I Got Seduced, Then I Seduced You

I was the only one home and kind of bored.  I was hanging out in the front yard, just watching the world pass by me.

An older boy from the neighborhood, very cute, stopped and started asking me questions. He kept calling me “Beautiful” and asking me why I didn’t have a boyfriend. His words were charming and sweet, and he made me feel good.  I think I wanted to kiss him. It was like he was reading my mind. He said he wanted to kiss me, but not out here. I invited him into the house, and he asked for a tour. I showed him every room, but he was most interested in my bedroom.

He kissed me, and I got super tingly all over. I had never felt like this. It was confusing but exciting. Then he said he wanted to kiss my special spot, and then he as going to teach me how to kiss his special spot as pointed to his cock in his pants. It was impossible to miss, that big bulge in his jeans. Next thing I know, he is taking off my clothes, but I am not stopping him. I like it. Then he wants me to lie on my bed, and he spreads apart my legs. He starts kissing me down there. I shiver. I know I should make him stop, but I don’t, I start moaning and groaning.

I get lost in another world, and I don’t hear you come home. You find my door open and the older boy licking me between my legs. You are furious! You start screaming and yelling.  I am so dazed and so embarrassed that I don’t really hear the words, but I know this changes things forever. You throw him out of the house and tell him never to return. You started yelling at me again. I start crying. Do you still love me? I fall into your arms and kiss you all over through my tears. You are holding my practically naked body in your arms.  I feel your bulge against me, and I start rubbing it. I unzip your pants. My soft lips kissing and wet tongue licking that big swollen shaft. I become excited again, but I am no longer nervous. You try to push me away, but I am so irresistible that you can’t stop me.  My mouth sucks you and pleasures you.  I just seduced you!

Your little girl,


Written By: Miley
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