little bit more. Most of all, I love stuffing my bald little pussy with your hard dick.
Cum play with your teen phone sex girl AJ now.

Bang the Babysitter

It’s not the first time he has banged me and definitely not the last. My teen pussy loves older, married dick. Anyways, I’ve been babysitting for my neighbor and his wife for almost 4 years now. I couldn’t begin to count how many times I have made her husband’s cock cum. *giggles*. Oh my, it would be trouble in paradise if she found out. But, does this naughty teen slut care? Not even a little and I wanted to step it up a notch an invite my girlfriend along for some hot 4th of July fun.

After I got the kiddos tucked away in bed she and I hit the booze and watched found some dirty porn to watch. By the time he got home after taking his wife to the airport there we were. Two young teen sluts half drunk and acting naughty already. I had my perky titties out teasing and my tongue swirled around my best friend’s, french kissing like little whores. I saw how bad he wanted to fuck her and something about the two of them getting the nasty on made my young cunt ache and for it. So, I guided them into a hot fuck session playing with and teasing both of them. Watching his huge cock totally pound her tiny pussy made me squirt so fucking hard. I was finger banging my pussy like a slut in heat OMG and I couldn’t wait to have his dick inside me! But, first I got nasty with him and rimmed his hot asshole while he filled her hot young pussy with his seed. We got on our knees and worshiped his big dick until he was hard again then he fucked my tiny asshole. He loves my tight, young ass so much he decided to pump his second load deep inside my tiny rosebud. Fuck I love the perks of babysitting!!

Tons of naughty kisses!! Have a safe & super orgasmic 4th!!

Daddy’s Girl

I love all my phone sex daddy’s and today is your special day so why wouldn’t I want to take extra good care of you? *giggles* I know you love when I talk really slutty to you in my naughty young voice. My hot little body makes your dick ache to be inside my hot honey hole so why not give yourself a treat? I would never, ever tell Mommy about the things we do, unless you want me to.

I want to play house with you and take care of all your “daddy needs.” You know your naughty little girl will do whatever it takes to make your big daddy dick shoot extra hard.

No limits or taboos!


Your Naughty School Girl

I believe if you have it flaunt it. I thought changing up the gym outfits was a sexy idea. Coach asked me to stay after class I assumed I was going to get into a gang load of trouble. He’s a really good looking guy so I could care less why I’m staying after school. I feel the need to wear really provocative clothing in order to catch is eye around school. All my clothes are tight enough to show off my curves. My heart was pounding I couldn’t wait to be alone with him. I sat down and waited for him to start speaking. He proceeded to tell me that he was very disappointed in me I wasn’t shocked at all. He asked me if I thought it was fair what I was doing to him? Walking around in slutty clothes and expect him to just sit there and just take my teasing. He leaned down until he was face to face with me “you want to fuck don’t you?” He forced my legs open and started tongue fucking my pussy. Omg! I was in heaven this was a dream come true. He picked me up and threw me over his desk and started fucking my dripping wet pussy. I can’t wait for class to end on Monday.*giggles*

Bratty Bree Breaks the Rules

You have to go out of town for a business trip.  It just so happens it is in the same city where I attend college. Small world, huh! It is late but you are keyed up and need to have some fun. You see a fun little bar next to your hotel.  The front desk clerk informs that it can get a little wild if there are bunch of college students there. There is no bar or place to relax outside of your hotel room, so you decide to walk over to the bar. It is a Tuesday night, so you think it will be quiet since most students have classes in the morning.

You are shocked to see me, your best friend’s daughter, dancing on the bar.  You know that I am only 19 and I am the last person that you expect to see there.  There I am, dancing and drinking with my friends on the bar.  You are surprised that the bartender allows us up there, but you realize he is enjoying the show. He is looking right up my skirt.

You are so stunned that you just stare and watch me do an exceedingly provocative dance on the bar.  You have never seen me in such a short skirt, but that really doesn’t matter because you watch me lift it up and the crowd goes wild as I show the crowd my panties.  I do a little dip and then my top comes off followed my my skirt.

You watch me, your best friend’s daughter dancing, well stripping on the bar.  You think I look hot.  You pull out your phone and take a few naughty pics of me.  You feel this throbbing between your legs that needs some attention. You are a nice guy, but you can see that I am behaving badly here in public.

You know that I would do ANYTHING for you not to tell my parents that you saw me here breaking the rules, being at the bar on a school night, dancing on a bar, stripping down to my bra and panties, underage drinking.  Well the list of rules that I am breaking is pretty much endless.

You know you got me.  You know that I will do ANYTHING for you not to tell my parents. You know that you can spank me for being bad, take me back to your hotel room and fuck me any way you want. You have me right where you want me and can blackmail anytime you want to do anything you want!

You always thought that I was such a good girl, but now you know that I am BAD!


Happy Holidays From The Babysitter

A new couple had moved in next door, I do some babysitting for them here and there. I noticed him checking me out a lot more when his wife wasn’t around. I thought it was pretty amusing, he was probably one of those guys who had to beg for sex. So teasing him became a lot of fun. I would  wear short dresses with my nipples poking out. I knew he was getting a hard on every time he checked me out. Last night I seen his wife and kids leave, so I decided to stop by and say hello. He seemed a bit surprised to see me *giggles* The truth is I went over there for one reason only, I was gonna give him a taste of this tight little pussy of mine. I walked in and told him to follow me up to his bedroom and if he didn’t listen that I was going to tell his wife that he was coming on to me. So, he sat at the edge of the bed with a huge bulge in his pants. He seemed excited and nervous at the same time. I took his hand and ran it up my leg so he can take off my panties. I instructed him to lay down while I moved on top of him so he could taste me. In no time he was licking my pussy. My body was moving back and forth grinding down even harder so he could get his tongue deep in me. Telling him to “suck my pussy harder” It only took a few more minutes and my whole body began to shake as I moaned and my wet juices ran down his face. I got dressed and told him that I would be seeing him real soon.
You never know, I might drop by next week to give him a special Christmas present and wish the family a Merry Christmas!

~Naughty Felicia~

An unexpected visitor

I decided to ditch school today. It is way to nice out to sit in class, my parents are at work anyway so they won’t even know. I was looking out the window wondering what I should do with my time and there he was a total sex god in the backyard. My parents must of decided to hire some extra help around the house. I watched him in awe as he lifted his muscular arms and wiped the sweat from his brow. I felt myself getting wet between my legs from just watching him*mmm* I walked outside to see if he wanted a drink. I kept rubbing my legs together tightly which only made the excitement grow even more. I sat down on a lawn chair laying back so he could get a full view of my hot little body. He knew what I had wanted by the way I was looking at him. He came closer slid his hand along my smooth stomach and began to fiddle with my top. I could feel my nipples growing hard as he was exploring my young teen body. He kissed me and I was lost in total sensation, his mouth was all over my body. I went to grab his arm and say something and he pulled me closer pressing his swollen cock against me. I wanted him buried in my tight teen pussy so bad. It was well worth skipping school!

Naughty Teen Felicia

Sleeping Beauty

I like it when you sneak into my room in the middle of the night. Standing next to my bed of course you think I’m sleeping. I know exactly what you are doing. You’re looking at my hot lil body watching me sleep while you pull your cock out and start stroking it showering my pretty little face with your load. I feel your sticky warm load all over my face. I can’t help from opening my eyes and giving you that naughty little girl smile. *giggles* You thought I was asleep the whole time. Opening my mouth to let some of that warm sticky load flow right into my mouth. Running my tongue along my lips. You know exactly how naughty I like to be. Sucking your cock clean making sure I didn’t miss a drop cleaning you from your balls all the way to that fat juicy cock head making you hard again. So, I can really give you what you came in here for. I know you want to fuck this tight lil bald pussy.

Too hot for class

I don’t know what it is lately. But, every time I go to class I am super fucking horny. I’ve been sitting next to this geek for awhile now. I always catch him checking me out. I never put much thought into even giving him the time of day. I guess, I was a little bored and thought I would have some fun. We were watching a movie in class and I decided to move my chair a tad closer to him. I ran my hand up his thigh, grabbed the huge bulge in his pants. He let out a quiet moan and closed his eyes. I could see a dark spot of pre-cum seeping through his pants. Oh! He was ready to explode. *he he*
I leaned over told him to meet me in the bathroom down the hallway in the first stall. As soon as he got there, I unzipped his pants, took out his perfect 8 inches. I dropped to my knees like a little cum hungry whore. Looked up at him with a cute smile as I licked his thick mushroom head. Stroking his long, thick cock in my mouth. He was gasping and convulsing looking like he was ready to blow his load any second. His cock felt amazing in my mouth. Shoving every inch in my mouth til my chin hit his balls. He exploded his hot steamy load right down my throat. I stood up licked the left over cum from the corner of my mouth, gave him a cute sexy smile and walked out of the bathroom. *Winks*

The geek with the big thick dick gave me the perfect fix I was looking for.