Group Rim Jobs

My tongue is feeling very naughty and dirty. I’m in the mood to shove it deep inside of a puckered hole. I don’t want it to be you though, bring your friends! I’ll be naked and waiting for all of you, just come in and strip down. Get on your knees on the couch and let me do my thing. I’ll take my time on each one of you.

Doesn’t my slippery tongue feel good moving around your asshole? I’ll use my fingers to massage the next one, getting him excited and ready. I’m like a kid in a candy store, I want more ass. I’ll press my face deep and let my tongue really sink in and wiggle around inside of you, maybe even a finger tip. Your cocks will be rock hard and ready to spew. I’ll take all of that too. Just circle around me and jerk those cocks hard. I’ll open my mouth and catch all of it.



Written By: Bambi
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