Mommy’s Special Valentine’s Day Gift To You

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Happy Valentine’s Day! 

Well, your Mommy Morgan loves Valentine’s Day so much, you and I celebrate all week long. Every day, I have a special treat for you.  A new video game, chocolate pancakes with strawberries, a new book, and other special presents.  We snuggle on the sofa, at night, watching romantic movies with lots of hugging and kissing. During some of the movies, you blush because the couple rolls around in bed and you see naked tits. You notice Mommy really fills out her sweaters. You become so curious to see Mommy’s tits naked. 

Tonight, Mommy wants to watch the Olympics, but you beg for me to turn on another romantic movie. I am surprised that you don’t want to watch the pretty ladies in their pretty, tiny outfits figure skate. Thought that maybe you would be tired of my movies, with all the hugging and kissing. No action and adventure, no superheroes in my movies. You confess that you enjoy all the romantic and steamy sex scenes as much as Mommy does. 

I gaze into your eyes. You really want to spend time with Mommy, snuggled on the sofa watching romantic movies. I ask you about your Spanish homework. You roll your eyes at me. I agree to a compromise.  A sexy, romantic, naughty Spanish movie, with no subtitles.  See how well your Spanish is progressing!  I put on “Y Tu Mama Tambien.” 

As soon as the movie starts, you get embarrassed. Mommy shouldn’t be watching this. This is a naughty, nughty movie. The lady is pretty, almost as pretty as your Mommy. You start to tremble as cock becomes harder and harder as the movie progresses. I take your hand and slip into my top.  As a special present, I let you touch Mommy’s nipple, as I wrap my hand around your cock and stroke you until you cum. 


Written By: Mommy Morgan
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