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Fetish Island

You fantasize about being captured by a beautiful Giantess. I am the tall, powerful Goddess you have dreamed of. Your company sends you away on business but little did you know what was really going on. Giantess Talon arranged the entire thing and where you were going…no one else in the world knew existed. “Welcome to my island little one.” I looked down at you so tiny, fragile and starting to tremble. Just like a tiny lost puppy waiting to be led. I lowered my hand and you wrapped your self around my finger, already I could feel that hard little dick rubbing against fingers. I am so glad you are here little one now you have finally arrived to the island of fantasy and unlimited fetish fun and you will never want to leave. Leaving isn’t exactly an option you know this right?

Creative shrinking and Giantess fantasy’s with Talon Any/all fetish play welcome.

No Limitations or Taboos.

Giantess Phone Sex

When you see a tall, beautiful woman like me what do you think about?  For some fetish minded men they like to think of my 5’9 sexy body growing even taller in front of them.  Inches by the second until I am a sexy Giantess looking down at you.  Now where does your fetish mind go?  Do I then run through a town destroying every thing in my path or is it something more sexual for you and the desire to worship your Giantess and every single inch of her giant body.

Well, I think of many things and love to take you to that fetish place we like to play.  Sometimes you want me to shrink you but most of the time you just want to watch me grow into the gorgeous giantess you love so much.

I love to be uninhibited in fantasy phone sex with you and welcome all fetish play.

Triple X kissses,