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Sexy Bath Time

Growing up, my parents were gone a lot. They both had busy careers, and both of them traveled for business frequently so over the course of years, I had three different nannies. My favorite one was Tom.
Tom was really funny and silly. He made me the best chocolate chip banana pancakes and would play all sorts of games I made up to entertain me. But my favorite memories of him were our sexy bath times.
One night, it was getting late and Tom told me to start getting ready for bed. He drew me a bath while I brushed my teeth, and as I stood there watching him leaning over the tub, squirting bubbles into the water, I started to feel funny between my legs. I rinsed my mouth out and took my clothes off as Tom stood up and turned to face me. He immediately looked away, but then his eyes moved back to me. My breasts were developing, and a tiny bit of hair had sprouted on my pussy. It was like he wanted to look but didn’t think he should. I was between him and the door, and an awkward silence filled the air.
“Um… ok, excuse me,” Tom said as he started trying to get around me and leave.
“No, wait… would you please stay with me?”
Tom kept his eyes on the floor. “Annaliese, I should go. This is inappropriate.”
The funny feeling between my legs had become more intense. I noticed Tom had a big bulge in the front of his pants.
I stepped into the tub, laid back and spread my legs.
Tom couldn’t avert his eyes any longer. He stared at my teen pussy with the strangest look on his face. I slid my hand between my legs and said, “let’s play a new game.”
‘Sexy Bath Time’ became my favorite of all the games Tom played with me. 🙂

The New Babysitter In Town

I landed another new babysitting job *giggles* We all know how much I love being the naughty babysitter. I didn’t think you would be home so early I was pretty bored and started to snoop around since the kids already went to bed. I found myself in your bedroom going through your wife’s lingerie. I couldn’t help myself but..to try some of it on. Damn I looked sexy!  All I could do was think about how I wanted to get on my knees and show you how much of a slut I want be for you. You walked up behind me smacking my cute little ass telling me what a bad girl I am wearing your wife’s lingerie and I should know better not to do this while she was in the house. It will be our secret your wife doesn’t need to know that you are thinking about my tight little pussy while your fucking her.

Baby Girl Emma

Naughty Babysitter

I am a very sassy, bratty teen so know this first of all before you call me. I am not sweet or submissive in fact, I will boss you around like I own you from the start. *hmmmphhh* I also am a lot of naughty fun and love to be taboo in all kinds of phone sex calls. Now, I have to tell you what I have been up to lately it’s very naughty.

All summer I have been babysitting for extra money and I have been doing all sorts of bad things. From finding all your fuck toys and porn to teasing you in front of your loving wife. Your wife cracks me up she must be blind not to see how hard your cock gets when I come over. I guess I have been a very naughty babysitter because if you only knew what goes on when you leave. Not to mention what went on last night before your wife got home. Did you like sniffing my dirty teen panties and licking on my bald, young cunnie? *heheehe* I knew it would only be a matter of time before you were down on your knees begging for a teen taste. A barely legal lick of tight, sweet pussy. My yummy fuck holes are so, so delicious and now you know why I am used to getting my way! I use my young, hot little body to get what I want every single day.Even when I babysit 4 u.  Kiss Kiss-Sassy Teen AJ

Kinky Babysitter…Strap-on Phone Sex

I showed up to babysit for you but you had other plans didn’t you naughty man?  You had it all arranged and sent wifey & kids to Grandma’s house so you could poke your huge dick in my tight little cunnie.  I didn’t argue very much when you started to take off my clothes cuz i’ve wanted your cock (not to mention your ass) for awhile.  Just another “married dick”to add to the many.

Little did you know I had plans of my own. My dirty teen mind and slutty ass ways drive you crazy.  I grabbed my strappy from my bag and made you get down and suck it before I bent you over your own sofa and tapped that tight ass with my huge strap-on cock.  You loved it, wanted it, begged for more.  No surprise to me….all men love for me to fuck them.

After I had my fill of pounding your slutty ass, you begged to suck my delicious teen sugar hole.  Mmm Of course I let you for hours until you made my teen cunnie  squirt so hard I creamed all over your face and in your mouth.  Mmmhhhmm this babysitter get’s kinky so look out naughty men!

Naughty kisses,


Babysitter Snatch

Last nights babysitting job turned out to be one hot kinky fuck with my one of bff’s dad! haha I knew eventually I would get him to forget all about his wife and give into me. His daughter’s best friend how deliciously perfect.

I just waited for his wife to go to sleep then I got naked in front of him and watched his cock get rock hard. I placed my finger over my mouth telling him “shhhhhhhhhhhh”.

He bent me over the living room chair and silently he pumped my tight hot snatch until he shot his the biggest load I have ever seen. Mmmmm all that man jizz just ooooozed outta the big swollen tip and all over my tight teen ass.

Not bad for a paying gig. A lil money and a lil cock…Bree’s a happy slut! haha

Hasta la vista baby- Bratty Teen Bree :p

Babysitter Blackmail

I’ve always used my hot lil body to get what I want from men.  And, believe me I get exactly what I want, when I want it.

Like the time I did a lil babysitting for this married couple that lived down the street from my parents.  I was only 15 but already my body was totally rockin.  Perky nice tits, tight round teen ass and a bubbly personality. You know the type, cheerleader,Miss Prom Queen, I have always been really popular.  Especially with the guys.

It was late when they finally got back from dinner the kids were already sleeping.  When I didn’t see his wife get out of the car the wheels started to turn in my dirty lil mind.

I went into their bedroom put on some of his wife’s lingerie and waited on the bed.  “Sadie OMG what are you doing?  What are you, are you wearing my wife’s lingerie?

I rushed up to him and pressed my sugar sweet lips against his giving him a taste he couldn’t refuse.  He kissed me back and wasted no time touching my perky teen tits and grabbing my round sweet ass. I had him right were I wanted him.  Yum Yum I could smell black mail.

You gonna give me some of that amazing cock of yours?  You know I want it…sooooo bad.  He moaned and slid that huge throbbing rod deep inside my hot, young cunt.  As he was pumping away I reminded him that he wouldn’t want me to tell his sweet wife would he?

He caught on really fast haha and handed me his wallet.  I pulled out a wod of 20’s and told him that would do for now.  He continued to rock my tight teen body and when he shot his thick,hot load all inside me I thought he would never stop cumming.

yeah…I always get what I want.  Needless to say he is madly in love with me ha-suckerrrrrrrrrrrrr!