Dad and Uncle both want to get me pregnant!!!

Daddy came home last night pretty wasted and came into my bedroom. He picked me up and brought me to the shower. He was really upset at me because he found out I could be carrying my uncle baby. He wasen’t upset I was fucking his brother he knew that already. What he was upset about was the fact that my uncle keeps cuming in me and trying to get me pregnant. That’s what my dad has been trying to do. He would love nothing more than to get his little girl knocked up. Well, daddy took me to the shower and washed out my pussy. Not that it would do anything but he was so drunk, I don’t think he knew what he was doing. Daddy started fucking me pretty hard and I told him to stop. I just got done fucking my Uncle and my pussy was still¬†stretched and sore. He put his hand over my mouth and fucked the shit outta me. I beged him to stop but he just wanted to get his seman in me as fast as he could. That night he raped me about 5x and then he passed out. Wait till my uncle hears about this, maybe I shouldn’t tell him because he would get jealous. I really don’t care of having both their babies, I think that would be hot but they both want to be the first to knock me up. I wish it could be possible but someone is gonna be the winner.

All my stories are real, and as sick as they can get, that’s my life! I love incest¬†and that’s the way I was brought up and I will always fuck my own kind.

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  • I wish my wife was still able to get pregnant and that another man would fuck her and get her pregnant. Not that I would want another kid because I don’t. But to have another man fuck her would be GREAT. I’d LOVED that, just that I want to watch.

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