Last Night In Town

It is your last night in Miami, so go for it. You have worked hard, and now it is time to play hard. Treat yourself to something hot but sweet. There are so few pleasures in this world, so let’s spend your last night in town together. 

We met when you arrived. My smile and long legs got your attention, but you also found me charming, intelligent and sexy. Invite me to dinner at your hotel.  It is no fun eating alone, and the chef owes me a favor. I order something special off the menu. The chef comes to our table and presents with an expensive bottle of wine, on the house. During dinner, I confess that wine makes me feel very sexy. You make sure that my wine glass never gets empty. I slip off my shoe and run naked toes against your leg. I touch your hand and smile so brightly at you. You are so thrilled that you invited me to dinner. I am the perfect dinner companion. 

After dinner, I suggest that we take a little walk around the hotel property. I am not ready for this night to end. You say that you have an early flight and maybe you should call it a night. I put my hands on your shoulders and flirt with you. I walk you over the concierge who changes that flight for you. We walk hand and hand to the elevators. You ask me to spend the night with you. I smile and kiss you. We are hot for each other. Alone in the elevator, we passionately kiss and caress each other.  We have to stop when the elevator door opens on your floor. We walk down the long hallway, your hand on my ass. You stop me and push me up against the wall. Feeling reckless, you push my dress up and finger me under my thong. I cum on your fingers. We hear a door opening, so we regain our composure and get to your room. We have the most incredible night of beautiful, passionate and playful sex.

Your Miami Lover, Isabelle
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