I love small dicks

Okay, well honestly, I don’t want any small dicks in my pussy! But I do love small dick calls! I love it when guys with teeny weeny penis’ call me and I can laugh at them! haha I used to feel sorry for your pathetic excuse of a penis, now I just love to tease you about it! I love to let you know what I really think of you little cock! I mean I’ve seen clits bigger than some of the cocks I’ve seen! I so love it when guys email pics of their little cocks! Some of the girls that I know at Klassy Kat will show me pics of small dicks and we all compare and laugh! That’s right, you email me your pics and I will share them with the other girls and we will ALL laugh at them! It kind of makes my day when I get a small dick call! So I am calling all small dicks! You got one? I wanna see it and laugh at it! So call me and make my day with your little dick!

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