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Daddy’s Girl

I love all my phone sex daddy’s and today is your special day so why wouldn’t I want to take extra good care of you? *giggles* I know you love when I talk really slutty to you in my naughty young voice. My hot little body makes your dick ache to be inside my hot honey hole so why not give yourself a treat? I would never, ever tell Mommy about the things we do, unless you want me to.

I want to play house with you and take care of all your “daddy needs.” You know your naughty little girl will do whatever it takes to make your big daddy dick shoot extra hard.

No limits or taboos!


Love the way you creep

It’s true I am a very, very dirty little girl and yes I love getting all my daddy’s off. But, late at night when everyone is sleeping my tiny, young cunnie starts to drip when I hear you creeping down the hall. I can already imagine your raging daddy cock starting to throb as you get closer to my bedroom door. So big and so ready to fuck my tight, young sweet pussy. I pretend to be sleeping because I know how you love to tease me while I am. Slipping my itty bitty panties down so you can taste your little slut. I feel your big, strong hands on my little titties and I can’t pretend any longer. “Oh please fuck me hard with your big cock daddy you know I wanna be your favorite cum slut.” You climb on top of me pressing me into the bed,spreading my legs as wide as you can stuffing your huge dick in my tiny fuck hole. Pumping and groaning wanting to give me all your hot fuck juice. I beg for it just like a good little whore and finally I drain your huge,heavy balls like I always do.

Yummy…I love being your nasty little cum dump. Come play with me this weekend I can’t wait to get you off again.

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Waking up daddy for work

Oh Daddy you know you love it when I show you my hot teen titties while you are sipping your morning coffee.  You love it even more when I slide down between your legs and pull down your pants so I can suck your big daddy cock like a good girl before you leave for work. You know your slutty sex pot Delaney is so good at waking you up the right way. Anything daddy wants…daddy gets because I am your girl. Mmm I wanna suck you right now so bad I can even taste your hot juice in my mouth.

Kisses Daddy!


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Daddy be Santa for me…please

I was so excited about daddy dressing up like Santa hoping he would rape my tiny fuck holes dressed like that for me. There I was in my red silk nightie sleeping in my bed and guess who came creeping in.  I could smell liquor on” Santa Daddy’s” breath as soon as he opened my door then stumbled to my bed. I knew he wanted my tight, bald, young twat so I pulled down my panties like a good  little slut.  He did all kinds of nasty, kinky things to me that night.  My sweet young holes have never been the same now I’m addicted to cock and hot cum.

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